AI Predictive Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an oracle to discover who your customers are, what they want, and which of your content might double or triple sales and revenue? What if you could reduce your lost visitors and sales from 99% down to 30%?

Good analytics systems can track everything about your visitors and customers, which gives you valuable information to guide your value proposition, brand messaging, content design, and more.

If you’re operating in the dark now, you can imagine how much confidence this could give you.

Mind Boggling Data Processing

AI Predictive Analytics is a subset of web data analytics which focuses on what prospects will want and do on your website. The AI system digs through your data looking for any pattern that detects what visitors were moved by and what you can use to nurture leads.  From that point then, the system identifies incoming visitors in real time and delivers the exact content they’re interested in (based on their behavior). This helps you keep visitors rather than see them disappear.

You see this in Google search, where Google seems to give you the next piece of information you’re looking for even before you’re aware you need it. This knowledge gives Google, Amazon, Facebook and others an unfair advantage over small businesses (and is the crux of the matter in legal action being taken against them).

Predictive services are a very sophisticated and valuable component of the AI marketing service value proposition.  The AI system can actively test visitors to uncover even better conversion rates.

3 Keys of AI Predictive Analytics


    1. pinpointing content effectiveness
    2. predicting customer behavior
    3. real time customer engagement


For decades now, conversion rate specialists have made a living designing content paths to satisfy visitors/customers better. AI predictive analytics optimizes these tasks, in ways experts can’t even dream of. It can comb through gigabytes of data to recognize who did what on your site, and then help to deliver the right content to each individual visitor.

The key online marketing problem companies such as yours face, is irrelevant content, poor quality content, wrong content paths, and an inability to adjust the value proposition or sales proposition to each individual visitor.
Yes, overall your content served 20% of your audience okay, but what about the other 80%. They’re not happy and they leave. AI marketing systems can help prevent that loss.

The AI marketing quest is to understand who your visitor is, based on what they are interested in on your site. Then silently deliver the exact right content for each prospect. No human, or human designed conversion optimization can come close to doing what an AI predictive analytics driven system can.

The question then becomes, how can you use this AI predictive analytics insight to create the best content ever. One of the reasons content creators don’t already do this, is due to a lack of knowledge of the visitor.

But visitors are known from their behavior, which is more reliable model than “expert guesses” and general sales conversion pathways.

Predictive Analytics is a major component of the AI marketing value proposition. Knowledge gained fires up your content strategy, sales conversion, advertising copy, and the value you can get from your organic search engine traffic.

If your bounce rate, conversion rate, sales revenue, subscriptions, content engagement are hurting, AI predictive analytics can come to the rescue, informing your decision process.

Let’s Get Started on Your AI Journey.


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