About Gord Collins & Associates

Gord Collins began his journey to the realm of SEO expertise in 1998 just before Google went live, and long before Google Chief spam engineer Matt Cutts was hired.

That has created a career specializing in high performance content and now leading the way into artificial intelligence marketing.  This drive for expert level competence means marketing agencies and top brands would rely on Gord for his skillful generation of big traffic and strong brand visibility. Client’s termed it as “magic” but the truth is, performance always comes from hard work and strategy.

Gord Collins

Gord Collins

Google’s business philosophy made a big impression on Gord.  The lesson:  all companies/brands are represented by their online content.  And that content competes with billions of other content pieces to win online traffic.

Building technical knowledge and creativity, developing strategy, applying and testing, and learning more about search engines was absolutely necessary to helping clients win.

Travel, Finance, Tech and Marketing

Clients in hotels, entertainment, retail ecommerce, manufacturing, real estate, marketing, finance, and more helped Gord hone an expert level understanding of content and Google’s ranking algorithms.

Gord’s second ground-breaking online marketing strategy book, The Ultimate Guide to SEO and Content Strategy explains how to build content that competes well and delivers incomparable value to customers.

The point to competing well in the wilderness of web content, is using better software tools to assess content relevance, impact, visitor engagement, rankings, conversion rates, actions, and sales revenue performance.

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence SEO, Content and Sales platforms means small business consultants can finally compete with enterprises.

The Expert Approach

No one leads by following. Market leader status only evolves from taking risks and being positive.

Ultimately, the “Philosophy or Vision” of AI Marketing is to build content of uniquely high value and learn how to better create a customer.   Ultimately, AI marketing improves your value proposition, content, sales process and more. AI software apps and software help, but learning, questions and strategy actually take you to the top.

Through excellent content and effective analytics you capture more prospects and keep learning more.  The practice is simple enough: do what you can with the budget you have, and find news ways to be more cost effective with content, be impactful with prospects, and improve your sales conversion funnel.

22 Years Expert Level Services

Gord’s has worked with 4+ digital agencies in Toronto and Boston through 2 decades.  He’s consulted with many SMBs and name brand corporations in Canada, London UK, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois including Franklin Sports, Delta Hotels, Boston Laser, Humboldt Moving Company, ManageCasa, United Van Lines, and many more.


22 years of experience has proven the importance of great content, expert SEO, cost-efficient reach and powerful analytics tools.

AI Marketing is the launchpad for high performance marketing for small companies. Are You Ready to Start?
















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