The Purpose of Advanced SEO

The Purpose of Advanced SEO

Advance Your Business Success When marketing managers, startup financiers and CEOs inquire about competing better to grow market share and sales, Advanced SEO skill and competitiveness comes into the conversation. What is the full value of high level search engine optimization strategy and techniques to your business?  How should you be investing in it?  Should…

What is Your Visitors Intent?

What is Your Top Prospect’s Intent? I wrote about keyword intent many years ago, but it seems Google and Bing couldn’t really determine searcher intent until 2019. Now they’re making it a big part of their indexing algorithm. How do they detect intent? They can infer it from keywords used on search engines, content visitors…

Google Algorithm Updates

What to Know to Know About Google Algorithms What do Google search algorithm updates really mean? Will understanding them help our rankings, or is it trivial pursuit? And can an AI SEO software solution deal with it? I can’t count the number of ranking algorithm updates that Google has launched in the past 20+ years….