AI Marketing Power

Is 2020 the year you try AI marketing software? Yes, it’s still the wild west Marketing AI, but why not try some solutions in those marketing areas you’re struggling with? 

A little growth hacking might end up opening a whole new level of success for your company. And speaking of AI marketing companies, they’re generating some interesting solutions.

AI marketing software, AI sales software, AI SEO software and AI writing software might help you grow traffic, engage visitors better, and raise conversion rates.  Add them to a marketing consultant, and you’ve got a powerful mix.

What is AI Marketing?

A lot of people ask “what is AI marketing.”  It’s best described as an optimization layer on top of your current marketing software applications. It uses their data to help learn what attracts and engages visitors to generate more leads and revenue. It can help optimize your content funnel, improve analytics, and grow revenue.

It’s an exciting evolution in marketing. Don’t wait for mainstream. Falling behind is not good.

But We Don’t Have Much Traffic!

Most AI solutions require massive amounts of data. Yet if you’re active online and have Google Analytics set up, you may have what some services require.

If your website traffic is weak, your content thin, Google rankings non-existent, and there’s nothing coming in the top end of your conversion funnel, well it’s back to basics.   You need something to measure and optimize.

Content and SEO Wizardry

Gord Collins is a 20 year advanced SEO consultant, who has provided services to more than 4 digital marketing agencies in Boston, Toronto, London UK, and clients in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Why did these agencies hire Gord? Quite simply, they wanted a decisive edge in the Content and SEO wars.

With his acuity about Google algorithms, and ability to research and create content of the highest quality and value for customers, he’s given major and minor clients from Boston to San Diego massive boosts in traffic. Despite all the amplification/outreach efforts, it’s the quality of the content that drives results.

Add on AI marketing power and you could have perpetual market leading performance. Market leaders, from branding gurus, to high powered tech startups, to major hotels and big brand manufacturers have entrusted Gord to build relevant eager prospects online. 

Market Leadership Should be Your Goal

Most small businesses fail. Those which survive aim high and work smarter than the rest. These smart entrepreneurs build digital assets  — content, SEO, PPC, email, social media and sales processes as enduring producers of leads

Expert Content Strategy is Essential

Expert content builds attention, interest, and action. And it’s content that informs, entertains, and builds your credibility, authority, and trustworthiness. This is what actually engages them throughout the lead funnel. It’s the branding you build that they will rely on if they should lose faith and think about leaving.

Add on AI marketing software solutions and you can better leverage those key content pieces that captures those A+ customers you want. No more attracting flies who waste your time.

Today, market leaders are learning to use AI marketing solutions to dramatically improve personalization, content engagement, and predictive analytics. Facebook and Google know what customers are going to do next. Why shouldn’t you have this knowledge about your customers too?

Deep content strategy and expert SEO efforts guided by AI Marketing will create the results you need.  Your customers will love your enhanced value proposition!

AIMarketing Software

Brilliant marketers guide AI marketing software which then guides the marketer in a never ending Kaizen multiplier. AI marketing solutions rely our expertise in content, lead conversion, and engagement to coach their systems. With outstanding analytics and strategy, Artificial Intelligence can be improved faster.

AI marketing software gives you this real time mastery in capturing those great leads.

AI marketing software helps test, learn and respond in a way human marketers can’t. AI is fast, detailed, and able to give online prospects personalized service in real time — ensuring you get a chance to convert the sale.

Why do some businesses in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto succeed so well at online marketing? They know their website communicates everything and they stay on the leading edge of high performance marketing. It’s not about spending money, it’s about doing the right things.

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