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This summer of 2022 might generate more home listings and certainly 2023 will see more homes for sale on the market.

In one recent survey, 6 out of 10 homeowners had intent to sell. The reasoning is simple.  2022 is the price peak for a number of reasons. You can help these prospects achieve their life goals and help them sell for a record amount just before the market slides. I’m not saying a housing market crash for certain, but this crescendo, fastest in history will end in much lower prices.

It’s a certainty there will be a rush to sell their home fast.  But without strong visibility online, you won’t be one of the lucky Realtors who capitalize on this rare event.  Need a better real estate marketing package?

The best leads come from sellers who are particular about the Realtor they want to work with (aren’t they all?).  If they find you professional, trustworthy and competent via your website, this is called Pre-suasion (Robert Cialdini coined it).

Attracting Sellers Leads

Everyone is after seller leads yet sellers aren’t that easy to reach or convince. This spring, home sellers definitely have $ signs in their eyes. This might be the time they will sell, given prices are reaching a peak of unaffordability.

Your attractive website, big online visibility, value proposition including your skills in bidding wars, presentation, and capturing the very best qualified and financially enabled buyers could catch their attention.  Whatever it is they want in a Realtor, if you’re visible, it can easily generate a sale.  Stats show search engine real estate searchers tend to choose the first Realtor they see online.

If they’re not calling you now, it’s because you aren’t reaching them, making an impact, or you’re not getting your UVP across. If you’ve had some sales success, it seems they like you, so ramping that effort up makes sense.

I’ve got a special talent for building that kind of visibility. I’ve written two books on content and SEO so you know I take it seriously. Strategy is essential from content development to attracting links to your site.

10 Reasons Digital Marketing Adds Value:

    1. creates significant awareness of you and attracts prospects
    2. is visible and ready 24 x 7 whenever it is prospects break through their inhibitions and begin searching
    3. generates persistent visibility with buyers and sellers 24 x 7 x 365
    4. keeps customers persistently immersed in the idea of buying or selling
    5. creates a focused home base for collecting and nurturing all of your leads
    6. gives you a CRM management interface for communicating strategically
    7. creates the critical mass effort to initiate action from buyers and sellers (psychology)
    8. communicates your personalized, relevant unique value proposition and makes you most significant
    9. showcases your expertise and proves your digital marketing and selling mastery (credibility)
    10. collects information about visitors and current clients (what they want and what their need is)
    11. builds continuous leads, connections via search and social media

As a Realtor, your marketing goal is to reach buyers and sellers, get their attention, create an impact, get them engaged with your content, keep them focused and moving toward a sale, and of course to get them to contact you and hire you.

Online is a Great Pre-suasion Tool

Today, you have to build sales online. Those who stick to old school word of mouth only make each year harder for themselves.  The digital realm can power up your complete sales environment. What does your digital communications do for your local marketing efforts?

The best leads come from sellers who are particular about the Realtor they want to work with (aren’t they all?).  If they find you professional and competent via your website, this is called Pre-suasion (Robert Cialdini coined it).

Once a seller’s mind is crystalized, nothing will change them, except a failure in communication. Presuasion might be the only way you can beat the competition.  And if they find you at the top of Google’s search results, it delivers some extra prestige and trust.

Your website and your digital marketing communications are powerful persuasion tools. From engaging unique content to strategic search engine optimization, Google and Facebook ads, to connection building social media posts, you have the real medium of client creation today.

Waiting for Full Confidence?

It will never come or you won’t have your sales machine ready in time.  It all comes down to audacity.  The most successful Realtors didn’t have the personality, competence, experience, and resources.  They just forged ahead and captured the market. No plan, just audacity that they were going to capture market leadership.

You’ve likely seen some Realtors dominate online visibility. By dominating buyer’s and seller’s attention and convincing them online, other agents make much less contact and simply can’t get established.

Market leadership is really wise.

Honest Sales Building Program

Your sales growth action plan should be to establish a sustainable generator of visibility and leads.  That flow of traffic can be filtered and nurtured, but first you have to get in front of them persistently. At first, they don’t care who you are and don’t believe you’re the right Realtor for them.

Yet with persistent visibility, you begin sinking in, and they open up to why you’re the right one.

The real estate marketing services below help to build that big traffic, differentiate you, and aid in getting those leads.  Online, your website (and Facebook page) are central to building connections and comfort with buyers and sellers. Build it and they will come.

They’re Not Contacting You?

If you’re reaching hundreds of buyers or sellers every day and they’re not contacting you, then your Realtor brand or value proposition isn’t good enough.

The best way to rectify their aversion to you and your value proposition is to bolster your strategy through a thorough digital marketing strategy.

We can build up your brand (website, value proposition, content), create excellent reach, and establish persistent awareness with your buyer/seller audience. See some exceptional real estate marketing packages for Realtors.

Buyers and sellers will see almost immediately your level of experience, trustworthiness, and expertise in your website content, your Linkedin Profile and Facebook chatter. They will check you to see if your “brand” is right for them.  You won’t land them all, but rather those you’ve targeted.

Build the Foundation First

The intense Realtor Marketing and Lead Generation Program outline below is specifically designed to create the brand image, deep quality persuasive content, trust and credibility and the excellent reach you need to become a market leader.

Only the market leader will survive the coming years of change. Build your equity and keep it.

We’ll have a beautifully designed and effective Realtor website created, such as these below, one that makes you look on top of things.

The right content, in the right places and channels at the right time.

Market Sales Leader Program

The MSLP  package offers incomparable value and power. It is for Realtors ready to pursue market domination, not for eking out an existence in real estate.

No other Realtor marketing service package can beat it.  You’re receiving the full turnkey realtor website, marketing campaign setup, content, SEO and social media management.

Letting AI Marketers take care of the marketing tasks lets you focus on nurturing and engaging leads.

    • Complete hosted, responsive-designed website with MLS listings feed integration and lead form/management plus CMS
    • social media setup and postings
    • researched, in depth content that captures rankings/searchers
    • quality content targeted for home sellers who want the best price and best experience
    • a CRM with lead Capture Forms and new Listing Notifications
    • full optimization of your website pages, blogs, and MLS listings for Google
    • optimize a minimum 2000 MLS listings pages and their content (if accessible)
    • local SEO  – optimize Google local business maps listing and registration with directories and advertise locally
    • plenty of well optimized real estate blogs that are persistent, powerful assets in Google and Facebook
    • large, EPIC cornerstone blog posts that are your key performing content pieces
    • pages of important local-focused content
    • optimized, compelling and persuasive copywriting throughout
    • Google/Facebook/Twitter pay per click campaigns
    • social media campaigns to create and distribute sharable content and achieve relevant goals
    • setup Facebook account plus daily Facebook posts and strategy to create new connections
    • numerous daily social posts to sustain visibility
    • intense engagement and friend/follower building campaign on social media — engaging on lifestyle, investment and Realty matters, and also associating with quality brands and businesses in your area.
    • 1 drone aerial or other type video plus aerial photos per new listing plus mini video clips for use on Facebook and Youtube etc.
    • 1 contest for social media each month
    • email drip campaign + e-newsletter
    • active development of your significant, personalized, unique value proposition and brand image
    • custom landing pages for your PPC advertisements matched to your sales funnel
    • actionable analytics reports

There’s going to be other deliverables here along with tools and options that vary according to your actual needs. If you have your own CRM and lead management system, then we could put your funds into other things (such as PPC ads).

I’ll be visiting you whether you’re in San Diego, Denver, or Vancouver to understand you and your sales opportunities and goals, as well as to get to know your city and neighborhoods, to help build an actionable strategy for you.


Targeted + Unique + Persistent = Sales Success


Time to let go of the MLS, your common brokerage approach, and old school techniques.  Time to modernize and capture leads the new era way.


Contact Gord Collins now at 416 998-6246


Real Estate Marketing for Market Leaders


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