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What precedes a happy customer? A lot. And that’s why we have to be pleased when AI can help out. As a manager, you want to offload all these increasingly troublesome tasks to software and someone you can be confident in.

AI Marketers Services are delivered as an À la carte, full service package to build your audience, fulfill their mission, identify behavior that leads to sales, and optimize in real time so you don’t lose the hard won visitors you’ve created.

Yes, AI marketing software does take over most elements (ads, testing, email, real time engagement), but it needs excellence in these components if it is to produce even better results:

The Right AI Marketing System

We’ll work with you to determine the best AI marketing solution for your company depending on your budget and goals. Some may be right while other systems will not.

1.    Content Strategy

Whether you use AI or not, content is central to your visitor’s experience. We’ll research and design a content strategy that fulfills your Google rankings, user engagement, brand image and unique value proposition, as well as moves customers through your sales funnel. AI will tell us which content and promotions are best and keep learning to improve them.

2.   Audience Segmentation

AI Marketing Software’s big strength is audience segmentation. AI bases its actions on actual behaviors of visitors, not on theories, personas, or hunches.

3.   SEO and Google Rankings

Without traffic to your website and social pages, you have no sales potential. SEO is disparaged but in fact, it is essential to your marketing mix. We research the right keywords, viral content, and use proven content forms that Google and influencers like. The final result is big traffic and seeing your site ranked with the best in your industry.

4.   Social Media Content

Social media networking is essential to SEO, brand image, and user engagement. We build your network, engage with them, and present content to them they’ll love to view and share.

5.   Engagement Optimization

AI Marketing software presents, tests, and delivers the right content at the right time. This on-site experience, especially in real time, provides insight into high conversion interaction and helps keep customers happy and confident in their purchase.

6.  PPC and Remarketing

AI optimized advertising is more effective in reducing spend and converting more sales and revenue. We’ll use the most effective ad services to generate leads and learn about your target audience.

7.  Visitor and Conversion Analytics

When AI software segments your audience and predicts their future behavior, you have the ultimate in artificial intelligence benefits. You’ll be able to visualize the effectiveness of your promotions, content, keywords, email campaigns, and continually improve them to achieve the best sales results.

It’s A Process

We’ll need to tackle your project with full commitment. AI marketing is new, disruptive, and unbounded. The point is to take each component and master them one at a time.

All we need is your faith that you believe artificial intelligence enhanced marketing is worth it and you’re willing to progress to a level that few other companies will.

This isn’t marketing as usual. This evolution could mean the difference between success and failure of your startup or already successful business. Think big picture because these systems help us do incredible things human marketers couldn’t.


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