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There are a lot of buyer and seller leads out there on the Google and social web. Those people are looking for information, ideas, houses, buyers, sellers, Realtors, and more.

As a Realtor, your marketing goal is to reach buyers and sellers, get their attention, create an impact, get them engaged with your content, keep them focused and finally get them to contact you. Of course, buyers or sellers don’t often contact you that first time, but they should.

Is choosing a Realtor that difficult a task? If we demonstrate you have all the characteristics and relevance they need, they should take you seriously.

They’re Not Contacting You?

If they’re not contacting you right away, then your Realtor brand or value proposition isn’t good enough.  The harder you have to work your contact list, the worse your brand is.

We can build up your brand (website, value proposition, content), create excellent reach, and establish persistent awareness with your buyer/seller audience. See the powerful real estate marketing solution you need now.

Buyers and sellers will see almost immediately your level of experience, trustworthiness, and expertise. They will check you to see if your “brand” is right for them. It’s not your photo or how many homes you’ve sold, it’s whether they think they’re experience with you is going to be positive and productive.

You need to show some class and presence on your site, and that you will be easy to work with.

Many Realtors Lack Confidence and Ambition

Beyond selling better in your own market, you have to option to use my digital marketing services to expand your market, hire Realtors, and build a powerful brokerage brand for yourself.  Scaling up can bring far more sales and commissions than you can do on your own.

The smartest Realtors are ambitious. If you have a talented marketing team, have an eagerness to learn what works, and then ramp everything up with automation, you can produce much bigger sales numbers.

Later, after you’ve created some very compelling, high ranking and shareable content, you’ll want to begin looking ahead to using Artificial Intelligence software to help you personalize, test, and optimize conversion rates.

Here’s what other business people are using AI for.

Expectations of AI in Business. Graphic courtesy of Everstrings STATE OF ARTIFICIAL  INTELLIGENCE


How Can a Realtor Build a Market Leader Position Today?

Hundreds of thousands of Realtors are faced with big challenges in creating

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

connections, visibility, trust and impact, along with identifying and nurturing leads.  Too many are relying on paid lead services, ad campaigns, and not taking the bull by the horns.  And aren’t we still in a bull market?

To win your target market, you not only have to win locally, you must also leverage the same assets that brand name real estate labels and regional real estate brokerage firms do.

New AI marketing software and AI SEO software can help you become your market leader.  This is one of those times you can surf on a significant technology wave to win.  It’s not a time to languish in doubt, that there isn’t a paved path to million dollar commissions.

Build the Foundation First

AI Marketer’s intense Realtor Marketing and Lead Generation Program is specifically designed to create the brand image, deep quality content, to build trust, credibility and online reach you need to become a market leader.

Only the market leader will survive the coming years of change.

We’ll have a beautifully designed and effective Realtor website created, such as these below, one that makes you look on top of things.

The right content, in the right places and channels at the right time.


Market Sales Leader Program ($US 3995/mo)

The MSLP  package offers incomparable value and power. It is for Realtors ready to pursue market domination, not for eking out an existence in real estate.

No other Realtor marketing service package can beat it.  You’re receiving the full turnkey realtor website, marketing campaign setup, content, SEO and social media management.

Letting AI Marketers take care of the marketing tasks lets you focus on nurturing and engaging leads.

    • Complete hosted, responsive-designed website with MLS listings feed integration and lead form/management plus CMS
    • social media setup and postings
    • researched, in depth content that captures rankings/searchers
    • quality content targeted for home sellers who want the best price and best experience
    • a CRM with lead Capture Forms and new Listing Notifications
    • full optimization of your website pages, blogs, and mls listings for Google
    • optimize a minimum 2000 MLS listings pages and their content
  • optimize Google local business maps listing and registration with directories
  • optimized real estate blogs that are powerful assets in Google and Facebook
  • large, EPIC cornerstone blog posts that are your key performing content pieces
  • pages of important local-focused content
  • optimized, compelling and persuasive copywriting throughout
  • Google/Facebook/Twitter pay per click campaigns
  • social media campaigns to create and distribute sharable content and achieve relevant goals
  • setup Facebook account plus daily Facebook posts and strategy to create new connections
  • numerous daily social posts to sustain visibility
  • intense engagement and friend/follower building campaign on social media — engaging on lifestyle, investment and Realty matters, and also associating with quality brands and businesses in your area.
  • 1 drone aerial or other type video plus aerial photos per new listing plus mini video clips for use on Facebook and Youtube etc.
  • 1 contest for social media each month
  • email drip campaign + e-newsletter
  • active development of your significant, personalized, unique value proposition and brand image
  • custom landing pages for your PPC advertisements matched to your sales funnel
  • actionable analytics reports

There’s going to be other deliverables here and tools and options vary according to your actual needs. If you have your own CRM and lead management system, then we put your funds into other things (such as PPC ads).

I’ll be visiting you whether you’re in San Diego, or Denver, or Vancouver to understand you and your sales opportunities and goals, as well as to get to know your city and neighborhoods, to help build an actionable strategy for you.

Targeted + Unique + Persistent = Sales Success

Time to let go of the MLS, your common brokerage approach, and old school techniques.  Time to modernize and capture leads the new era way.

Real Estate Marketing for Market Leaders

Contact Gord Collins now at 416 998-6246.


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