SEO Services

SEO Services

Why Hire an SEO Expert?

CEOs and managers have big expectations of Search Engine Optimization yet they may not hire to reach those lofty goals.

Successful and more sophisticated SEO strategies can garner a lot of traffic and benefit your company many ways beyond leads and sales. It’s important to know that top ranking SEO is more challenging than most expect.

Winning SEO strategies can lift everything from customer service, to improved content design, to of course more sales revenue.

Expert search engine optimizers are sophisticated content strategists, search intent analyzers, keyword wordsmiths, and big reach promoters.  They don’t spam. Instead, real market leadership is built on an intense focus with quality.  Google and Bing do reward quality, and that is what their indexing systems insist on.

Managers are sometimes intimidated by someone who has been doing the work for over two decades. But I’m not demanding or unreasonable, and I adapt my approach to the client. And I make sure my clients are informed. I’m known for detailed reports and working with clients on the SEO content strategy.

You’ll enjoy this journey with me, and learn a lot more.

SEO is very competitive and visibility is limited on search results pages.

Each company has very specific resources and business challenges.  From epic content to video to intense social media engagement, each manager has to choose their own content strategy.

Let’s discuss what your specific challenges are and then put together the appropriate SEO service package for you.


Expert Content

Creating really impactful, engaging and funnel filling content is your biggest challenge.  Achieving expert and authoritative mastery of your market and industry is important. Your SEO expert must be a content expert, with a solid understanding of your brand, UVP, and how to position your content to win in every marketing page, blog post, video or social media post.

Google is a page ranking search engine.  You win page by page in this war and when you’ve built plenty of ranking winning pages, the traffic and conversion rates will grow.

Making your AI content strategy, SEO, and automated publishing activity as human-like as possible is a wise choice. Rely on us to build the right optimized content and use it to build strong social media results, likes, shares, and inbound links for high rankings.  It works.

Let’s talk about how intelligent SEO will feed your traditional marketing strategy or AI marketing strategy.

SEO Services

Service packages are custom designed to suit your needs and budget. They could range from $2000 to $5000 per month.  Contact me at 416 998 6246 to discuss, or reach me at  I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


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