Creating Your Dream Marketing Team

When your agency can’t get the market leading sales results you need, you must look to a better way.  And that better way to is outsource to a gifted collection of specialists. Superior talent means superior results.

The more of this “marketing dream team” you create the better your strategy becomes and should it have any weaknesses, you can assess and fill in those gaps.  The work of one star becomes the input for the others, and helps them perform even better than they normally would.

The Best Product Doesn’t Win, The Best Team Wins

The best product doesn’t win markets. Your competitors can easily destroy your brand positioning and leave you with nothing. But with great talent, your company/brand and your product/service will become the preferred choice. That’s when your offering achieves ultimate significance also known as market leadership.

Remember back when Richard Branson created his Virgin empire? It was a phenomenal success. He went out and acquired the best people who created a product (flights on Virgin airlines) that traveler’s preferred. Of course, Sir Richard got hit by the Covid recession, but his company’s success was notable.  He definitely achieved significance and likely will again.

I still subscribe to Virgin Mobile myself, not because it’s the best product, but because his brand has generated an image of freedom that I like (travel, destinations, fun).

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If Significance is the Critical Success Factor

If significance to customers is the ultimate goal of marketing, then creating a significant marketing team should be your priority.  Virgin and Branson were successful because they made themselves significant.

Markets are incredibly competitive with competitors coming from anywhere on the globe. That’s caused a record number of agencies and companies to withdraw to their local markets in order to survive. That lack of confidence can push digital marketing agencies into a tailspin and prevent them from creating market leaders.


Only the bold and audacious become market leaders. Audacity is the number one attribute of winners.


A much better approach, is to assemble a virtual dream marketing team. They will help you achieve dominant significance and push you to make the audacious decisions, with the confidence you will win the title of “most significant company.”  Please do read the post on significance since this is what separates the market leader from the pack.

The Modern Era of Expert Virtual Teams: Hiring the Best

It’s a virtual era in business because:

  • the most talented marketing specialists are out there and can be hired
  • you can scale your team as needed and provide salary/incentives as necessary
  • you have flexibility to hire specialists where and when needed (special projects)
  • your budget can be focused when and where it’s needed
  • office stagnancy and talent stagnancy is avoided
  • you will lower office costs, power bills, heating costs
  • employees are happier where they are and avoid office politics and dysfunction
  • you’ll eliminate their exhausting long commutes to and from work
  • the higher quality of life for remote employees/contractors makes them more loyal

Local Agencies Withdraw from Competition

Digital marketing agencies try to hire local staff, but the local talent is not international class. The theme of digital marketing agencies really is about affordability, billings, and assumptions.

That’s not your focus. You want the best and you want to win. Given how it’s winner take all now, the most sensible choice is to hire a dream team of the best people possible.

Be excited about working with a team of exceptional people. It likely will change your life.  How often does this happen? You’ll have a group of talented specialists who teach each other to be even better. You’re the maestro of this orchestra.  And they’ll be honored to be a part of your project. Everyone wants to be on the winning team.

The key to outsourcing with remote marketing staff is in acquiring the best talent available.  Many of them will be vital in creating your company’s value proposition and making it significant to your audience.

If you can save money to put into your advertising campaigns, that’s great, but you’ll likely agree that acquiring top talent is the key to success. Freelance small business specialists are often the most talented available.

How to Assemble Your Dream Marketing Team

Marketing is digital marketing now so lets’ discuss the digital experts and pros you’ll need to win your market. There are 9 people besides yourself who provide the high level services which win market leader results.

Brand Strategist: The brand strategist is the key marketing team member. They find the positioning, value proposition that your customers are looking for.  They inform the content strategist, SEO strategist, and guide the development of a market leading brand. And your brand is your key marketing asset.

This person can often be brought in initially to conduct brand research. Brand research is really valuable and helps you understand the market, the competition and their weaknesses, and to find the opportunities for you to get a foothold and grow. The brand strategists helps you define your capabilities and build a product/service you’re capable of delivering. They have expertise in understanding the subtleties of a winning brand.

Digital Marketing Manager/Strategist: This pro helps to manage all digital marketing contribution and often controls the flow of work via content management system. They take guidance from the brand strategist about marketing strategies and brand values. They develop integrated strategies which enable all of the pros below to work together synchronistically.

Advanced SEO Strategist: Google and Bing are the top sources of traffic and leads and will be for many decades. Searchers actively looking for solutions/services is an excellent source and high rankings puts you right in front of them. An Advanced SEO specialist understands Google’s ranking system more deeply and are able to help create content that is on topic, using correct wording, and helps convey your company’s significance to customers. SEO pros solve problems and create that edge in the intensely competed for top 5 rankings, where all the best leads come from.

Content Strategist: The creative pros who create content must present your significant value proposition in a compelling, impactful and engaging way. Your offer must be relevant and significant. The content experience must help create a flow of customer touchpoints and decisions which leads to a purchase. Whether it’s text, photos, web design, videos, downloadables, webcasts, etc., it is content that will engage prospects in an entertaining, helpful fashion. Your content represents your UVP and brand. It has to be good.

Social Media Strategist: Achieving spirit and excitement in the market and continuous engagement is very important. This pro knows how to get attention and engage people on social media. They work strategically with the content strategist and the SEO strategist to build traffic and reach, and get people to share content online.

PPC Specialist: PPC pros don’t just schedule ads, they know how to catch attention, raise clickthroughs, and maximize the budget with exact targeting so you don’t waste your ppc spend.

Analytics Specialist: This pro helps you understand your web and sales KPIs and how your marketing is succeeding. They identify where you’re successful and drill down to help find the cause. They provide valuable reports/advice to the brand strategist, SEO strategist and content strategist. And using AI marketing software, they can help you with predictive analytics which identifies visitors and delivers content and messaging so they enjoy a smoother path to satisfaction.

Web Graphic Designer and Developer: This pro helps you create a website/app that provides a great user experience and a fast loading site the works well for Google SEO needs. They are a marketing professional because their work does help get the value proposition across visually and makes your produce/service more significant to your target customer. They understand mobile development and help you build a website that users will love on their mobile devices or on desktop.

Sales and Business Development Specialists: These pros know how to take online leads and convert them into customers. They also have their own lead generation techniques which involve new business development to extend the use of your product in client’s businesses. They too depend on the content strategist, social media strategist, SEO strategist and PPC strategist to generate leads.

That’s your dream marketing team — the best specialists to help create a more relevant and significant value proposition, one with a strategic advantage over competitors of any size.

The Sum is the Greater than the Parts

It’s important to remember that although they may have many talents, they are dependent on the others for success. Their individual contribution won’t be successful without the talents of the others. For instance, the SEO strategist and Social Media strategist will languish without excellent content. Content is the currency of the web and social sphere.
It’s important to support the growth and excellence of each member, giving them the resources and support they need to become better. You control how good they will become.

Hire only for productive potential and high performance, not for cost savings. Cost savings is not your number one business goal. Your dream team is the future your company. They create your personalized, significant, unique value proposition and delivery it sustainably to customers. They create new customers.

As the owner and financier, you bring the purpose, drive, and belief for the team. When they see their role clearly and have the necessary resources to excel, the interaction between them is what will create market leading results.

Any pro by themselves can achieve little. There are so many assets and support needed today to compete effectively that the owner is the key person in the mix. They bring the experts together and empower each of them.  A digital marketing manager is not the leader. He or she simply orchestrates the marketing effort. Only the owner/financier can drive the business with spirit, encouragement, and resources.

Digital Marketing Agencies often fail to produce the best results, because the staff are too far removed from the client’s business. They just collect pay checks and concentrates on many accounts. They’re under a lot of stress and salaries are plummeting in marketing.

Exceptional marketing talent is out there. You just need to determine what you need, find them, discuss compensation that guarantees high performance and loyalty, and create a company culture that is geared to big success. Anything else is forgettable and insignificant.

Top pros are not attracted to mediocrity. They can’t stand it. They’re alphas who want to win. Many are very ambitious and competitive, and you can leverage that drive to make your company a market leader.

Make AI Marketers part of your winning team.

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