About Gord Collins & Associates

Gord launched into online marketing in 1998 just before Google went live. And Google’s business philosophy made a big impression. Gord discovered that all companies/brands are represented by online content.  And that content competes with billions of other content pieces to win online traffic.

Learning and mastering SEO/Google rankings and understanding how high quality content created a customer was a very important task, one that will always be vital. Being expert at everything is not a desirable goal. That’s why AI marketing systems have caught Gord’s attention and why he’s introducing the power of AI marketing to clients.

Gord’s second ground breaking book, The Ultimate Guide to SEO and Content Strategy explains how to build content that competes well and delivers incomparable value to customers. It’s really not about competing though, it’s about a process of creating a niche where only your company exists — a virtual monopoly.

The Approach

Ultimately, the “Philosophy or Vision” of AI Marketing is to build content of unique value and learn what why visitors become customers.  Your business is only as good as your unique value proposition. Ultimately your marketing will inform you about how to improve your value proposition. Successful SMBs evolve according to this feedback.

Through persistent and effective data filtering, you must capture the best customers via ever improving content.  The practice is simple enough: do what you can with the budget you have, and find news ways to be more cost effective with content, be impactful with prospects, and improve your sales conversion funnel.

The Story

Gord’s has worked with 4+ digital agencies in Toronto and Boston and consulting with many SMBs and name brand corporations in Canada, London UK, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois including Franklin Sports, Delta Hotels, Boston Laser, ManageCasa, United Van Lines, and many more. 20 years of experience has established the importance of great content, cost-efficient reach, multi-channel strategy, and powerful analytics tools.

AI Marketing is the launchpad for high performance marketing for small companies.

Are You Ready to Start?

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