What is the Advantage of AI in Marketing?

At some point, you’ve asked the question “what is the advantage of artificial intelligence in marketing?”

Well, turns out that software systems built to test and learn can make every aspect of your advertising, content strategy, and email campaigns much better.

Why you need AI:  improves marketing performance, grows revenue, decreases costs, identifies and develops better quality leads in real time, automates/integrates promotions such as ads, email, and lets you personalize content for your customers.

A study by Statista shows some marketers are using AI guided marketing systems to improve targeting and to better segment and qualify potential real clients. Fortunately, AI marketing software has much more to offer.

AI Marketing Study from Statista

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and process automation are topics of keen interest to big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. And they’ve seen stock prices and profits surge due to the efficacy AI delivers.

With all the data and user experience information they have, they are better able to serve online customers. They’re building an unbeatable advantage, and for SMB’s this is definitely a threat.

New Software is Letting SMBs in on the Party

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

So far, it’s been just the mega-corporations which have enjoyed AI marketing. That’s starting to change. New software is giving SMBs big marketing power.

Artificial intelligence driven marketing along with marketing automation for small business is the last frontier. Even at present, solutions for SMBs are few with very high price tags.

Most companies which provide the AI marketing software platforms are targeting enterprise sized businesses with big budgets, and not offering the service to smaller business. This way, they offer exclusiveness that larger businesses like. And their smaller competitors then get starved out.

If small businesses were to gain access to AI marketing power, it may generate a small business boom. If small businesses can compete in the new tech driven marketplace, investors would invest in them. AI for small business is changing this landscape.

If one person can do the work of 4 marketing people, this may be the most significant benefit of the new AI-based marketing solutions for small business.

Trends Come and Go. It’s SMBs Turn to Grow

Time marches on, and small and mid sized businesses, especially in today’s economy, need to be served. New AI marketing solutions for small businesses promise huge leaps in lead generation and sales conversion. The software’s ability to collect and process data, then deliver a seamless, personalized experience for visitors creates quite a difference in marketing ROI. AI and automation together optimizes the customer journey and helps retain customers and nurture leads.

Too many marketing managers dream of set and forget it solutions, and this is about as close as it comes to carefree marketing maintenance.

The AI and automation software does things a marketing manager/teams can’t do such as run cross channel or integrated campaigns with limited staff. Whereas the marketing manager’s experience was a necessity before, that expertise is becoming redundant. This is because the software collects and analyzes data quickly, segments customer groups, generates insight, and delivers a personalized experience automatically. Then it’s on to the next iteration of improvements, mostly without human intervention.

No concepts, guesses, or suppositions are needed. The software finds what works and makes it happen. This means you can employ a much smaller marketing team, perhaps as small as one talented person to manage an entire business campaign.

You don’t need marketing or product expertise to the degree previously needed. AI marketing software finds what works for each of your visitors or customers.”

The software does the hard work and leaves your marketing/design team more time and resources to shape the value proposition and creative content visitors want. The system can tell you which content or promotions helped moved visitors along the funnel to create real customers and revenue.

Marketo calls their product an “engagement marketing software platform.” They focus on the engagement aspect as key to growing sales. However, once you’ve identified your best prospects, who are ready to buy, that engagement might be quick.

Automation and Real Time Engagement

For a Realtor, tech start up entrepreneur, travel site manager, hotel manager, or direct to consumer manufacturer, the fast conversion of a lead is important. When you automate the sales funnel, you can learn more.

AI marketing analytics can help you understand what’s happening and how visitors are responding to your content and offers. One of the most important functions of marketing is understanding your market — who they are and what they really want. That makes this type of software the holy grail for small business.


AI marketing software automates and streamlines your marketing and sales efforts.  Marketing automation is about your customer and creating the customer journey they want.

Pic courtesy of Marketo

Choosing to Upgrade to AI Marketing?

AI marketing software makes your marketing tasks easier and removes the hard work of segmenting your audience/customers and finding the content that moves them through the funnel. In fact, AI marketing turns the funnel upside down. It identifies qualified visitors and delivers the right content experience to increase engagement.

Ultimately, AI marketing improves your value proposition because it delivers whats needed, when it wasn’t being delivered before. You can test and craft better messaging and value props to grow response and sales.

The Core of B2B Account Based Marketing

AI marketing is excellent for B2B account-based marketing to target highly desirable customers and nurture them to become customers. The AI software identifies and scores visitors based on behaviors and allows you to put your efforts toward those high quality leads, rather than wasting time on poorly qualified prospects.

AI software identifies good leads and nurtures many of them along simultaneously, whereas previously, these good leads would not have been identified, or served, and instead slipped away, never to return.

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