Digital Marketing Agency Services

Are you ready to grow with credible, affordable and powerful digital marketing services?

Let’s discuss your project and start with a free proposal (and get a full digital marketing audit).

With so many advanced SEOs, content creators, and digital marketers choosing to go solo, agencies are struggling to serve their customers well. They must compete with you to hire the best advanced SEO, advanced content developer or crafty digital strategist.

Go direct for lower costs and better service and get started right with a premium digital marketing audit.

Your customized package may include:

  • consultation to get to know your needs and if we’re a good match
  • in-depth study of your market and competitors (SWOT)
  • SEO audit or digital marketing audit
  • extensive unique content development
  • social media promotion
  • PPC campaign management
  • extensive, expert level search engine optimization
  • user experience and funnel pathway optimization strategy
  • actionable analytics reports
  • help in adopting appropriate software tools

Since you’re going to save money, AI Marketer’s full value proposition is hard to resist.  And we’ll be with you when you adopt AI marketing software. The future looks very bright.

Real Service Deliverables:

  • deeper insight into your UVP and digital marketing environment
  • brilliant expert level content that is entertaining, high ranking and engaging
  • high search engine rankings that lead to broad visibility on Google and Bing
  • persistent social media engagement and reach
  • discovery and elimination of technical issues

You’ve found a unique provider who can develop a huge, interested audience and communicate leading expertise in your field. Industry expertise provides relevance, credibility and reach to the right people. Following that up with a focus on the sales conversion funnel, you’re assured you’re on the path to better sales results.

AI Marketers is the perfect solution for companies in Texas, Florida, New York, California and Massachusetts.   We’ll build your unbeatable value proposition and present it in a compelling way to reach market leader status.

A Customized Digital Marketing Service Package

The Digital Marketing Services packages evolve from the 9 key aspects of a campaign as seen here at right.  Our deep digital marketing audit tells you we take a serious approach.

This proceeds to relevant solutions.  The key deliverable is learning. There is no instant success, only insight that leads to better performance in each of the 9 segments.

Level of Service

You have the option of part time or full time engagement with your business. All service packages customized to you come with customized prices. The prices will almost certainly be well below digital marketing agency fees and offer greater service and responsiveness.

I’ve worked in digital marketing agencies, and then on my own for 23 years for US and Canada clients. Review my depth of skill, experience, and drive to be the very best.

Call me now at 416 998-6246 to discuss your needs.

AI Marketers has enjoyed serving clients in Toronto, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oceanside, Chicago, Houston, Florida, Montreal, Vancouver, and London UK.

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