About Gord Collins & Associates

In one sentence, who is Gord Collins and what does he do?

Gord is a content strategist who helps companies analyze and build marketing content that generates emotional significance with targeted audiences. Gord also creates through strategy, engaging, sharable content which attracts shares and backlinks, which in turn builds top Google rankings and draws in qualified sales leads for outstanding profitability.

Delivering free organic traffic in such volumes helps customers find their “significant” provider.  Gord helps companies become known, relevant and significant. The client’s amazing value proposition and engaging style take over to convert leads and build impressive revenues.

Common traffic growth chart for major clients.
Gord Collins
Gord Collins – New Customer Producer

Massive Traffic Gives You a Chance

Building successes via content strategy and advanced SEO strategy has resulted in a big upside for my past clients. Ballooning one client’s traffic from 1.2 million visitors a year to 2.5 million visitors per year is just one example. For clients with a strong brand, this kind of growth in visibility and traffic can be a game changer, opening up additional sales opportunities.

High Performance Benefits:

  • high, qualified traffic builds very strong brand awareness
  • huge, top ranking visibility online keeps your customers loyal and away from competitors
  • prestige and credibility from high Google and Bing listings
  • higher social media engagement and more reach on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • fresh content to keep customers, happy, engaged and satisfied
  • better support for sales leads and strong intent and velocity with prospects
  • better coverage of all customer touchpoints
  • better support for your complete marketing mix (email, social, events, customer service)
  • improved competitiveness against competitor’s strengths and weaknesses (branding)
  • improved company morale from prestigious, marketing leading exposure online
  • more inbound traffic to feed all areas of your business

Content Strategy and SEO Are Hard Work

Clients often term SEO work as “magic” but the truth is, performance always comes from hard work and strategy. Strategy is very underrated and with all things equal, Gord can build a substantial edge in leads and conversion rates too. By studying your market, your value proposition, and applying strategy, we can help your content engage visitors more and help build significance to your customers.

Google’s business philosophy has impressed me.  The lesson: don’t be evil, seek the highest quality possible and strive for market leadership. They embraced endless, continuous investment in themselves and intelligent exploration of new products and services. This improvement process might be your next big thing.

Travel, Finance, Tech and Marketing

Clients in hotels, entertainment, retail ecommerce, manufacturing, real estate, marketing, finance, and more helped me hone an expert level understanding of content and Google’s ranking algorithm.

Gord’s second ground-breaking online marketing strategy book, The Ultimate Guide to SEO and Content Strategy explains how to build content that competes well and delivers incomparable value to customers.

The point to competing well in the wilderness of web content, is using better software tools to assess content relevance, impact, visitor engagement, rankings, conversion rates, actions, and sales revenue performance.

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence SEO, Content and Sales platforms means small business consultants can finally compete with enterprises.

The Expert Approach

No one leads by following. Market leader status only evolves from courage, belief, research, dedication, strategy and follow through. Of course, financial resources are needed today.  By working with a versatile consultant you’re able to save funds that need to be invested in software, PPC, content development, and outreach efforts.

Through excellent content and effective analytics you capture more prospects and keep learning. It’s all about learning, strategizing and testing, and reiterating that process.  The practice is simple enough: do what you can with the budget you have, and find news ways to be more cost effective with content, be impactful with prospects, and insist on improving your sales conversion funnel.

Personal Stuff?  I’m an avid tennis player, mountain biker, and track & field enthusiast. If you’ve rolled down a Rocky Mountain trail on a mountain bike, you understand the exhilaration I dream of. My favorite destinations are Banff, Whistler, Siesta Key, and Oceanside California, all places that make life interesting and fun!

After hiring me, you’ll be enjoying business and life more too!

Gord Collins Mountain Biker
Gord Collins Mountain Biker @ Snowmass Village Bike Park, Colorado

Major Brands and Very Successful Agencies

I’ve worked with 5+ digital agencies in Toronto, UK and a branding consulting agency in Boston. I’ve consulted many companies in cities such as Canada, London UK, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois including big brands Franklin Sports, Delta Hotels, Boston Laser, Humboldt Moving Company, ManageCasa, United Van Lines, and many more.

Contact Gord now: 416-998-6246. Let’s make 2024 your best year yet.

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