Advanced SEO Techniques, Tactics, Strategy

With marketing budgets overwhelmingly spent on Facebook ads and Google ads, and conversion rates falling, it makes perfect sense to maximize free, organic-originated traffic.

And there’s just something healthy about the word organic! Forget about free though. Organic is about a truer, more trusting relationship with new prospects and current customers. Seeing your site ranked at the top is very prestigious and affects your staff and customer impressions of your brand. You need to be at the top.

Along with supporting PPC, email, and social media ad campaigns, and great content, SEO helps maximize performance and minimize wasted spend.  This waste is a huge cost for businesses.

Business owners and marketers must get more from their marketing spend. With the omni-visibility achieved with SEO, every other channel gets a boost.

Combining high quality content with expert SEO, you draw a huge volume of engaged visitors to your website.  Google’s indexing algorithm is the gatekeeper to organic search engine results.  Mastering this complex ranking algorithm is difficult which is why an expert is required.

Out of 52 million results, one page rises to the top:

The decision to use advanced SEO captures a range of powerful benefits including sustainable, relevant, high-volume traffic, better qualified customers, brand visibility and support for ppc, email and other marketing campaigns.

Advanced Expert Level SEO also helps:

  • resolving technical issues that are preventing top website performance
  • discovering positives to ramp up content impact, significance and engagement
  • discovering better content/performance analytics
  • better integration with social media initiatives
  • knowing how to freshen up content for better ranking results
  • improving communication of your unique value proposition
  • broader increases in touchpoints with customer prospects
  • increasing contact with consumers with content they’re actually seeking
  • increasing engagement with current customers for loyalty (they’re checking out competitors)
  • giving more purpose/focus for your design team to increase impact
  • vastly increase the value, usefulness, and freshness of most interesting content
  • higher rankings on competitive keyword phrases
  • higher rankings on longtail keyword phrases for massive traffic boosts

Learn more about advanced SEO services.

Introducing Advanced SEO – evening up the playing field

Elite level search engine optimization is a complex and fascinating topic. Please do explore other posts which dive into advanced techniques as applied in each aspect of SEO, including keyword themes, PageRank, anchor text, engaging content, making impact, digital PR promotion and backlink building. You’ll understand how SEO helps, boosts, and empowers other aspects of the marketing mix.

No other channel, not even PPC advertising can generate this return on investment.  Outsourcing to an advanced SEO consultant is simply smart decision making.

Winning With a Deeper Understanding

True mastery of SEO doesn’t arise from SEO courses or best SEO practices.  Following a standardized regime won’t be sufficient to help you achieve the results you need in the next 6 months.  Excellence comes via ingenuity, ranking algorithm insight, effort, enthusiasm, determination, sharing value with users, and synchronizing your online assets.

Professional level results comes from a true joy of strategy, capitalizing on experience, and developing excellent content that engages, builds brand and attracts links. It’s important to distinguish between amateur and professional level strategy  — market leaders take it up a notch and you must do this as well.

Corporations get much of their ranking power via their huge promotional budgets and advertising activities. That’s not possible for SMBs. That’s why strategy and efficiency is critical in the next 6 months.

What is Advanced SEO?

Advanced search engine optimization is a set of content, text, html, and other marketing techniques that are more comprehensive, clever, and require more thought and preparation and which are combined to match Google’s ranking algorithm intricacies.

To avoid hand to hand combat with other well funded SEOs and competitors, advanced SEOs seek to elevate the process.  I’ve found techniques and strategy that builds ranking power and focuses it more powerfully.  It’s enough to win against well funded corporate competitors.  Do more with your budget and you can win.

Advanced SEO is the best route to improving your content, conversion rates, and powering up overall revenue.

Advanced search engine optimization:

  • helps to build the richest content experience on a topic which people like to share and link to
  • inspires and guides authoritative, insightful, and emotion activating copywriting
  • researches core keywords and clusters of keywords you can compete for
  • uses sophisticated tactics to capture and focus ranking power to dominate important keyword phrases
  • leverages your significant value proposition to power up clickthroughs and backlinks
  • gets reach to important bloggers, journalists, industry people, influencers, etc.

You’ll find 18 advanced SEO strategies at bottom and more on the strategy post.

Check out customized Advanced SEO services right now.

Total Domination for Delta Hotels

Delta Hotels, is a Canadian business hotel chain, bought out by Marriott hotels. My work with Delta made them omnipresent on Google by doubling their traffic from 1.2 million to 2.5 million visits per year. That resulted in  domination of first page search results — from special local search result boxes, to regular top ten results, to better news results. They also were able to advertise on Google ads more aggressively.

Yes, their hotel room rates were about double the price of the other hotels, which obviously affects traveler booking decisions, yet the goal of dominating Google search results pages was achieved. I believe this mix of value and unrealized potential caught the eye of Marriott’s acquisition team and they made their pitch.

For startups, the promise of being bought out by a well funded market leader is very tantalizing.

Citibank’s Endorsement of SEO: 

Citibank is noted for achieving good results online. Citibank’s VP of search marketing says their SEO leads are 30 times more likely to convert and they receive $30 of value for every dollar spent. That reflects well on the power of expert SEO and strong promotional budgets. Citibank spends to bring together expertise and strong promotion.

Steven Bush, VP of Search Marketing at Citibank, said “more and more, we find that our most qualified prospects choose to engage with us through organic search. Customers who find us through organic search are 15% more likely to convert than any other online channel. And, when we invest a dollar in organic marketing, we can save 30 dollars in our SEM strategy. Organic search … delivers by far the greatest ROI of all marketing channels.

3.9 millions visits per month solely from Google is a nice total. Notice the wide range of unique keyword phrases (half a million) since overall visibility is important to build traffic and acquire backlinks.

Citi SEO Stats
Screenshot courtesy of

This is not “best practices”, this is “The Best Practices

Advanced SEO techniques are not those explained or recommended by Google on their website and webmaster guide pages. Real advanced search engine optimization strategy pushes the envelope but still stays within the high quality parameters Google enforces.

Your SEO campaign will encourage your content creators to craft better content that appeals to important people, and encourages the right actions such as promoting your content and brand.

What’s Wrong with Your SEO Strategy?

Every website has ranking power, but rankings suffer for several important reasons:

  • keyword choice is inappropriate or even misleading
  • your SEO and content are divorced from the core of your business
  • your content and SEO aren’t fused (woven into the real content experience through to goal page)
  • your copywriting isn’t sophisticated enough (meaning and significance signals aren’t strong enough)
  • website has no reputation for the topic (no backlinks from highly relevant websites)
  • website content isn’t relevant for the current interests of audiences (you can rank high but Google doesn”t show your site on most searches)
  • your content isn’t engaging and has no real narrative to get visitors involved in it
  • your content hasn’t been edited well enough (lack of care)
  • your content doesn’t resonate with other website owners (they don’t share your links or link to you)
  • your content isn’t fresh and evergreen – for continuous long term performance
  • weak social media promotion (you’re not engaging with a good sized audience)
  • your visitors don’t understand your value proposition (they ignore and leave)
  • your content isn’t written by an expert SEO (thus it isn’t well optimized)
  • internal linking scheme wastes ranking power and confuses Google

This means Advanced SEO does more, does it better, and does it strategically with the goal of becoming the most significant site to Google in your topic area.

15 Important Reasons why Advanced Level SEO Matters:

  1. SEO Powers up the Multichannel Marketing Mix
  2. Google’s Ranking system Hard to Understand
  3. Advanced Techniques give Google more of what it wants
  4. Advanced SEO and Content strategy work together very well
  5. 10 Things your SEO must achieve
  6. SEO Campaigns Should be Well Funded
  7. 23 Tactics Advanced SEO Experts Use
  8. What Advanced SEO isn’t
  9. Creating Expert Content
  10. Pagerank, Trust and Authority
  11. Getting Links and Generating a Desired Action
  12. It’s All About Expert Topic Selection
  13. SEO Assets & Tools
  14. 18 Important SEO Strategies
  15. Your Next Step

 1.  Advanced SEO Powers Up Your Multichannel Marketing

Great SEO powers up all other areas of your multichannel marketing mix — promoting the brand, capturing omnipresence, building loyalty, and ensuring the value proposition is delivered.

Advanced search engine optimization is a pursuit of perfection. For most, it means manipulating search engine rankings and optimizing for a search engine’s hundreds of ranking criteria while avoiding algorithmic penalties and filters.

Think of an Indy race car owner who hires a race car designer, engine builder, pit crew and mechanics, sources new parts, fuel and tires. It’s all designed for unbeatable, maximum performance.

You’ll see a number of novice type tasks being described as advanced. They aren’t advanced. If you can comprehend it easily, then it may not be advanced level. The material you’ll read below explores what we actually do to make content perform its very best.

  2.  Google Rankings Hard To Comprehend

Google treats high domain authority sites differently than low domain authority sites. High DA sites can ease back on an over-optimization, while low DA sites have to push hard, and this gets them in trouble.  High single page authority is still impacted by Google’s trust and relevance estimates.

SEOs and bloggers are seeing trouble because their optimization is too obvious, excessive or redundant. Secondly, they struggle to get the “pagerank” and trust factors that Google is looking for.  So, if you’ve been trying too hard, you may not be putting in the effort to create and promote great content that gets publishers to cite you in their content.

Advanced SEO sets out to build your domain authority and page authority via good publishers/authorities who talk about your business and link to your website.

Search engine optimization strategy includes:

  • SEO audits or digital marketing audits
  • improved clever, complex copywriting, and sentence restructuring
  • creative content creation and testing
  • content topic clustering
  • pillar/cornerstone content development
  • technical analysis and troubleshooting
  • page speed optimization and server troubleshooting
  • de-optimization, low quality and redundant/similar content pruning
  • algorithmic penalty investigation and remediation
  • deep keyword research — themes, semantics, related and synonym usage
  • evergreen content development
  • multi-keyword strategies
  • market demand and competitor analysis
  • visitor intent analysis
  • user engagement improvement
  • internal PageRank shaping
  • sophisticated backlink exploration (SEO Software)
  • link building and outreach strategy development
  • social influencer marketing strategy
  • exploration of AI SEO and AI marketing tools
  • It’s All About the Right Topics
  • Key Advanced SEO Elements

 3.  Advanced Techniques in Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO techniques are primarily those that make Google or Bing value your content more highly.  Google and some amateur SEOs say don’t bother trying to understand or manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm. That’s not good advice. We must understand what we are trying to optimize, or there is not optimization.

Additionally, SEO does involve building trust, credibility, relevance (EAT) and opening full ranking power for key pages and throughout the website.  SEO must also respond to how your visitors feel about your site and engage with it. Because when people leave right away, it can hurt your rankings. We have to manipulate people and search engine indexing algorithms (a set of weighted criteria).

Google looks for content that is engaging, has answers to searchers questions, provides a good user experience and moves visitors along the sales conversion funnel.  It knows more about our content and visitors intent than most people realize. Yet it doesn’t understand it well enough. SEO’s fill in the rest.

 4.  Bringing SEO and Content Strategy Together

SEO strategy has to be weaved into your content strategy. As I explain my most recent book, SEO can boost the effectiveness of your content strategy.  It can’t be run alongside or as an afterthought, because Google is measuring the core value of your digital content. The optimization thread is inside your content paths.  It’s not easy to use keywords well and satisfy user engagement.  Copywriting expertise is needed.

 5.  10 Advanced SEO Objectives:

    1. high rankings (attracting links, focusing ranking power)
    2. expert selection and usage of keywords in your content
    3. convey your company’s brand and unique value proposition
    4. keep visitors engaged and on your site
    5. build top authority and industry expertise
    6. help move visitors through the content funnel to purchase
    7. encourage loyalty and repeat visits
    8. be responsive to changes in Google’s ranking algorithm factors
    9. fight off others negative SEO attacks on your site
    10. keeping your site fast loading
    11. keeping your content flow useful and comfortable for visitors

 6.  SEO Campaigns Should be Well Funded

If advanced SEO gets the go ahead decision in the boardroom, build your business case and ensure you’re funding it well.  The 3 reasons for failure are: lack of expertise, creativity and funding.

It has to be said that money is a factor for advanced services. From software, creating partnerships, sponsorships, and offering value, to having experts do the work is time consuming and needs a good budget.  Whether PPC, journalist PR, graphic design, research subscriptions, or sponsorships, big companies have benefitted from their big budgets. Ensure you invest generously because the payoff is so beneficial.

 7.  23 Tactics Advanced SEO Experts Use:

    1. constantly crafting evergreen and newsy content to make it consistently rise to the top
    2. pagerank sculpting (focusing pagerank flow through links and pages)
    3. keyword and topic selection and copywriting design (ensuring copy matches searcher intent)
    4. using analytics to help improve content engagement and return visits
    5. crafting content designed for bloggers and journalists to discover and link to
    6. crafting persuasion tactics to get others talking about your company and products and sharing your content on blogs and social pages, while ensuring they use the right keywords
    7. studying Google’s core algorithm to build the strongest ranking power and relevance for you
    8. conducting audits to discover hard to see or understand issues and then resolve them
    9. studying competitors to understand their content and ranking success
    10. studying markets and topics and becoming an expert in them
    11. studying Google filters and modifications such as Rankbrain, EAT, and BERT and then revising to improve content
    12. designing/optimizing epic cornerstone content of high quality, information value, and popularity
    13. repurposing old content expertly to support other content or regain its own rankings
    14. reconfiguring internal linking to support new keyword rankings
    15. strategizing internal linking and PageRank flow
    16. editing pages and meta tags to increase click throughs
    17. using analytics to identify keyword opportunities and problems
    18. using analytics to improve the content funnel and sales funnel to grow sales conversion rates
    19. creating strategies to create double or triple listings in results pages
    20. improving visibility in Google featured snippets
    21. technical problem solving such as spidering, page errors, plugin problems, page speed, javascript optimization, duplicate content issues and more
    22. building connections/relations with owners of high domain authority websites to capture a backlink
    23. finds other pros to outsource important tasks to (link building, PR, outreach)

  8.  What Advanced SEO Isn’t

Advanced SEO isn’t technical/meta schema fixes or best practices conformity. And it certainly isn’t about buying links to cheat. It isn’t fiddling weakly with details while the big picture goes starving. Advanced SEO means pulling out the heavy artillery to become number one.


Advanced SEO Services are all about expert keyword usage, great content strategy and strong promotion via the right partners


STRATEGY is the Higher Road to Domination

It is STRATEGY that defines the pros.  Strategy drives finding the right keyword phrases, identifies the best content choices, and guides content development, online partnerships, and assists with sales funnel optimization.

Strategy builds greater strength as all resources are brought together systematically to dominate keyword topics

Delta Hotels SEO

Hotel SEO: I’ve doubled a major hotel’s traffic from 1.2 million per year to 2.5 million per year. Each click from Google search for hotel rooms would cost several dollars via Google Ads or FB ads.  Incredible value of many hundreds of thousands of dollars for the hotel chain. In combination with the impact generated via other marketing and advertising channels, they achieved omnipresence and improved conversion rates.

These are the degree of SEO services you should consider in 2022 — powerful and lasting, while other marketers see their efforts fade.  Contact me at 416 998 6246 to get your business powered up.

 9.  Pagerank, Trust and Authority

Google’s algo is very complicated yet three tenets of ranking power are Pagerank, trust and authority.

The so called ranking juice that is the currency of SEO, is the lifeblood that flows through the arteries of the website. In that juice concoction is trust factor, credibility/authority rating, and keyword information. Paving a superhighway and ensuring off ramps for specific topics, and recirculating Pagerank is an art. This means capturing ranking power and distributing it strategically to the right content for maximum lift.

And of course, we must avoid pesky filters and Google penalties.

In concert with SEO are the demands of other marketing objectives such as branding, impact, engagement and all the touchpoints in the marketing and sales funnel. This is no small matter, because everyone in the company has expectations and objectives, and they may view SEO negatively.

 10. Creating Expert Content

Good content is critical to mastery of SEO.  Great content is interesting, insightful, informative, expert, engaging, fresh, updated yet evergreen, and people to share it, discuss, appreciate it and add to it.  They bookmark it, save it, download it, and share on social media.  They love to come back to it to relive the experience and move forward.

Well researched content using the right keywords in the right sequence allows us give Google the kind of message it needs. But Google’s Hummingbird, Core and BERT algorithm components are checking to see if it’s all just pretty, but empty prose. It examines the sentence structure for meaning, coherence and excessiveness.  This is why editing is so vital. Content must look like good content to Google.

Search engines seek content with reliability, trust, credibility, coherence, and authoritativeness. You’ll need to bring in the right stats, note some experts, and use citations and perhaps link to them.  People link to good content – a key signal.

 11.  Getting Links and Generating a Desired Action

Acquiring inbound links to your site is incredibly important. Google tried to discount links, but it didn’t work.  Links are the currency of rankings. With a sophisticated combination of content, writing styles and promotional tactics, we get the reach and impact needed to encourage journalists, industry people and bloggers to link to our content.

Convincing them often requires a sophisticated value proposition — “what’s in it for them?”  There’s sales and persuasion in SEO.

You’ll need a strategy involving building value for other publishers to get them to participate in your SEO strategy. That value is in how it makes them feel good, supports their own content to their readers, or is part of a business relationship with them. The exact right value is delivered.

 12.  It’s All About Expert Topic Selection

The topics you choose are key to success. Choosing the wrong topics means you’re irrelevant right off the bat. Writing on obvious subjects won’t be powerful enough because everyone writes on those topics. Via research and imagination, understanding prospects needs, SEOs come up with fresh, unique, and flavorful content ideas and topics.

The matter of uniqueness is important. Sophisticated SEO involves weaving extraordinary insights, experiences, stories, benefits, and applications such that your solution is high distinguishable from the common.

Advanced SEOs test out different ways of writing, with different phrasing, stories, narratives, headings, layout and linking patterns.  Content is reworked after performance analysis, edited, rewired, and presented in a new way.  These advanced elements focus on Google’s core search values:

 13.  Advanced SEO Elements

  • copywriting style (tone, reading level, pace, sentence and paragraph structure)
  • internal page linking strategy and Pagerank flow throughout key pages
  • backlinks from relevant trusted websites
  • expanded topic themes for full topic coverage
  • words, keywords, related words, and link anchor text usage
  • engaging, fresh, exciting, shareable, entertaining, informative content (video and infographics too)
  • knowing searcher intent (what do they want right now and how serious are they)
  • social media posts and sharing (creatively finding reach to prospects)
  • core algorithm components (pagerank, keyword reputation, popularity, domain authority, topics, content quality)

Strategic SEO is all about knowing Google’s ranking system intimately which is very difficult. Often you learn it by watching what happens to your own rankings as you make changes. If you’re aware of the changes you made, it may help you understand what Google has done. Additionally, having time to listen to other expert SEOs can add considerably to our own understanding.

Smart SEOs focus on the core algorithm features, not on trifling cosmetic changes that are hyped on marketing news sites or by Google themselves.

 14.  Important Advanced SEO assets and Tools

    • keyword research (Semrush, ahrefs, Google console, Google keyword tool)
    • subject research — industry sources, competitors coverage, and news coverage
    • first hand industry knowledge and expertise
    • business and social experiences to share
    • copywriting and content development quality and productivity
    • creativity and imagination for new topics
    • graphic design services
    • competitor research
    • backlink research
    • time
    • money
    • social media savvy and the ability to gain support from others
    • company brand recognition
    • product or service unique value proposition
    • PR and outreach efforts
    • funnel analytics and AI SEO software insights

18 Important SEO Strategies

With respect to search engine optimization strategy, this is primarily an art of weaving optimized elements together to give the Google bot the “story line” it likes to read.  By being strategic you provide exactly the level of optimization needed. Not too much and not too like, in a way that Google’s system will respect and trust.

    1. create topic hubs (building content on specific topic themes to cover the topic thoroughly, but strategically)
    2. create videos or curate others videos (videos increase dwell time and engagement)
    3. enrich your blog post (use lists, illustrations, social media posts, quotes)
    4. enrich the first few paragraphs to avoid bounced visits (use a visual, subheading, or pain point, above the old that impacts them right away keeps them oriented and interested)
    5. work with industry journalists to provide them with data, insight, and consulting that helps them create better articles)
    6. use related and semantically similar keywords to help Google ascertain the exact meaning they’re looking for
    7. create epic blog posts that inform, lead the industry and help define the future of your industry
    8. find original research and create informative posts with a new more interesting angle
    9. find hot topics and news (use that as a pretext to your content and make it more current and relevant)
    10. use Google AMP and find ways to speed up your content to satisfy Google’s core metrics
    11. use high quality, branded, images and illustrations are right on the content’s topic which conveys style and trust
    12. find the highest ranking content and create something better, more readable and helpful
    13. segment your social media connections and engage with them with specific content to their interests, which they’ll share on FB, Twitter, or Linkedin
    14. ensure you meet Google’s E.A.T guidelines with content that includes citations, easily verifiable facts, and links from high authority websites (universities, research hubs, associations, government sites etc.)
    15. get good links from your customer’s websites and suppliers in the form of links from their blogs and main marketing pages if possible, and ensure they share some Facebook/Twitter posts on those platforms
    16. ensure your article headings clearly focus on the keyword topics you want to rank on
    17. use a content funnel optimization solution to ensure you have the customer journey covered right to the end goal (Google watches whether your content satisfies visitors fully)
    18. use AI SEO software to gather better intelligence on keyword performance

The Next Step

So how would you weave all of this together to build a high ranking website that customers consider to be the ultimate resource?  That is where I come in.

I’m looking forward to helping your company climb in search engine visibility and ensure you grow leads and revenue.  From building your value prop presentation to achieving omni-visibility, to improving your content funnel, there’s a lot of extra value in these service packages. Call me now at 416 998 6246 to get started.

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