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When marketing managers, startup financiers and CEOs inquire about competing better to grow market share and sales, Advanced SEO skill and competitiveness comes into the conversation.

What is the full value of high level search engine optimization strategy and techniques to your business?  How should you be investing in it?  Should you outsource to an advanced level consultant?  Is there greater value to be captured than just knowing the search ranking algorithm?

What’s the goal or purpose of Advanced SEO? Everyone says rankings and traffic. Yes, high rankings on prestigious mission critical keywords and big traffic is a key to the UVP. My hotel client jumped from 1.2 million visits per year to 2.5 million visits. That was a big win and how do you top that? Well, there’s still more value to be realized.

In fact, advanced SEO services can actually generate more value for your entire organization. I like it best when my efforts support the whole team bringing aid to areas that never get support.


Everyone on the team sees the perceived value of what they do raised


Business owners often have a limited view of the role and purpose of search engine optimization. That perception can stunt it and stop it from delivering full value. If limited, then the business must resort to expensive paid channels and content efforts that are less productive.  SEO feeds into all areas of your company including how your staff feel about your company and its mission and competitiveness. Advanced SEO supercharges your organization — but it needs respect and support.

The Purpose of Modern SEO Strategy

  • building a strategic and solid foundation for lasting omnipresence in search
  • outcompeting amateur novices to capture omnipresence/domination
  • outflanking and outmaneuvering competing advanced level SEOs
  • channeling PageRank and word relevance factors to win specific rankings
  • boosting topic relevance for readers and making engagement more intense
  • building more value and delivering that value into user engagement, brand experience, CS, and sales funnel activities

Delivering More Value: The Best UVP

The currency of digital marketing is the value delivered within content.  The value of that currency is in how it is promoted.  Since SEO is very active (combined with social postings for SEO) it can persistently communicate value and reposition optimally to rise above competitors UVPs. Advanced SEO is tactical excellence on the battlefield.

Expert SEOs do more than insert keywords.  We weave in creative semantics to express more than target keywords and anchor text ever could.  And that wordplay sends stronger signals to Google’s BERT algo about topic relevance within sentences and paragraphs, as well as to shape PageRank distribution.

Strategy is built into the expression in sentences, paragraphs and links to focus and alter meanings, and drive positioning in user’s minds. We take the common and make it impactful.  As far as we’re concerned, Google is a user/visitor too and we adjust its quality calculations and content experience.

As Google’s indexing algorithm tries to interpret more of things it can’t understand, errors occur and there is an opportunity for us to train Googlebot to see things our way. Therefore conceptual semantics do come into play, and basic SEO training does not venture into this elite area.

As an Advanced SEO Services buyer, you want to be reassured of a deeper, more competitive skill set that can help deliver greater value to your whole team. Also, you may expect SEO to help all areas of your marketing mix — email, ppc campaigns, video, branding, customer service, etc.  We can do that.

Engineering Higher Perceived Value

You’re used to hearing about improving engineered value in high tech products, so why would it be different in the world of search engine optimization?

The value of your content begins with capturing the right audience, what they see in the search results, and the velocity of their visit to your site. Being at the top of the rankings let’s your pages be first and foremost. Perceived value is higher with number one rankings, which is why they convert a much higher rate. Everyone on the team sees the perceived value of what they do raised.

Being first means customers are contaminated by competitors propaganda and messaging.  Advanced SEO keeps customers away from competitors.  That has huge value and makes it easier for every aspect of your marketing mix to be successful.  If customers receive competitors interfering info and offers, it can affect everything from brand power to customer service inquiries.  Top ranking sites suffer less competitive damage.

And Advanced SEO approach encourages the development of improved, compelling, engaging and sales building content for customers,  It works more intelligently and effectively for spreading the word on the web and social channels, especially to industry insider and influencers.

High level SEO is not just creating and delivering value then, it’s the message you provide about it’s value and usefulness that makes successful


Improved SEO Engineering

Advanced SEO engineering is about more than just rankings and traffic. It’s often the main catalyst for improving content, relevance, targeting, usefulness, and capturing the visitors purchase intent.  More people use search than will see your ppc ads, facebook ads, or emails.

SEO escalates and extends your digital content which touches every part of your marketing mix. Therefore, it could improve each of them, helping you optimize your complete marketing effort.

Given the demands of Google’s advanced core ranking algorithm, SEO must be woven into your content mix. Google’s measuring the success of that content and how meaning and value flow within the user’s content experience (keyword meaning). The user’s content experience is the journey and pursuit of value.  And SEO helps create the touchpoints.

Your site’s SEO and Content need to be fused or it won’t be believable to Google’s AI-mastered system.  Any other arrangement of your content and SEO is doomed to failure. Keep it separate and it won’t perform well.

Further, business people need to understand that content must compete against competitors content. And the top ranking companies have put quite an effort into ranking at the top. They should be congratulated on a fine effort. However, that content has weaknesses which represent opportunities for you to gain ground in the search results.

Advanced SEO Knows What’s Important and What Isn’t

There may be technical/structural issues with your website and your content, but these can easily be analyzed and rectified using advanced SEO software, manual code inspection, testing tools, and with the help of a talented, experienced web developer. Fixing your website’s technical framework and coding structure is not the road to higher performance.

Best practices and other concepts taught in SEO courses in online colleges don’t touch on optimizing for the full core algorithm, nor do University best practices help at all.  Optimizing pieces of it doesn’t create the resonance that certifies, validates, and establishes trust.  When the core algo changes, low budget SEOs and amateurs get hit with big losses (because full algo optimization takes a lot of work and resources). I use SEO software on occasion as advanced tools can help.

Links are still more powerful than advanced SEO which is why you’ll find low quality, thin content from big corporations at the top. It’s ridiculous that it happens, and remains one of our biggest challenges.  Expert content sometimes is not promoted or presented expertly and it doesn’t reach enough consumers who might promote it.  Refined, Grade A, next generation search engine optimization methodology works to everything discussed above.

Good Funding plus Expert Optimization May be Unbeatable

A high promotional budget is a big factor in search engine ranking success. No way around it, Funding = Commitment. And when big money allows hiring top SEO talent, that is your top performance factor. I’ve seen it many times where money brings big sales results and sustainable advantages in brand and sales revenue. Money acquires resources too.

There are companies who use PPC campaigns to score organic SEO wins. It’s expensive, but may be the only way to get timely reach to brand supporters.

However, being an underdog many times, I know that a moderate budget can also be successful. In this case it’s the resourcefulness, drive, deeper understanding and advanced technique of the SEO engineer which creates the edge.

Competitive Innovation in SEO is a Passion

Advanced SEO and its ongoing research component can be the source of competitive innovation. With an eye on competitors activities and the other new content innovations, SEO analysis helps you build a keen edge on the competition.  Predictive SEO tools is an example of innovation that advances SEO mastery.

Rankings are all about competition. Competitors can quickly erode your advantage with copy cat efforts and building their own advantage. That’s no surprise because SEO does offer value to all parts of your organization. You should take advanced SEO services seriously and leverage it fully.

Fresh and Relevant Beats Outdated Thin Corporate Content

Advanced SEO has another excited side too. Consumers are often bored with the current top ranking web pages (been there, read that).

When advanced techniques succeed in accessing some of the top ranking positions, consumers see a fresh new brand to experience and cheer for. When visitors visit, your content and keyword choices make them want to be your fans.

Fresh, new, vibrant, fun, interesting, and engaging carries a lot of weight. And Google likes fresh too, if they like your content pieces (page experience) in general (EAT rating).

There are many ways to gain an advantage on big competitors. Open your mind to new possibilities and insights like you’re doing right now. This shows you’ve got your head in the right place. Add some military marketing techniques to the mix, and you’ve just entered the world of Advanced SEO.

I’m updating the Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Strategy (2017) and it will only be available to clients.

Advanced SEO Services

AI Marketers provides exceptional, sophisticated engineering of content wording and linking to achieve omnipresence online.  Companies served include manufacturers, hotels, recruiters, moving companies, publishers, sports equipment retailers, building supplies companies, window and door companies, Realtors, investment companies, IT companies, clean energy, consumer products, branding consultants and many more. We’re ready to help progressive clients in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Boston excel in every way possible.

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