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AI stock market prediction has slowly been gaining ground in recent years.  We’re still wondering if the new, evolved AI-based algorithms can detect price trends and offer guidance to investors.

Are they accurate enough to pick winners or detect which stocks will roar and which might crash? Rather than being a definitive forecaster, these solutions might provide insights on an individual stock basis.

There is sufficient evidence that many finance and real estate companies are availing themselves of artificial intelligence-based services. The challenges are huge, including human decisions which defy technical pattern-detection.

The challenge of a Fed raising rates, a despot attacking a country stopping delivery of needed commodities, a union of governments blocking trade, and a media conglomerate pushing the agenda of a political party aren’t something easily understood by an AI system.

At the micro level however, stock trading patterns might be more predictable, thus providing some insight and predictive guidance for stock traders.

The Advantage of AI Technology

Interest in AI technology, AI software and AI prediction tools is growing in response to increasing business costs. Some are using AI marketing software to create better campaigns. Companies who use AI (AI stocks) anywhere in their business operations are the focus of many stock market investors. Then there are the AI stock price prediction tools.

There are at least 3 AI stock market prediction services reviewed below, which you might want to try out. They aren’t well known and do need to improve their digital marketing efforts to get in front of tens of millions of individual investors who might like they’re guidance.

As investors struggle with volatility, pandemic crashes, political strife, economic changes, finding the best stocks to buy is a challenge. Often the best long term buys in the markets are the worst performing now. Stocks such as 5G, oil stocks, and Bitcoin have almost crashed during the sell off. And they might again.

You may be trying out an AI stock picking software or service this year so let’s take a look at the opportunity and which might the solutions to begin your AI investing journey.

Could AI prediction tools possibly be better at finding the best growth and cyclical stocks?  Is AI the ultimate stock market forecast tool?  Is it all about simple patterns, or is stock prediction a more sophisticated process involving both investment advisor expertise and AI software insight and real time trading responsiveness?

AI Stock Prediction Software

FinBrain, I Know First, and Danel Capital are a few notable stock picking solutions we look at here.  How do these AI stock forecasting systems work and how much does it cost to use them?

There are more AI stock prediction tools and platforms coming. Please bookmark this post for future updates.  Please to share this post with your connections.

Algorithmic trading has been around for several decades.  Some NYC traders approached me 15 years ago about conducting their new machine learning, algorithmic trading (precursor to AI trading) market campaigns. They were way before their time. Much too early.

But are these forward thinking solutions still too far ahead of the times, with solutions able to tame the complexities of modern stock trading? We’re not sure, however for a free or low initial price, you can try them out.

FinBrain Stock Forecasting Technology

FinBrain Technologies is the service most traders are interested in.  IT offers Artificial Intelligence enabled financial prediction technologies.  They serve stock, commodities, forex and cryptocurrency markets.

They use models that learn using artificial neural networks, advanced deep learning algorithms, non-linear data, analyze historic data, deploying self-learning and self-adapting algorithms, study market sentiment factors, and technical indicators to forecast prices.

If you can understand any of this, you know more than most.

Learn more from FinBrain’s people here:

FinBrain Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks Results

Here’s what FinBrain posted about their performance rates: 90% accuracy and 4.1% returns over 3 days.

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I Know First Stock Market Prediction Service

I Know First’s algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and incorporates elements of artificial neural networks as well as genetic algorithms to model and predict the flow of money between markets.

The service monitors  more than 10,000 assets on 6 time horizons spanning from 3-days to a year periods within stocks, ETF’s, world indices, gold, currencies, interest rates, and commodities markets.  Perhaps this is the tool you need to increase your knowledge of investing and get more out of the latest stock market forecasts?

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I Know First claims in a report that it achieved 97% accuracy in its AI based predictions of the SandP 500 (^GSPC) and Nasdaq (^IXIC) indices, as well as their respective ETFs (SPY and QQQ).

The company said that during 2019, its ETF tracking of the S&P 500 was 87% accurate of the time for the 3-month prediction time horizon. They claim they can predict the 3-day time horizon at 65%, 7-day time horizon at 69%, and 14-day time horizon at 79%. They offer online artificial intelligence stock trading accounts starting at $169 per month to $349 per month. At that very low price, it seems worth a try. Check them out here: I Know First.

Time Horizon 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 3 months
Nasdaq (^IXIC) 67% 72% 79% 79% 92%
QQQ 68% 74% 79% 79% 97%
SandP 500 (^GSPC) 60% 68% 78% 73% 77%
SPY 65% 69% 77% 79% 87%

The I Know First’s system seems to be able to ignore stock price volatility to identify underlying trends in historical data. The stock market is a good testing ground for AI given how much historical data is available and how much it’s been studied.

In an era of Trump vs Democrat media battles, frequent propaganda releases, trade war events, and computer based trading, the AI stock trading system would certainly have to comb out a lot of distraction. But perhaps AI can figure out Donald Trump?

I Know First says its AI system was able to keep the accuracy of the predictions above 60% on all time horizons from 3 days to 3 months.

Danel AI Stock Prediction

Danel Capital has They’ve created a service that can aid in stock prediction success. 4 years of research and development has lead to a machine learning algorithm that aids in summarizing all available information that can affect stock prices in one global predictive score, which they call Smart Score™.

Danel’s stock forecasting tool is developed by their Co-Founder ad Chief Technology Officer Guillermo Salas. His expertise is in the development of algorithms for the generation and management of big data in the financial industry.

He oversees the processing capacity and the automations needed to guarantee the execution of Danel Capital’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms with the maximum efficiency and accuracy.

And Aarón Román is co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist for Danel Capital. He is a an expert in quantitative analysis, specializing in the application of statistical models and numerical techniques to the daily analysis of billions of data of publicly traded companies.

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Danel Capital Pricing

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How Does this AI Stock Market Prediction Thing Work?

It is very complicated. But here’s how I Know First describes it:

The I Know First Market Prediction System models and predicts the flow of money between the markets. It separates the predictable information from any “random noise”. It then creates a model that projects the future trajectory of the given market in the multidimensional space of other markets.

The system outputs the predicted trend as a number, positive or negative, along with the wave chart that predicts how the waves will overlap the trend. This helps the trader decide which direction to trade, at what point to enter the trade, and when to exit.

The model is 100% empirical, meaning it is based on historical data and not on any human derived assumptions. The human factor is only involved in building the mathematical framework and initially presenting to the system the “starting set” of inputs and outputs.

From that point onward, the computer algorithms take over, constantly proposing “theories”, testing them on years of market data, then validating them on the most recent data, which prevents over-fitting. If an input does not improve the model, it is “rejected” and another input can be substituted.

Who Needs Their Stock Market Forecasts?

The artificial intelligence enhanced firm caters to banks, asset management companies, financial advisors, wealth management firms, hedge fund managers, and online brokerages/trading platforms. At this time, I can’t vouch for I Know First’s predictive success as reported by users.  But then if it did produce excellent stock market forecasts, users would want to keep that quiet.

I Know First Disclaimer: I Know First-Daily Market Forecast, does not provide personal investment or financial advice to individuals, or act as personal financial, legal, or institutional investment advisors, or individually advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment or the use of any particular financial strategy.

I Know First offers newsletters, reports, and daily stock picks. Leveraging the knowledge and insights of an AI software system might give you a boost in earnings. Visit and and check it out.

Getting Started in AI Aided Investing?

You’re going to ask for my picks of AI stock market forecasting tools but I can’t offer one. I think these services are on the right road. Doing any stock market forecast is extremely challenging given all the international, national, corporate, regulatory, economic, and other trends going on that can affect how governments manipulate the markets.

This is why AI stock prediction tools have such big challenges to overcome. It’s like AI tools trying to forecast the biggest selling novel in 5 yeras, or the top song or move in 2025. The algorithms are set to past data and are not set to calculate human emotion and market manipulation.

I think these tools can be a big aid to stock market prediction and to picking some really good stocks. For the price these companies charge, it’s a no brainer to give them a try.

Learn more about stock prediction and AI trading algorithms on, If, AI can observe events long enough, and trading and economic data and news events would bring huge amounts of data to bear on stock trading, then it stands to reason it will forecast more accurately.


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* information contained in this page is offered as information only and is not an endorsement of the services or a recommendation of their stock price prediction services. Please do your due diligence and follow the guidance of your licensed investment advisor.

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