Bottom of Funnel Content Optimization

As a business owner, you may know that developing great content and driving traffic to your website is only the start of creating a real customer.

Converting those visitors into paying customers is the most vital phase of the content funnel. The bottom of your content funnel (visitor experience) is a pathway with touchpoints.

Not only do your customers experience this designed path to purchase, but also, Google is watching to see if your site converts too. If your site suffers from low conversions and high bounce rates, Google is likely not to rank your site on high value keyword phrases.  Bad funnels could ruin your rankings.

Expert Content Funnel Optimization

Marketers are putting more effort into converting the visitors they have and keeping them. Because creating additional qualified traffic is more difficult now.

This is where bottom of funnel (BOFU) content ideas and optimization enter into your sales conversion equation. BOFU content optimization focuses on maximizing the conversion rate of buyers who are close to becoming a new customer.

It’s important to point out that all the great BOFU ideas listed below are vital, however just using them hardly guarantees success. Your analytics solution is essential in discovering which will work for you and what is in them that is successful. That will include funnel content optimization solutions.

Content excellence, AI-marketing software, and advanced SEO are three essentials we combine with BOFU optimization to create a truly unfair advantage.

Moving them from Awareness to Certainty

The bottom of the conversion funnel is where a customer makes a decision. And it’s the place where you persuade buyers to purchase your product or service. Marketers sometimes make this funnel phase thin or skimpy, when in fact, it’s where you need to be thorough and strategic.

Treat it like a job interview where you have to answer specific questions with proof of performance.

A click here call to action is not sufficient. You must help the prospect crystalize value in their mind, overcome their inertia, confirm your product is the best for them, make them feel good about the decision, and make them want to progress past this purchase decision to enjoying using it.

BOFU optimization connects the dots between the customer’s pain points and your solution. It’s closing the sale.

What is Bottom of Funnel Content?

Bottom of the funnel content is the highly relevant, important and specific information, images, video, clickable buttons, trust/validation features, and the encouragement prospects need to make a purchase decision and move forward on that. This content creates true commitment and helps your sales team make the sale. They will take the baton so to speak and help complete the buyer’s journey.

Bottom of the content funnel is all the digital materials discussed below that help create a customer decision. But rather than trapping them with “your money or your life” demands, you’ll want to create content and pages that makes them feel comfortable (thus meeting Google’s guidelines for treating a customer well).

What is the Essence of Bottom of Funnel Content?

In a nutshell, it is to:

  1. give visitors access to vital, essential information (e.g., product specs) they must have to proceed with your product/service
  2. finalize your promise of satisfaction and solving pain prospect pain points
  3. getting the prospect to concur that your product is the most relevant and significant
  4. finalizing the establishment of trust, credibility and to show social/customer proof of your value proposition (real life)
  5. urge them to follow through with their impulse to buy by clicking or contacting you

BOFU visitors may become a customer if your content confirms your product as trustworthy, personally significant, and a proven performer.

In fact, many visitors might progress right to this bottom stage and go directly to your BOFU content. They’ve seen other competitor’s products, gone through their content funnel, and are familiar with the solution/promises. They’ve been informed and are ready to buy if you can make them believe in your brand UVP.

BOFU Content has to Be Good

You’ll need to view competitor’s BOFU content and what they’ve established in consumer’s minds. Your BOFU has to help you establish clear significance, and if you’re successful, you may not need to beat your top competition on every point. Strategy is always better than a direct battle.

The goal is to create the best match with your best qualified prospect’s needs. You’ll want to learn as much as you can about the people who are in this stage at your site.

If you’re failing, it could mean your value proposition and proof isn’t up to snuff, and you’re not appearing as the most significant provider. Your proposition could be missing the mark.

Your top and mid funnel content should be delivering worthy prospects into this final stage of the funnel conversion process. And in this phase, certain types of content is of more interest to them. They’re through the preliminaries and are digging into the key details and significance of your offering.

Most Important Bottom of Funnel Content Ideas:

  • product/service pages where you detail what you’re selling
  • your purchase page where they make the purchase
  • case studies – real world stories, customer reviews, and testimonials (how customers used your product to succeed)
  • free trials and no-risk, money back guarantees
  • customized presentations for specific solutions (slides, videos, blogs, or case studies)
  • an evaluation and comparison spreadsheet to let prospects do their own technical analysis
  • product pricing sheet for packages or subscriptions
  • prompt to contact customer support for questions
  • post your direct phone number to get a quote or speak to sales
  • mention a discount code or special offer for time limited response
  • expert product reviews, ratings, recommendations
  • research – technical data and validation of key benefits
  • FAQ pages
  • ebooks – proving mastery and authority on topics/markets/strategies/solutions
  • detailed customer testimonials with key details (real world proof that your solution solves specific problems)
  • page content with the right keywords, topics, and calls to action (relevance then forward motion to sales page)
  • podcasts or webinars (presentation and Q/A sessions so prospects can ask questions about key features
  • quick access to customer service and sales people (they can ask and resolve important questions not answered on the website or in marketing materials)
  • telephone number where they get direct access to the exact person they need to speak to
  • reposting of external reviews/ratings of your product
  • photos/videos from major industry events (conferences/trade shows)
  • relevant engaging charts/photos and other graphics
  • guides (how to get started, how to get the most from)
  • clickable button for scheduling a personal demo
  • clickable button to start a free trial account
  • product demo videos with real people
  • comparison charts vs other competitors

Creating Your Bottom of Funnel Decision Stage Content

They’re close to a decision. Your customers might be hinging on some specific pain points, and you need a deep dive into those points.

The first task is to establish what are the key bottom of funnel points to make. Why are people visiting your site? What are your top KPIs? Describe your ideal customer and who is actually visiting your site. Deep dive into your product/service and what really drives your customer’s to choose you, and list all those micro-features, and problems solved.

You might do that with comparison charts, video demos, a blog post specifically on those topIcs, case studies to demonstrate how those pain points were resolved, original photography, product ratings, and technical stats.
Ensure you do have a content path, so visitors feel like they’re making progress to a decision.

The buy button, phone number, and download button are critically important parts of their decision. Don’t dwell on features and benefits presented in the top and mid funnel, and instead focus on the satisfaction they’ll feel when they make that decision.

More BOFU Tips:

  • focus more on resolving the feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and inertia and how making one small decision is going to ease their minds
  • take their minds away from the price by suggesting your brand/product is going to provide the value they want
  • tell them you resolved their pain points in your TOFU and MOFU content and they’re ready to buy
  • refer to your other BOFU content material and how it made customers happy
  • mention top paint points and how you satisfied them
  • discuss the next phase in their business now that they’ve got your product/service/solution chosen
  • be calm and don’t use hyperbole — talk only about value found and moving onto their next quest (what will they do next after buying your product?)
  • don’t mention TOFU and MOFU content because they’re past it and ready to decide now
  • ask them to contact you to receive a bonus or to have them tell you the particulars of what they want (customize the service/product)
  • focus on making them feel good, calm, and full of self-esteem because they’re making a decision

What Bottom of Funnel Optimization is All About

BOFU is all about the decision and this content should be assertive as though they’re at the checkout.

I hope you enjoyed this post and consider it the best, most correct and detailed explanation of bottom of funnel content optimization. Your situation and goals are unique of course, but I’m sure you’ll delve into content funnel optimization with more certainty and zest now. Please do share this post if you like it.

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