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Marketing managers, CEOs and content strategists are paying increasing attention to AI marketing software solutions. The promise of automating optimized content pathways, ppc ad spends, and sales conversion rates is drawing a lot of attention.

Are these platforms ready for big or small business adoption?  They’re at a point where you need to trial them and begin figuring out how you will use them to make your UVP, creative, and marketing channels work better. Markets will become very competitive and some of your competitors are adopting software with AI components.

If you get ahead of them, you could find yourself holding an insurmountable market leading advantage. The benefits of AI marketing software are:

  • better insight into customer behavior
  • higher conversion rates
  • improved, personalized content delivery

There are many different software solutions/platforms available. Some are aimed at the enterprise, big budget clients while specialized solutions target mid-sized and even small businesses.

There are AI-powered solutions for sales, content, funnel path, and even SEO. Don’t confuse these amazing products with chat bot software.  The real value in these solutions is in the way they help you learn about your customer/visitor journey and power up content strategy to increase sales.

These AI solutions inform the content strategist and will be the strategist’s lead tool. Learn more about the content strategist role and what the key performance indicators are.

Get on Board Now, Research and Try Out a Solution

Enterprise and small business solutions available right now are still improving. New solutions keep arriving and current ones will improve. Remember that AI software as yet can’t do it all. Everyone is realizing that AI assists content strategy and sales, and does not replace your content strategist. With the assistance of the tools, you can create a market leader position and power up sales.

Note: I’m learning about these solutions too and would like to be part of your AI journey to optimal content performance and greater sales. This is how you become a market leader.

These AI based marketing software solutions help marketers, CRO pros, content strategist, copywriters and SEO pros continuously learn about what works and doesn’t.  In future, these solutions will be central to digital marketing audits as well.

What is AI Marketing Software?

At this point, AI marketing software is an optimization layer on top of your current marketing assets.  It still takes hard work and good judgement to identify your markets needs and match that with an outstanding unique value proposition. AI helps you get to that improved value proposition.

Here’s a few below, but there are other AI tools for funnel optimization, sales, copywriting, SEO, and Analytics, and even content personalization.

These enterprise AI Marketing solutions below might be the product that fires up your complete marketing mix. See more on small business AI marketing software.

An AI Tool for Each Challenge

Start with a Digital Marketing Audit

There isn’t a solution that does it all for you. Instead, the best AI driven solutions specialize in specific areas of marketing.  There is SEO software, copywriting software, sales software, analytics software and predictive software tools available.

And a talented manager, SEO, content strategist, or analytics pro can generate results equal to an enterprise level marketer. All because available data can plumbed for insight and help us convert more sales. Flexibility and creativity are big assets.

Enterprise AI Marketing Software

These 4 top enterprise level AI driven marketing software platforms are the enterprise space leaders now. But software developers are hard at work producing new solutions to fulfill SMB customers’ needs.

4 of the Best AI Software for Marketing

This collection of the best AI marketing software solutions is about as much as you’ll want to explore at this point. Take it one solution or tool at a time and avoid getting overwhelmed.  These are your top contenders for top AI marketing software, each with their strengths and weaknesses, limitations and potential.

Begin now, to gain insight into how AI can potential quadruple your leads and sales.

Albert Artificial Intelligence Marketing

G2 rating: not rated.

Albert is an autonomous AI marketing assistant, exactly what you’re looking for. The company is working to create a solution that takes all the tough, mechanical work of marketing away from you, and let the AI software optimize the customer journey and sales growth.

“Albert manages campaigns in your existing search, social and programmatic accounts, giving you full visibility. Always aware of the entire landscape, he analyzes the unanalyzable, taking purposeful action and flexibly optimizing against your business goal.

Albert tests and learns using complex, multivariate calculations at machine pace and scale.
Albert reports discoveries he has acted on and also offers recommendations for items outside of his “AI guardrails,” that require action from his human colleagues ” — from Albert Overview paper.

The fact that Albert AI can act autonomously in real time, and predict customer needs is one of the most important benefits:

Albert is one of the more interesting AI marketing solutions, but in my conversations with them, a number of weaknesses showed up such as that it works only on the Google marketing stack. That might actually work well for most marketers. With every powerful benefit, we have to give something up.

Despite that, and the fact Albert was focusing on big businesses, this is a software to pay attention to. Albert is trying to be exactly what we want — an autonomous, learning, testing, optimizing personal AI agent.

They advised me that they were working on an SMB version of their AI marketing solution which is very smart, given the bigger potential of small business.

Blueshift AI Marketing Solution

G2 rating: 4.2/5

The Blueshift AI system offers 5 AI powered services including 360 customer view, cross channel journeys, AI powered recommendations, predictive segmentation, and trigger-based automation.

Blueshift provides a customer data activation platform that helps marketers deliver more relevant and timely one-to-one personalized messages at scale. Blueshift enables organizations to gain a full view of their customers, including historic and real-time behaviors, and provides marketers with accessible predictive intelligence and campaign tools to orchestrate individualized customer journeys across channels and introduce intelligent automation throughout the customer life cycle — from Forrestor report — The Total Economic Impact™ Of Blueshift

Their Artificial Intelligence software helps you create customized automated campaigns and personalize content delivery on the website, apps, ads, or via email. Predictive recommendation on content delivery is a big benefit. For Facebook, Blueshifts’  custom audience feature allows you to do cross channel integration for a more complete view of how your customers enter your site and engage with content.

Blueshift’s value proposition is summarized as: Marketer-accessible AI lets you continuously optimize WHO you target, WHAT you tell them, WHEN you reach them, and WHERE you connect.

One of Blueshift’s biggest customers is Zumper rental software, and they’ve reported impressive results using their personalization and recommendation engine which more than doubled CTR rates and 3x the growth of lead submissions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein

G2 rating: 4.0 out of 5.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco, California is the world’s leader in corporate CRM. The company’s focus has always been sales and CRM is the path. Given the ultra-affordable monthly subscription rates, it might seem a no-brainer to try them out.

Customers typically don’t Salesforce because they’re confused about the company and the product (focused on sales people). However Salesforce is big into AI and should be able to offer big benefits to small companies on a limited budget.

Salesforce offers Marketing Cloud Einstein which integrates with other Salesforce products. The value proposition is to deliver the right content, to the right audience, on the right channel, at the exact right time with AI right where you work.

The feature that helps you monitor social media activity and deliver the right message to the right time to your connections shouldn’t be ignored. Their system can detect opportunities for you to nurture your connections at key moments.

Marketing Cloud Einstein offers a predictive content recommendation, engagement scoring, customer experience analytics and optimization features. All very useful for your purpose.

Marketo Marketing Automation Software

G2 rating: 4.1 out of 5.

Marketo has been around for sometime now is recognized as one of the top marketing automation solutions. Their software’s capabilities include automation of email, social media, digital advertising, and account based marketing.

You can set up a lead scoring and nurturing campaign to improve your sales funnel results. And you can have Marketo scan your content, which allows you to choose which content will get recommended to specific types of customers.

As we know, each customer is individual, which is why we need our AI marketing software to recommend content to satisfy each visitors quest.

Marketo is still a useful marketing automation solution which may want to try first before you invest in an AI marketing solution.

Personalizing for the Absolute Best Customer Experience

What the success of these solutions indicates is the importance of content personalization. The software helps guide and recommend content delivery for any channel.

What the software does not do, is create content. The creative elements of copywriting, video, graphics and search engine optimization are not even on the product radar. Instead, what each service does is to help designers, content strategists, copywriters, and search engine optimization experts understand better what is working. Predictive analytics is a huge benefit.

Each has its own dashboards, learning processes, features, pricing strategy, and more to contend with, but there’s no doubt they can take your marketing and sales to the next level.

Bookmark this page as I’ll review other premium entrants in the AI marketing software arena. It’s an exciting time in online marketing — the AI marketing revolution. If you’re a stock market investor, take a close look at AI stock forecasting software and services. They’re showing promise too.

How do you choose the right AI marketing software solution for your business? The best approach is to use spreadsheet with a weighted ranking of all the features/benefits you need.

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