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12 AI Marketing Companies You Need to Know

Most small businesses haven’t ventured into the realm of AI Marketing, but new solutions are arriving that will make it more affordable. The AI software solutions marketplace is filling with more apps, tools, software, and platform solutions each day.

Along with the software applications and platforms, there are a variety of agencies, consultants, and specialists all getting into this red hot sector. You could call all of them AI marketing companies.

While our first impulse when the common phrase AI marketing company is spoken, we think of firms that build AI marketing software for enterprise level corporations. Yet small business is a booming sector, grossly underserved, and smart AI marketing software firms are seeing the opportunity to capitalize on this big opportunity.

Evaluating your AI Marketing Needs

Before hiring an AI marketing specialized agency that tries to be all things for you, first consider where your pains, failings, and future are.  If you already enjoy big visibility online, but you’re not converting that traffic, you may want to drill down with AI analytics solutions or AI content funnel solutions.

The new AI Marketing software companies reviewed/listed below include Albert AI, Blueshift AI, BrightEdge AI, Funnelytics AI, PathFactory AI, Infer AI, PipeDrive AI, Conversica AI, Predictive Sales AI, Tellius AI and Answer Rocket AI.  Enjoy learning more about each marketing AI software solution.

12 AI Marketing Companies Changing Marketing Forever

Let’s take a quick look at 12 excellent AI marketing software companies who provide some very useful solutions to support market leading performance.

You can click through on links provided below for more context and services related to these firms.

Which do I like best? I like them all. Any of these software companies can help you become market leader, and is there any other valid goal in this era of dog eat dog competition?  Learn about them all to gain a broader understanding of artificial intelligence marketing and which solutions are a good fit for your firm.

1. Albert AI is an innovative AI software developer based out of Israel, where so many great new technologies are emanating. Albert is the only marketing AI software that autonomously plans, executes, tests, optimizes and evolves paid search, social, and programmatic campaigns 24×7. Learn more about AI marketing solutions and Albert AI.


2. Blueshift AI

Blueshift is a San Francisco based AI powered customer engagement platform for B2C clients. The company describes itself as the only Customer Data Platform (CDP) that combines customer data, AI and multi-channel activation in a single easy-to-use platform. Learn more about AI marketing solutions and Blueshift AI.


Brightedge AI SEO

3. Brightedge AI

Brightedge describes itself as the AI marketing industry’s first and only SEO solution giving marketers real-time research, recommendations, and rankings–everything an SEO needs all in a unified platform. The company offers some innovative and advanced solutions including DataMind and its SEO and Content connect platform. Using Brightedge should be an educational experience. Learn more about AI SEO software and Brightedge AI.


4. Funnelytics AI

Funnelytics conversion funnel platform helps marketers create highly profitable conversion funnels. The company describes itself as the First Funnel Mapping & Analytics Tool Built By Marketers, For Marketers. This impressive AI powered solutions helps you design and optimize your lead conversion funnel. Learn more about AI Sales Funnels and Funnelytics.

5. Pathfactory AI

Pathfactory is an AI powered content funnel optimization platform. In their words, PathFactory powers Content Insight and Activation to help B2B marketers grow pipeline and revenue by removing friction for buyers. Pathfactory has just integrated its solution with the leading Account Based Orchestration Platform, powered by AI, called 6sense. The companies combine B2B content optimization with better buyer behavior understanding. Learn more about AI funnel solutions and Pathfactory.

infer ai company

6. Infer AI

Infer is an AI powered lead scoring solutions for sales and marketing. Infer captures and enriches your customer database to build stronger audience profiles and awareness. Infer applies advanced machine learning to discover hidden patterns within your enriched data to see which prospects are ready to buy. Like many AI marketing platforms and AI sales solutions, Infer is deployed across your martech stack. Learn more about AI lead generation and Infer AI.


7. Pipedrive AI

Pipedrive describes its product as the easier way to sell. Pipedrive’s CRM makes your life easy, so all you have to do is sell. This popular company offers the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. From real estate to retail, pipedrive is helping pave the lead funnel for a lot of companies worldwide. Pipedrive has recently taken AI to the real time era with a powerful automated AI sales assistant that continuously gathers data on deals and sales activities and prompts salespeople to take the “next best” action to move the hottest deals forward.

Learn more about AI Lead Generation tools and Pipedrive AI.

8. Conversica AI

Conversica is yet another AI sales tool that works to improve on engagement of prospects with Authentic Conversations over Email or SMS. The company promises to engage 100% of your leads and deliver personalization at scale. Conversica aligns marketing and sales to avoid friction and lost leads. Conversica Sales AI Assistants engage with buyers throughout the entire customer journey, from determining interest, to activating unresponsive demand, to winning back former customers. Learn more about AI CRM and Conversica AI.

Predictive Sales AI Company

9. Predictive Sales AI

Predictive analysis and sales are a new piece to the marketing mix. Predictive Sales AI’ PSAI engine is built to optimize every contractor’s sales funnel from the moment a lead enters the system to the final sale. Each component of PSAI is designed to grow your business through focused marketing, improved sales strategies, and a better customer experience. Learn more about AI sales software and Predictive Sales AI.

People AI Company

10. People AI

People AI is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. People․ai Revenue Intelligence System uses AI to unlock accurate attribution to events and campaigns, improve ABM targeting, and increase visibility into the buying funnel. The company helps you transform how you go to market with AI-driven Insights. Increase sales and marketing effectiveness with personalized, actionable insights that help you create more pipeline and close deals faster.

In People AI’s own words:’s Revenue Intelligence System™ is an AI-driven, data-centric platform that gathers, syncs and manages data across all your customer-facing teams resulting in insights that drive revenue. Learn more about AI Sales solutions and People AI.

11. Tellius AI

Tellius is a leader in AI augmented analytics. Headquartered in Restin, Virginia, the company enables business and data teams to ask questions in natural language and automatically discover insights across multiple data sources at scale. Connect with Tellius, to search all of your search, web and customer data, even across multiple sources, no matter where it resides.

Tellius makes search-driven analytics intuitive and brings powerful self-service to the entire organization, even answering important questions you haven’t asked yet. Learn more about AI analytics software and Tellius AI.

AI Solutions Company

12. AnswerRocket

Answer Rocket is an Atlanta, Georgia based AI solutions provider. The company’s solution automates search and customer data analysis for faster Insights-Driven decision.

In AnswerRockets’ words, there AI augmented analytics solution leverages AI and machine learning techniques to automate the hard work of business analysis. It generates business intelligence and advanced analytics in seconds, allowing you to ask questions in plain english, and create interactive visualizations & dashboards, to uncover actionable insights, and automate entire workflows. Learn more about AI analytics and AnswerRocket.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of amazing AI marketing and sales related companies. These firms offer solutions vital to businesses across the globe including marketing agencies and consultants. Everyone needs insight and better execution tools.

Take a look at the latest AI software tools for marketing, sales, content, SEO, and analytics. We’re in the midst of a revolution in marketing and service delivery. Good luck in finding the right AI software company for you.


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