Premium Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit & Performance Recommendations

Digital marketing is so competitive and challenging today. Only the best prepared thrive.

A digital marketing review is a thorough initial study of the client’s business problem and a solution.  We all want instant success, yet the businesses that win and become a market leader take the time to learn their customer market and their own marketing power.

That’s why a digital marketing performance review is so important. It gives you the insight you need and even offers vital recommendations on your content, brand, UVP, SEO, ppc campaigns and much more.

Who Needs a Digital Marketing Review?


  • CEOs
  • Business Investors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • SMB Business Owners

Why do they need it?  Ad fraud is eating their ppc budgets, sales conversions are way too low, on site visitor engagement and return visits are low, customers don’t like the value proposition, no one is sharing your content, and end revenue is weak.

The Best Don’t Have Plans, they have a Strategy

The best companies have strategies based on a winning value proposition which is communicated strategically. Strategy in essence, is the smart execution of that UVP.

The Best understand that creating an unbeatable value proposition is essential to winning. Your UVP is your brand promise. It’s not just what your marketing content says, it’s how it says it as well.

You can build an unbeatable advantage by taking your time and conduct a deep study of your UVP which helps you understand your brand better. Then you’ll understand how the support pieces fit. Otherwise you’re walking around in the forest with no GPS.

Think of all the things that frustrate you about your results and progress.  After our initial consultation, I’ll dig in deep to find out what’s really happening, and then discuss how you can rebuild your marketing assets and make them as powerful as possible.


Build your brand supremacy with great content so prospects will be obsessed with your company


And if your website is underperforming, it could be your marketing strategy is messed up. It’s likely you’re not getting your UVP across quickly via the best channels.  It could be you don’t really know your UVP or that it’s not good enough. Maybe you don’t know your customer’s pain and needs.

You can see how a premium quality performance audit can help.  And what if we uncover gaps and opportunities?

Heard enough and ready to start?

$995 (free if you’re a client)


My clients knew all about brand audits, strategy, and a powerful brand.  We built powerful, high ranking and engaging content which helped them become market leaders.

3 Big Wins with a Marketing Performance Audit

    1. identify UVP and branding fails
    2. identify marketing problems and how to improve your assets and strategy
    3. identify market gaps and opportunities


Start With Deeper Insights

Knowledge is the biggest factor in success. Managers absolutely must know their customer well and whether their value proposition is what customers are really prepared to pay for. Managers need an objective review of their business. Without this, they’re not building the brand strength, UVP, and promotional cues required to create new customers.

Unfortunately, SMB managers don’t have the energy, time and resources to study what’s wrong with their business and how it could be improved. That’s okay, because that’s what I do.

What Will Drive a Winning Marketing Strategy?

The issue for most is insight into what drives a winning strategy and therefore what’s missing. Sometimes it’s tools and processes. Sometimes it’s the creative intangibles or simply an insufficient budget. Yes, SEO, content engagement, persuasive copy, and conversion optimization are big factors. However, you have to see the big picture first to know how to move your chess pieces.

Trendy marketers believe marketing is contained within the product or service itself. That’s an illusion. The value proposition for your customers has to reach them first, impact them, engage them, persuade them, and move them just as I’m doing right now with you. That takes skill, especially since competitors make the same promises and wipe out your advantage.

If finding out what’s wrong with your brand, content, SEO, social media marketing and more is essential, then let’s get started.


$995 (free if you’re a client on contract).

Call me at 416 998 6246. It’s that easy and you don’t have to keep reading!


Something’s Just Not Working

Right now, your marketing effort isn’t succeeding the way you need. Maybe your website sucks or your SEO is simply ineffective. Perhaps your marketing pages aren’t believable. Maybe your brand is foggy, low quality, confusing, weak, or a turnoff.

And if you’re also suffering low visibility, low engagement, low traffic, poor web design or have some funky conversion funnel issue, your efforts won’t work. You need an inspector to dig in and find the problem.

This digital marketing audit offers a very unique range of coverage and depth into key marketing areas. Most audits are superficial and present little you don’t already know.   This unique audit has insights that are essential to create a powerful brand, bringing customers in, convincing them to buy, and keep them returning. It can uncover details and big picture issues you aren’t seeing and give you a new model of attack.

The real goal is to help you discover what is working, what doesn’t, how to reoptimize and create a new strategy. The real performance audit you’re investing in isn’t a description of the broken strategy.  It’s insight, ideas, tips and an integrated strategy for the best marketing performance. You want the end goal — success.

“A digital marketing audit is a means to an end — marketing success”


Is Your Problem Content, Branding, Value Proposition, Funnel Strategy or SEO?

Is ailing performance caused by something specific like SEO, content and copywriting or social media effectiveness? Or is it a collection of problems that’s producing low engagement, high site bounces and low repeat visits, few leads and sales contacts, and disappointing sales revenue?

It’s likely a combination of a poor brand + poor UVP + poor content + poor user experience + poor conversion strategy + insufficient visibility. But it’s never easy to know for sure.

We Need to Find out what’s Wrong

A good digital marketing review can help you develop the right marketing assets and synchronize. That will stop perpetual mistakes and marketing timidity, and encourage you to spend more on where it’s really needed.

Everyone spins their wheels, but few figure out what is really wrong.

“Using the insights from the digital marketing audit, hearing the recommendations, and creating an implementation plan, you can focus solely on your company’s critical big picture goals such as building huge visibility online to the right audience, building an inimitable brand, and converting more of the right prospects. It’s not about squeezing more out of marketing budget, it’s about getting the ideal results.”

What is a Digital Marketing Audit and What’s Included?

It’s a thorough, deep study of how you’re using digital assets to get the result you need, and how you might do it better. The point of a marketing performance audit isn’t details or finding fails.  It’s about a snapshot of your business and mapping a route to high performance (and marketing software that could help

Your custom personalized report includes sections on content and copywriting, SEO, social media, PPC advertising, online visibility, brand strength, lead generation, analytics, blogging and copywriting, site technical issues, lead funnels, and sales funnel touchpoint optimization.

Digging in to Discover the Real Problem

Poor performance usually isn’t due to tiny details, but you need to see details that contribute to whatever is preventing success.

The real problem often stems from two problems:

    1. you aren’t generating sufficient visibility and reach online
    2. your value proposition isn’t exciting nor wanted by your audience

And if these two aren’t right, it’s unlikely the rest of your marketing mix will perform well.

Those are the biggies so if you want to get started right away, then call me at 416 998-6246.

A Lot More Than Advertising and Slick Content

An objective, independent view helps you see your business in a new way and what you could be doing, thus filtering out your blind spots and presuppositions. Without this kind of review, and even deeper explorations, it will be tough to approach market leader status. Your competitors are strong. And how will you justify big expenditures on marketing and advertising if you’re in the dark?

This will help you build a strong business case for improvement.

A digital marketing audit is how all my best customers started. The insight breeds clarity, confidence, and improved approaches to get you started on the right foot. Unless you have this insight, you’ll be much less sure of your marketing efforts.

12 Reasons a Digital Marketing Review is So Important

    1. stops you from following the wrong path
    2. helps you avoid more money losing mistakes and wasted spend
    3. helps you follow a more profitable path
    4. helps clarify your unique value proposition
    5. helps you find new and better ways to reach customers
    6. brings out and helps fortify the strengths of your value offer
    7. helps you discover what’s wrong with your brand and content
    8. finds broken pieces in the lead generation and conversion funnel
    9. assesses customer engagement
    10. assesses brand strengths
    11. helps find technical issues with your website such as site speed and other
    12. finds better analytics solutions for key insights


What is Your Digital Marketing Process?

Your DM process is the what and how about how you reach customers and what value proposition you present to them. If you looked at it from consumer’s or prospect’s point of view, it’s the full experience from first awareness to their discovery of benefits to them becoming your customer.

It’s this process that needs to be investigated too.  At some point, the customer decides your UVP isn’t what they want and the abandon their session.  Can you win them back again?  Of course you can!

What Do We Need to Audit?

    • your relevant, personalized and unique value proposition
    • your online visibility and reach (SEO, social engagement, social shares, outreach, content, advertising)
    • social media strategy (connections, visibility, successful post content, timing of posts, engagement)
    • SEO strategy (keyword selection and usage, anchor pages, backlink strategy, topics and themes, algorithm factor compatibility, linking, headings, title tags, anchor text, etc.)
    • content strategy (keyword selection and usage, topics and themes, content gaps, internal linking optimization, images, engagement, brand clarity, helpfulness, readability, engaged intent, content funnel)
    • copywriting style (tone, mood, impact, storytelling, information, authoritativeness, persuasion, brand messaging)
    • your customer engagement on your website (are they engaged, what are they most interest in, and how can your site be more sticky)
    • your website strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and problems (SWOT analysis)
    • technical website issues (page speed, core web vitals, plugins, image optimization, AMP)
    • your online competitors and what they’re doing right
    • your lead generation and sales funnel process
    • your ppc strategy
    • marketing mix


Post Audit: Putting it into Action

Once you have your performance audit, you can create new goals, reallocate spending, improve content assets, reconfigure sales funnel touchpoints, and commit to an effective outreach program, whether paid or organic. And you’ll be able to create smart benchmarks to guide your progress. Those benchmarks are part of a new attitude toward analytics, and testing content, ads and value propositions to see which work best.

An audit will help you understand what additional talent and skills you need to become a market leader.

With all the insight of a digital marketing audit at your fingertips, you still need to test your marketing campaigns. You need new, live data that will help you learn and find your pipeline and sales sweet spot.

The digital marketing performance audit can really help juice up your entire effort online. Given the low cost, a marketing performance review is one of the best dollar for dollar expenses you’ve ever made.

Is there a cost for this? Yes, it’s $995.  However, if you hire me on contract to assist with your marketing efforts, I return the full fee to you.

Call Gord Collins at 416 998 6246 and let’s get this started.