Outsource To Stay Competitive

Outsourcing to Canadian Companies

The scarcity of talent in the US, high taxes and wages, legal problems, combined with rising US inflation has made being competitive very difficult for most California companies.  Firms in Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and others face the same dilemma.

Now with the recession threatening revenue and customer loyalty, it’s time to review your marketing services provision. This may be an opportunity to ramp it up for less funds and acquire remote talent you hadn’t realized was available. You can turn your negative into a winning formula.

Outsource to Canadians With Expertise

Finding appropriate, committed and affordable expertise in California is impossible. These providers are under intense cost pressures and can’t provide consistently affordable service.

For cost-pressured California firms in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco it’s vital to acquire specific and versatile talent who work hard, are capable of thought leadership, and possess stellar communication skills.

California business owners are known for their entrepreneurial leadership, startup optimism and focus on digital solutions. It’s a perfect match.

Compare hiring an advanced SEO Content expert with a California based digital marketing agency.  They can’t and won’t provide the personalized attention and responsiveness you expect.

And if your real need is for rare, specialized SEO services, it’s a no brainer.  Gord Collins and AI Marketers is the best value going having served over a hundred clients along with 4 digital marketing agencies.  Yes, they turned to me.  And if you’re wishing for additional services from digital marketing audits, to impactful content creation along with social media promotion, then you’re getting more of what you actually need.

As I mention in another post, an SEO expert still requires great content and promotion resources.  Yet you’ll be saving a sizable chunk of your digital marketing budget and can apply it with more precision where it’s actually needed.

“According to a new study by Spectrum Local Solutions, companies are leaving California due to its “difficult business climate,” which only continues to worsen. The study claims that 660 different California-based companies have already moved their more than 765 facilities to other states. And that’s only in 2018 and 2019…” — Report from iheartradio.


5 Steps to Regaining Your Business Leadership

1. Outsource to experts in Canada. It reduces your real estate footprint and avoids repressive employment laws in CA and eliminates taxes and high California wages.  Many skills and expertise are not available in California.

2. Hire a Canadian who has experienced California, worked directly with California clients, and understands its businesses. Of course, it doesn’t mean zero cost. The money you save can be funneled into more paid marketing, outreach, and content development for instance. Investing money into digital marketing is wise when your audience is beyond your city boundaries.

3. Expand your Reach Across the US and Globally. Reaching markets outside of California helps grow potential sales revenue. Consumers are friendly to California products. Expanding your presence in Canada, UK and Australia is very wise and easy too.

4. Capturing Expert Level Talent. The ability to research and develop industry leading content, which then commands high rankings on Google is a big value add. Add on the highest level skills in search engine optimization and the end result becomes clear.

5. Adopting Artificial Intelligence Solutions. When you’re ready, AI software can add value in many areas of your business. AI marketing software not only gives you automation-based savings, but also optimizes your lead conversion.

Begin your market leader journey with a digital marketing performance review. This review is far beyond what any marketing agency provides. It will help you understand what’s not working and all the opportunities that are present.

Call Gord at 416 998 6246 and get your project going today.

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