Brilliant Content Strategy

Isn’t all content the same? It isn’t actually.

Content that generates engagement with visitors, makes an emotional impact, achieves high Google rankings, gets shared on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and which helps convert prospects to customers is special.

Collectively, your digital content must achieve many different objectives. There is different types and styles of content for different purposes. What CEOs and brand managers demand is content which creates customers, keeps customers loyal, and builds strong brand awareness. These are key big picture goals.

Some content builds the brand, gets the UVP across well, and helps convert visitors to sales. Visitors don’t make decisions based on graphics, they decide based on the copy they read and how it impacts them emotionally.

Some content is slick, but doesn’t get the job done.  And some content just plain fails likely because enough time wasn’t spent on research and editing.

In the online world, your content is your business and brand.  This is because visitors and customers believe what they read, watch, experience, and interact with on your website, including marketing collateral, graphics, and copywriting. Content that is relevant, helpful and gets your UVP across actually generates trust.


Your content generates the full experience with your company and represents what you sell


Your content can be and needs to be brilliant in many different ways which you might not appreciate right now.  For Google rankings, impact, engagement, guiding visitors, lead nurturing, and creating the desired action, good content is a real workhorse for marketing.  It’s not easy to create content that fulfills all these aims.  That’s where planning and strategy come in.

Content developers love creating effective content.  Yet, we’re only effective if we’re strategic, because you know how much content is published every day. To be seen and effective, your content must be really good.

Content is What Visitors Want

And content may not get the attention it deserves.  When content isn’t researched, written or created well, or isn’t well edited, then visitors are less likely to appreciate your unique value offer. It may not be compelling or move the visitor. Good content takes time.

Content plays a key role in attracting visitors, engaging with them, and helping to nurture a lead and yes even close the sale. Content is the visitor’s companion in their journey to purchase.

They’re Coming and They Want Your Content

Most of your online traffic and leads still come from free organic sources such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. Great content ranks well, is high-quality, compelling to readers, and it’s something they’ll share with others and come back to read more.  Good content is a big customer magnet.

Everything Your Content Strategist Does:

      1. creates a plan to craft copy, video, data, etc. that gets your value proposition across
      2. actively carries out timely publishing strategically for maximum results
      3. ensures your marketing content gets the reach it needs on the web and social media
      4. researches and create uniquely valuable content that answers the searchers quest (searcher intent)
      5. makes the content rank high in Google search rankings (SEO)
      6. makes the content rank for a lot of keyword phrases (longtail)
      7. captures visitors attention and keep them engaged (engagement)
      8. creates content that visitors want to come back and read (reputation, authority)
      9. engages visitors deeply to build interest, relevancy and trust (relevance, trust, authority)
      10. presents the unique value proposition so it establishes a powerful place in the customer’s mind (branding)
      11. creates fresh, new and very relevant content each week (top of mind)
      12. ensures the customer does not lose interest at any point (persistence and goal orientation)
      13. presents content that appeals to several audiences simultaneously (broad audience appeal)
      14. creates powerful headings and calls to action to move the visitor through the funnel to purchase (progress)
      15. ensures the content is compatible with sales strategy, advertising strategy, and brand guidelines (feed your marketing and sales department)

And a great content strategist does these better than all of your competitors.  The lower your budget, the better your content strategist must be.

Strategists Do Mental Gymnastics to Make it the Best

You thought writing copy for a business was easy.  Turns out a copywriter or content strategist/SEO expert must perform mental gymnastics on a daily basis.

Great content is exciting, informative, brand building, activating, and even memorable. A lot of this is done manually, however at some point soon, you may begin integrating AI copywriting solutions to better inform your content strategy.

Those solutions help you to build your content lead conversion funnel, discover what is most engaging and effective, predict user needs, and of course to appreciate how important good content is to your company’s success.

Atomic Reach is one such AI enhanced solution that optimizes your content.

Screen capture courtesy of Atomicreach.

Cortex AI offers several intriguing solutions for creating content your audience wants by analyzing themes, topics and visuals that are successful.

Screenshot courtesy of

Serving the Right Content at the Right Time to the Right Prospect

It’s this power to serve up unique content, at the exact right time, to each identified high quality prospect/customer that is so powerful.  AI driven content marketers can churn out more, better focused, relevant, and high converting content. And that’s not all.

The AI systems can carve up pieces of that content to fashion the into personalized communications for each customer via email, blogs, or social media posts.

That personalization or customization based on what works is very effective.  So you can ignore personas and just focus on the customer data at hand.  The AI system works so fast, it can discover which content creates the best results.

Content strategists from San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Boston, or Toronto  are enjoying having their creative content pieces served so expertly.

AI doesn’t delete your content strategist. It just makes them better. That’s why AI marketing software should be factored into your marketing budget this year.

Yes, there are a lot of AI marketing solutions available that could plug into the full content writing to SEO to sales funnel. But without human talent, they won’t be very effective. We’re not at a point where they can replace talented, experienced pros.

Other than general AI marketing software solutions, there are specific AI content marketing solutions too.  Check back in a few weeks and I’ll introduce them to you.

AI and Content Strategy

Successful content is content on topics people search for, which solves their questions and pain points and which generates a desired action. Successful content has a clear focus and is delivered in a “digestible” format.

AI can help us test content and determine which topics, copywriting, calls to action and incentives hit the mark in generating real sales and revenue.

Successful content for search engines (i.e., Google rankings) is designed around topics, themes, keywords, and engineered to encourage sharing and linking.  It has to do more than try to rank for keywords.  Google’s ranking system is more sophisticated now and immune to amateur keyword manipulation.

The goal of AI Marketers is to walk with you in this journey into AI Marketing.  We’ll take care of these difficult tasks, while ensuring your content is at the highest expert level possible and delivered to the right audience.

When AI helps inform your content strategy and decisions, you’ll be creating a powerful brand that has no competition.  With Marketing AI you can create a niche with customers that is irreplaceable.  That’s what market leaders do.


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