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Few things digital are more sexy or profitable than a top ranking on Google. That lofty spot endows your company with credibility, significance, and a promise of satisfaction to customers.

Optimizing Content for an Impressive Advantage

Leads, sales and revenue are here too.  A new report from Conductor revealed that 57% of all sales happen via Google searches.  Which is why some companies pay their SEO manager handsomely with a big emphasis on achieving the crowning glory of a top ranking and high quality leads.

Advanced Level Services Perfect the Process

Advanced SEO achieves these goals.  It’s a mix of sophisticated optimization techniques and practices that makes your content compete better and achieve a unique presence on Google.  Taking advantage of expertise is smart business.

Distinguished Services with Real Value

My clients in the past 2 decades have been discriminating, typically looking for a unique consultant who can devise a more thorough, lasting, and well executed strategy.  This is a key marketing area where good results are imperative. While your SEO service solution outlined below is presented in bullet points within packages, there is much more involved. These services go beyond the basics to create substantial success. And we ensure we’re perfectly matched to what you need.

Which Advanced SEO Services Generate the Best Results?

  1. Full SEO/Digital Marketing Audits – providing deep insight into your challenge and opportunities
  2. Impactful, engaging and exciting content – capturing awareness and assists with the sales conversion process
  3. Content with the right structure – a topic, layout and link navigation structure that improves flow of relevant content to user
  4. Content that includes expertise, authoritativeness, proves credibility, and builds trust
  5. Expert keyword research – uncovering the best keywords that a company can compete for
  6. Quality, relevant backlinks – expert linking along with acquiring inbound links from relevant industry websites to power up your rankings
  7. Content outreach – creating high quality content specifically for publishing on other websites
  8. Social media publishing – to engage customers and persuade them to share and promote your content

What Does a Modern Search Engine Optimization Service Package Look Like?

SEO Service packages are usually customized mixes, beginning with 3 different price points which offer service levels relative to that investment. After you feel comfortable with the level of effort you want to make, you can negotiate changes to match your specific needs. The goal is to acquire the exact service and results you need, not to buy something unnecessary.

AI Marketers offers SEO service packages that focus on building presence, rankings, traffic, engagement, sales, and maximum significance in your specific target market.

 1.  Premium SEO / Content Package ($3495 per month)

  • detailed research of your customers, their SEO positioning, success factors and strengths
  • detailed study of core keywords and long-tail phrases and a strategy to rank at the top
  • optimization of your current content to resonate to your targeted keyword themes
  • 8 high quality pages/blogs per month of content to educate, entertain, and persuade
  • 1 epic quality, cornerstone post per month to provide a strategic topical and keyword focus
  • daily social posts and social engagement to build connections and awareness
  • set up Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts as necessary
  • pay per click advertising plan and setup a Google Ads (and Facebook Ads account) and
    optimize your Adwords campaigns
  • create 6 effective, conversion-generating landing pages for ppc or email promotions
  • monthly Google analytics reports with actionable information on traffic, leads, and engagement
  • further, ongoing consulting with you regarding new types of content and strategy
  • install a FREE WordPress blog complete with an attractive, functional WP theme if necessary

Premium SEO is meant to be an ongoing program to continue to build rankings, traffic, and customers.

 2.  Affordable SEO/Content Service Package ($2495 per month)

This program makes SEO an affordable option for those who need a specific result, often in a small city or a state.

  • keyword research to identify the best targeted phrases that aren’t hotly competed for
  • optimize your current content
  • optimize Google local business maps listing for local exposure
  • 5 pages of new local-focused content or 5 high quality blog posts per month
  • optimized, compelling and persuasive copywriting throughout
  • creative marketing ideas to help you get an edge
  • outreach and link building campaign
  • social media postings (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc)
  • setup social media accounts if necessary
  • active development of your significant, personalized, unique value proposition and brand image
  • custom landing pages for your advertisements matched to your sales funnel
  • actionable analytics reports to help you understand how to make improvements

 3.  SEO Rocket Launcher ( one time $4995)

If you’re unsure of the potential of SEO or just want a pro to set it up and get you going on your own, this one-time launch of your SEO strategy is all you need. You’ll receive extensive consulting on any issue that you’re concerned about and ideas for achieving top rankings continuously. If you’re pleased with the progress, you can move onto the premium package, or ask about a customized SEO plan.

This two month duration project includes:

  • detailed study of core keywords and long-tail phrases
  • SEO keyword and topic strategy to build a strong foundation for rankings
  • 10 pages/blogs of high quality, original, and optimized content to educate, entertain, and persuade
  • 2 months of social connection building and daily social media posts
  • training and advice on social media follower building and engagement
  • set up Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts as necessary
  • training and consulting with you about digital strategy and conversion optimization
  • 10 pages of optimized content for distribution to bloggers, journalists, industry magazines, and social media users to promote inbound links to your website
  • plan and setup a Google Adwords account
  • optimize your Adwords campaigns
  • create 3 effective, conversion generating landing pages
  • Google analytics reports with actionable information on traffic, leads, and engagement
  • install a WordPress blog complete with an attractive, functional WP theme

Link Building ($2000 month)

Links drive rankings. These link services build pagerank, domain authority and keyword relevance to power up your onsite optimization.

  • guaranteed 10 to 16 links/month
  • guaranteed 16 to 24 links for $3000/month

Providing advanced SEO services and advanced SEO strategy for clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Boston. Anywhere anytime – great results you can count on.

Focus on your dream of becoming a market leader. We’ll get it done. Contact Gord now at 416 998-6246.

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