Moving Your Business Forward in 2022

It’s been a tough two years through this recession. While big corporations have enjoyed almost guaranteed sales, most small company owners like you have been forced to put their businesses on hold.

We’re almost through the pandemic and it’s time to begin preparing for a return of customers and sales. And you can do that by readying a more serious, powerful digital marketing campaign.

The marketplace has progressed and it’s more difficult now to reach audiences, create a buzz, engage with them, and differentiate your company from competitors.  Common approaches don’t work anymore.

Much Improved for 2022

I’m looking for a new client, the right one.  As you can see from my blog content, I’ve haven’t floated through this pandemic period and instead have painstakingly researched the challenge, a winning strategy, and built new skills to compete much better in this intense battleground of 2022 and beyond.

I’ve also improved my service packages to bring more than a sole specialized service. The priority now is to use digital marketing to support all of your business objectives. Yes, reach, traffic, engagement, analytics and sales conversion are key to a successful business as is collaborating and supporting your full team.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, Fintech software entrepreneur, hotel manager, manufacturer, tourism manager, ecommerce manager, or other professional, you need staff to create added value.  Job descriptions and canned services are passé. You’re looking for drive, depth of insight, versatility, and the ability to scale up.

With that mind, I’m ready to contribute beyond a limited role to fill in the gaps. It’s likely you don’t have the funds for an expensive digital marketing agency. You’re hoping to find someone who can wear many hats and grow and I enjoy the variety and challenge.

In addition to a comprehensive service model, you’ll enjoy:

  • free first month services (including setting up your new site if necessary) to put your funds into pay per click campaign to generate leads
  • free digital marketing audit to get us unified on your challenge
  • free content development, SEO and social media engagement for the first month

We’ll work out the details. My versatility is going to be a big asset for your business and when you’re ready to adopt AI marketing tools, we’ll do that too.  I believe I will take your business all the way.

Call me at 416 998 6246 to discuss your project. Take the 5 year timeframe and plan to succeed!

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