Marketing and SEO Consultant

Looking to evolve your digital marketing results in 2021?  I’m looking for a progressive new client who is optimistic about improving your value proposition, communicating better, building market leader status.

It starts with a goal and a strategy.  It continues with leveraging great original content, stellar search engine optimization and visibility building, along with social media engagement and sales funnel optimization.

Let’s build your great content, Google rankings, Facebook reach, get your UVP across laser clear, and engage your audience deeply to convert more leads.


email:   You can reach me at 416-998-6246.


Gord Collins is a 21 year veteran in digital marketing arriving on the scene before Google and before AI.  The introduction of AI is giving SMBs an opportunity to cut the advantage of big business and Gord’s goal is to help small businesses even the score, and capture a dominant market share.

For most SMBs, SEO and rankings, content development, content impact and engagement, and sales conversion are the top challenges. AI systems with their testing, lead scoring, and personalization, can help marketers determine what is working.

AI systems can’t create impactful, creative and compelling content, but they can help us find content that best achieves high rankings, engagement and conversion. It’s an aid to higher performance online marketing.



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