About Gord Collins

Gord Collins
Gord Collins – New Customer Producer

Hello, I’m Gord, a long-time content/SEO strategist who has provided stellar traffic and customer engagement for my long list of clients throughout the years.

They relied on me for professional results and dedicated service, which allowed them to compete well against giant corporate competitors.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

I’ve published two books on search engine optimization and content strategy, as the synthesis of them is what clients expect. Through thorough research and painstaking strategy, I develop an authority-voice, engaging character, to nurture prospect intent in visitors.

Through experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, I build dominance in any topic area. Real estate, software, manufactured products, hotels, and stock market is where I excel.

My Professional Mission

My mission is simple: I help you connect with your target audience in a big way, and help you present your UVP powerfully. I aim to be a true partner on your business journey, continuously dedicated to helping you become a market leader.

My diverse background, skills and experience will be a huge asset to help you focus your time, budget, resources and opportunities.  Digital marketing still comes down to reaching, engaging, and helping customers with their needs and goals. My empathy for your customers means we’ll engage them during the buying cycle and keep them loyalty to you.

My methodology is simple — use strategy to build total emotional significance to your customers and use digital publishing and advertising tools to nurture that connection. I look to the right tools to get the job done, not just common marketing tools.

The economic recovery isn’t far off, and those who prepare early will achieve market leadership. Small companies that get ahead their marketing projects will have a lock on attention and leads when the economy booms again. I’ll make your competition disappear.

Have a visit to my client’s website for a fresh look at my content engagement and SEO work, which has brought them more than 2 million visitors.  I might be able to help build your UVP and present it as the best in the marketplace.

Please do join me on Linkedin and give me a call at 416 998 6246 so I can help you build your business dream.

Gord Collins Mountain Biker
Gord Collins Mountain Biker @ Snowmass Village Bike Park, Colorado

Major Brands and Very Successful Agencies

I’ve worked with 5+ digital agencies in Toronto, UK and a branding consulting agency in Boston. I’ve consulted many companies in cities such as Canada, London UK, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois including big brands Franklin Sports, Delta Hotels, Boston Laser, Humboldt Moving Company, ManageCasa, United Van Lines, and many more.

Contact Gord now: 416-998-6246. Let’s make 2024 your best year yet.

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