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When Realtors® want to improve leads and sales performance online, a typical process is to search for a Real Estate SEO expert and a good real estate marketing package.

Their goal is lots of traffic, leads, and big exposure. The best real estate CRM and content hosting solution can add value. Technologies do change, so you’ll want one that keeps its edge. Yes, there’s CRM and lead management tools, and IDX MLS feeds that display lots of properties for sale (want visitors really want).

It’s a fun journey for you really. Lots to choose from.  You’re about to set sail on a better path, one that leads to much better odds on sales success.

The Value Sought is Leads and Commissions

I had to laugh when I searched on Google for the number one website for real estate web hosting. The top ranking hosting company says that value for the money was the top priority for real estate agents. Saving pennies is hardly the launch pad to a successful real estate career.  The end result is the priority.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. You’ll get ten times what you spend, if you do it well. Those who demand the best real estate marketing solutions are those who succeed. There’s no impulsive buy. Investigate the available solutions, as part of your real estate marketing package.

For twenty years, the best expenditure and strategy revolves around a website. Yes, a website. A website provides focus and the right presentation for the benefits both buyers and sellers are seeking.

It’s more than just a beautiful website, which you’ll definitely receive with my Realtor service package. It’s a focal point for capturing and nurturing leads. It’s a presentation of your Realtor value proposition. They may be lured by your hooks and homes, but more importantly, it’s your web content that hits the right chords.

Market leaders exude confidence that makes them a no brainer choice as a seller agent.

When you have an online sales machine set up, you’re much more confident that sellers will see you as relevant to them, capable and professional, and able to sell their home at the maximum price. Of course, it’s not a boastful thing, but one that gives quiet confidence that you’re the top agent.

Up Against the Top Agents

The top agents have made a huge success. They’re smart so you have to acknowledge how courageous, audacious and innovative they’ve been in accessing the full market and drawing in leads. You can do the same thing if you have the same focused belief that success is what you want.

Success is their goal, so all the variable blanks are filled in to create that sales success. They don’t putter around and they don’t get pushy. Instead it’s about an all-inclusive movement to market leadership.

Web Hosting

Some web hosting services for Realtors are really good.  The value is a certainty, but their ability to create a platform for top sales results is what they do.   Real Estate Webmasters comes to mind right away as a solid, albeit expensive choice. If you’re not put off by the $20,000 and up price tag, then they’re worth it. They’re all about excellence and that focus is the secret. Be the best and leave everyone behind.

Your Own App Too!

Yes, apps are a handy, additional tool to build a premium brand and create direct access.

Realtor Apps
Realtor apps. Screenshot courtesy of Realtyna.

These 5 Providers Make Excellent Hosting Products:

Real Estate Webmasters

Realty Ninjas

IDX Broker


Real Geeks

IDX Central


Screenshot courtesy of Realtyna.

The real benefit these web hosting companies provide is:

    • design that is comfortable for your visitors
    • IDX feed which presents MLS listings to your visitors
    • CRM app that helps you interact effectively with visitors and leads
    • provides a one stop shop for managing and understanding leads

My experience with Real Estate Webmasters websites is that they have a powerful web hosting solution, now optimized for SEO, and able to convert leads. Of course, there’s no replacing a  real estate SEO expert. You can’t buy that in AI software or web site hosting packages no matter what they promise.

Real estate content must be well planned to create a beautiful online home buying and selling experience for your visitors. Hopefully, 5% of them will become loyal clients. How would that serve your career needs?

There’s the details of what you need in your real estate website hosting package, but you should leave details and micromanagement to your real estate marketing expert.  Getting caught up in microtasks is a bad sign for a top Realtor.  The best don’t.  Hire the right people and let them do that because that’s their forte.

The key issue is a big picture view of what content and actions will generate traffic, present your brand image professionally, and help you engage with your prospect leads and nurture them to a closing.

It’s not wise to complicate your decision with penny wise decisions.  Success is a big picture solution.



Real Estate Marketing For Market Leaders


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