Marketing Services for Market Leaders

The opportunity to build a powerful market leading brand through the power of digital marketing is available to anyone, right now.

By conducting an audit of your goals, opportunities, and then finding what you must do to build your leading position, you will succeed.

Gord Collins of AI Marketers has been making small companies and brands successful up against big competitors for over two decades. It is skill, strategy and hard work that does it. You don’t start out with a hundred thousand dollar budget. You research to discover what you need to succeed, then you find those financial resources.

It’s a certainty that when you hire AI Marketers, you’re hiring smarter because you’re strategic, resourceful, intelligent and growing success will make you more confident.

A Dominant Brand is the End Result

A dominant brand might not be your priority, but it will be the outcome via the better content, big visibility on Google and broader reach on social, better engagement of your prospects and customers and growing sales.  The omnivisibility we build means your brand is everywhere and people can’t help but come back to your website.

Chances are, even though you’re curious, you’re not quite ready for AI marketing.  You’re right.  You must first develop a better UVP, build amazing content, raise traffic via SEO and social media, and engage visitors first.  We can do that.

Start it Off with a Performance Review

In fact, it’s wise to begin with an insightful Digital Marketing Audit, one that is unique in its range and depth of insight and delivers valuable recommendations.

AI Marketer’s performance review is an in-depth look at your UVP, branding, and the digital marketing assets you’re hoping to leverage.  It is well beyond what any internet marketing agency is offering.  By all means, start 2021 out right with your review.


Market Leaders Excel from their
Digital Marketing Performance Audit


Brilliant Content and SEO Wizardry

Content and SEO are critically important to leads and sales. They feed your social media campaigns, and make your email and ppc campaigns more effective.

AI Marketer’s founder Gord Collins is a 20 year content strategist and advanced SEO consultant.  He’s written two groundbreaking books on SEO and Content Strategy.   More than 4 digital marketing agencies in Boston, Toronto, London UK, with clients in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles hired Gord to give them a decisive edge in the Content and SEO wars.

Algorithms Respond to Content Quality

Gord’s acuity about Google algorithms, ability to research and create high ranking content of the highest quality for customers, has given clients in Boston, Toronto San Diego, San Francisco and London UK massive boosts in traffic.

The quality, impact, credibility, and shareability of the content drives results.

Add on AI marketing power and you could have perpetual market leading performance. Market leaders, from branding experts to high powered tech startups, to major hotels and big brand manufacturers have entrusted Gord to capture and motivate a high volume of incoming prospects.

Market Leadership Should be Your Goal

Most small businesses flounder then fail. Those which survive aim high and work smarter than the rest. These smart entrepreneurs build digital assets  — content, SEO, PPC, email, social media and sales processes as enduring producers of leads.  They hire talented marketing specialists too.

Expert Content Strategy is Essential

AI Marketer’s expert level content builds attention, interest, and action. And it’s content that informs, builds anticipation and curiosity, entertains, and establishes your credibility, authority, and trustworthiness. It builds engagement via social media too. This content is what actually engages visitors throughout the lead funnel. And good branding keeps visitors hanging in there.

Add on AI marketing software solutions and you can better leverage those key content pieces that capture the A+ customers you want. No more attracting flies who waste your time.

How is AI Marketing Relevant?

AI marketing is best described as an optimization layer on top of your current marketing software applications. It uses the AI software firm’s system to learn what attracts and engages visitors. It can help optimize your content funnel, personalize content and user experience, improve analytics, and grow revenue. It will be a natural progression for your company when you’re ready.

Why do some businesses in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto succeed so well at online marketing?  It’s not about spending money, it’s about doing the right things.

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