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Marketing managers have broadly categorized Search Engine Optimization Expertise as a commodity, yet that simply isn’t correct.  The best SEO experts offer tremendous value which we will examine in this post.

In the past, the ability to garner inbound links tended to trump any other SEO activity.  This largely cheapened the full value of SEO excellence and its opportunity to create more leads and revenue. It isn’t that organic rankings are free, it’s that this online exposure supports all areas of marketing results.

Marketing’s Most Valuable Contributor

Previously, effective copywriting, visitor impact, persuasiveness, information value, and visual appeal weren’t funded, so search engine optimization suffered with a reputation of low lead value.  Few SEO staff had the drive or wherewithal to develop really outstanding skills.

Today, brand building, impact, and topic depth means SEO can play an even more role.  The dollar value of expert SEO is very high and it’s worth it for an SEO expert to develop skills in branding, conversion optimization, artificial intelligence, and copywriting.

Google has made some big changes to its ranking algorithm over the years to reduce its dependency on inbound link popularity. Links are still important, however, it’s content strategy that generates those links to your site. Quite a few people are buying links again due to how competitive it is, but Google will do a sweep and catch sites that are paying for sponsorships and anchor text links.

What is Advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO is very creative, not really technical.  The best advanced SEO experts are good researchers, creative writers, persuasion masterminds, social media wizards/influencers, public relations dynamos, and have a mastery of Google’s key ranking algorithm factors.

SEO experts are able to generate value, create reach and visibility, move visitors through the sales funnel, build brand fans, and get the brand across in a laser like fashion.  Because search engine rankings are so competitive, our efforts have to be particularly good.

21 Tasks Advanced SEO Experts Use:


  1. pagerank sculpting (focusing pagerank flow through links and pages)
  2. keyword and topic selection and copywriting design (ensuring copy matches searcher intent)
  3. crafting content designed for bloggers and journalists to discover and link to
  4. crafting persuasion tactics to get others talking about your company and products and sharing your content on blogs and social pages, while ensuring they use the right keywords
  5. studying Google’s core algorithm to build the strongest ranking power and relevance
  6. conducting audits to discover hard to see or understand issues and then resolve them
  7. studying competitors to understand their content and ranking success
  8. studying markets and topics and becoming an expert in them
  9. studying Google filters and modifications such as Rankbrain, EAT, and BERT and then revising to improve content
  10. designing/optimizing epic cornerstone content of high quality, information value, and popularity
  11. repurposing old content expertly to support other content or regain its own rankings
  12. reconfiguring internal linking to support new keyword rankings
  13. strategizing internal linking and pagerank flow
  14. editing pages and meta tags to increase click throughs
  15. using analytics to identify keyword opportunities and problems
  16. using analytics to improve the content funnel and sales funnel to grow sales conversion rates
  17. creating strategies to create double or triple listings in results pages
  18. improving visibility in Google featured snippets
  19. technical problem solving such as spidering, page speed, javascript optimization, duplicate content issues
  20. building connections/relations with owners of high domain authority websites to capture a backlink
  21. finds other pros to outsource important tasks to (link building, PR, outreach)

Yes, there is so much to master, however the real hallmark of an SEO guru is strategy. If you have a webmaster, writer, social media specialist, it’s strategy that orchestrates them to perfection.

What Advanced SEO Isn’t

Advanced SEO isn’t technical/meta schema fixes or best practices conformity. Advanced SEO is a sophisticated process of designing content that resonates perfectly with Google’s algorithm (and with users).  The fact that users engagement results in new backlinks, return visits, longer dwell time, and multi-pageviews suggests that SEO has evolved to be about more than keyword manipulation or links.

Search engines still deliver the biggest boost in leads, lead quality, visibility as well as flow through to your social and sales pages and persuasive content.  SEO feeds your complete marketing mix from Google to email to remarketing ppc.  If your audience has seen your brand a hundred times, it becomes easier to present an incentive that draws them into the sales funnel.

An SEO expert has the experience, strategic skills, and depth of insight into ranking factors and how to generate significant boosts via blogs, social media posts, and content marketing.

Market Leader: The Only Sustainable Choice

To become a market leader and make an impact on all channels, you start by hiring an SEO expert.  An experienced SEO consultant with unique insight, experience and a variety of talents really bring the SEO Content Strategy together.

Explore the world of advanced SEO right now in this post, where we discuss what SEO experts do — advanced search engine optimization strategy.  Read on to learn more.  Ask about an SEO audit and a copy of my SEO book.  If you hire me, you get them for free.

Advanced SEO is all about Strategy


Specialist Skills with Creativity

Search Engine Optimization experts practice SEO at a different level. We use our skills in content, search engine ranking algorithms, and outreach to position your company well on Google.

While each expert in SEO brings different skills, experience and creativity to hack site improvements, we’re strategists at heart.  And strategy makes all the difference regardless of the available resources we get to work with.

Search engine optimization consultants go much deeper than average best practices marketers or technical SEOs.  You need to be really good today to be the market leader here. If you don’t want to be a leader in your market, I have to question why you choose your career or invested big money into it.

STRATEGY is the Higher Road to Domination

It is STRATEGY that defines the pros.  Strategy drives finding the right keyword phrases, identifies the best content choices, and guides content development, online partnerships, and assists with sales funnel optimization.

Strategy builds greater strength as all resources are brought together systematically to dominate keyword topics

Strategy focuses keyword strength, grows link acquisition, makes content work as a team, maximizes ranking resources and the SEObudget.  Strategy also means discovering weaknesses and improving them.

By finding more effective optimization tactics and integrating them together within an organic lead generation strategy, I make my client’s brands formidable online.  The brand exposure is a big benefit. I put my clients up into the same visibility as the market leaders. And I build big traffic.

Delta Hotels SEO

For instance, I’ve doubled a major hotel’s traffic from 1.2 million per year to 2.5 million per year. Each click from Google search for hotel rooms would cost several dollars via Google Ads or FB ads.  Incredible value for a hotel, which is trying to make an impact with its other marketing and advertising channels.

This shear volume of searchers is so valuable that Google is trying to squeeze out organic listings to force searchers to click on more paid ads.  Fewer search results pushed further down the page, mean more users are likely to click on the ads.

Of course, Google is under severe pressure from DOJ prosecutors in the US over its monopolization.  This could lead to SEO changes if the US government persists in breaking up its monopoly.

Higher Rankings Equals Higher Quality Leads

Just like the world of top brands, advanced SEO seeks higher rankings where leads are higher quality and more sustainable. In this post, we look closer at what is advanced search engine optimization.

Of Novices and Experts

Most business owners can’t distinguish between SEO expertise and mimicry. Many times, the novice may look more slick, articulate, and credible, perhaps within a web design agency. But this isn’t web design and it isn’t PPC advertising.  It’s a sophisticated use of words and it does make a difference.

Some SEO experts are skilled copywriters, IT technicians, analysts, and digital marketers who focus on quality.

Quality SEO is marked by clients that rank high for all their most meaningful keyword phrases, not just one or two.  Hundreds of top rankings bring a thousand percent more traffic. More is better.

Conversely, cheap tricks only work until competitors nullify them or Google renders them useless. Then it’s back to the drawing board to start all over again. Advanced SEO seeks to build a strong core foundation that’s more competitive and resistant to ranking algorithm changes or performance erosion. I deliver continuous high rankings and much greater traffic.

This is the kind of SEO services you want — powerful and lasting, while other marketers see their efforts fade.

Strategizing to Render Competitors Invisible

How will you achieve Google ranking dominance? That’s what advanced SEO is all about — high performance in a crowded place.

An SEO expert is experienced in the art/science of taking a highway for better rankings, more traffic, market dominance and a brand that has no rivals. Advanced SEO is about getting rid of competition by creating exclusivity. It’s so much better to have a monopoly. Ask Google, Amazon or Facebook about the power of monopoly.

“Advanced SEO is all about study and strategy to achieve market leadership in the search engine results, as well as creating significant and lasting profit outcomes for clients”

Are SEO software platforms or even AI marketing software solutions an oracle to guide greater performance? Perhaps they will help. New AI SEO solutions may help us learn faster, be more efficient,  along with improving content more than in the past.

SEO software and AI will never replace SEO consultants. They will just make us that much better! The insight drawn from tools makes my strategy more effective and quicker.

In fact, in SEO, you can’t rest on your laurels and past accomplishments.  Staying up on the latest marketing concepts, and content and artificial intelligence trends is one of the hallmarks of a professional consultant.

As Google Gets Tougher, You Must Get Better

And you might as well know, Google is alienating more small businesses and websites. Fewer sites are appearing on the first page, and more zero click searches are happening. It’s a sour point with all marketers now. They’re using companies own content in featured snippets on the results pages, thus eliminating click throughs to those websites.

Features snippets might sound good to the naive, but it’s costing everyone clicks.

These and other tough challenges require a higher level of search engine optimization. If you want to win the ranking wars, you must go advanced. This is where you gain the insights and find sophisticated ways to optimize your content and grow your outreach success.

In the AI Era, Do We Need Expertise?

With the arrival of AI learning and predictive analytics, some believe experience and skill don’t matter. Yet, these simple systems can’t replace creative expertise (which is improved by AI insights).  The AI software tools will only elevate our capabilities.

Talent, creativity, and experience combined with AI insight and execution are a compelling value proposition.

The Critical Path of Pagerank, Trust and Authority

SEO consultants investigate any element of their website that impacts rankings, yet they focus on what really drives high rankings.

The so called ranking juice that is the currency of SEO, is the lifeblood that flows through the arteries of the website. In that juice concoction is trust factor, authority rating, and keyword information. Paving a superhighway and ensuring off ramps for specific topics, and recirculating pagerank is an art. This means capturing ranking power and distributing it strategically to the right content for maximum lift.

And of course, we must avoid pesky filters and Google penalties.

In concert with SEO are the demands of other marketing objectives such as branding, impact, engagement and all the touchpoints in the marketing and sales funnel. This is no small matter, because everyone in the company has expectations and objectives, and they may view SEO negatively.

Creating Expert Content

Good content is critical to mastery of SEO. Content or text is what is being processed. Well researched content using the right keywords in the right sequence allows us give Google the kind of message it wants. But Google’s Hummingbird, RankBrain and BERT algorithm components are checking to see if it’s all just pretty, but empty prose.

Search engines seek content with reliability, trust, credibility, coherence, and authoritativeness. You’ll need to bring in the right stats, noted experts, and citations and perhaps link to them.  People link to good content – a key signal.

Content That Gets Readers to Take a Desired Action

You’ll need to persuade prospects to stay engaged and move toward a purchase. Whether we are the writers or not, we must understand the narrative and make it work. Otherwise, visitors bounce because they lose interest.

We must also persuade other website publishers/writers to link to your website and talk about about your ideas, products and articles. Their trusted websites validate your content quality when they link to it. Convincing them often requires a sophisticated value proposition — “what’s in it for them?

You’ll need a strategy involving building value for other publishers to get them to participate in your SEO strategy. That value is that it makes them feel good, supports their own content to their readers, or is part of a business relationship with them.

It’s All About the Right Topics

The topics you choose are key to success. Choosing the wrong topics means you’re irrelevant right off the bat. Writing on obvious subjects won’t be powerful enough because everyone writes on those topics. Via research and imagination, understanding prospects needs, SEOs come up with fresh, unique, and flavorful content ideas and topics.

SEO experts help to choose topics carefully and advise on writing them in a unique fashion. Advanced SEOs test out different ways of writing, with different phrasing, stories, narratives, headings, layout and linking patterns. And soon, using AI SEO software, we might better get better feedback for faster improvement.

To move to more elevated SEO, you have to delve into how Google processes and rates web content. These advanced elements focus on Google’s core search values:

Advanced SEO Elements

⦁ copywriting style (tone, reading level, pace, sentence and paragraph structure)
⦁ internal page linking strategy and pagerank flow throughout key pages
⦁ backlinks from relevant trusted websites
⦁ words, keywords, related words, and link anchor text usage
⦁ engaging, shareable, entertaining, informative content (video and infographics too)
⦁ knowing searcher intent (what do they want right now and how serious are they)
⦁ social media posts and sharing (creatively finding reach to prospects)
⦁ core algorithm components (pagerank, keyword reputation, popularity, domain authority, topics, content quality)
⦁ AI add on elements such as BERT and penguin

Strategic SEO is all about knowing Google’s ranking system intimately which is very difficult. Often you learn it by watching what happens to your own rankings as you make changes. If you’re aware of the changes you made, it may help you understand what Google has done. Additionally, having time to listen to other expert SEOs can add considerably to our own understanding.

Smart SEOs focus on the core algorithm features, not on trifling cosmetic changes that are hyped on marketing news sites or by Google themselves.

Which SEO assets, tools, and tactics are most important?

  • keyword research
  • subject research
  • industry knowledge and expertise
  • experiences to share
  • copywriting and content development quality and productivity
  • creativity and imagination for new topics
  • graphic design services
  • competitor research
  • backlink research
  • time
  • money
  • social media savvy
  • company brand recognition
  • product or service unique value proposition
  • PR and outreach efforts
  • funnel analytics and AI SEO software insights

How Do They Put it All Together?

An SEO plan can help you bring together all the ingredients in order of importance. That may begin with an SEO audit. I’ve done plenty of them and they’re good for organization and communications with the client.

But a plan is just a layout. We have to build the highest quality assets possible, because as you read in other posts, quality is paramount. But we must define quality, as we need it to be, and as Google defines it.

Do an audit of your content assets. Here’s a few items: Are they good enough? How have they failed to engage readers? Are the visuals horrible? Are you missing the right topics, angles, and keyword usage? Are you linking in sophisticated way, or obvious and redundant way? What is the problem your content solves? What are your prospects pain points and real intent? What are the emotions you’re eliciting? Do you have enough customer research and insight? Why will visitors share your content pieces?

After you take a critical look at your content, we can begin wireframing your core content plan and build a keyword/content path for Google and your visitors. At the same time we must be aware of how we’ll impact, engage and convert visitors to our customers. SEO and customer conversion aren’t the same thing, but we have to work them together.

I’m looking forward to helping your company climb in search engine visibility and growing leads and revenue.  That’s the purpose of SEO.

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