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The much hyped rise of artificial intelligence marketing systems in marketing, medicine, manufacturing, and other sectors has some experts suggesting consultants and agencies will soon be obsolete much like the dinosaurs.

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These so called expert forecasts are actually naive.  What’s ignored is that marketing consultant’s insights, productivity and services will be enhanced with AI marketing platforms available.

A skilled mind only gets better with great AI Marketing tools.

This is why I’m excited about AI marketing platforms. They’ll remove barriers for consultants to achieve exceptional insights and marketing results for clients.

We Will Love Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platforms

Marketing consultants and small niche marketing agencies can add skill and fill current gaps in corporate in-house marketing skills. As companies find they have more budget freed up, they’ll be hiring expert consultants in specific key areas they’re not proficient in.

AI plus skilled consultants with valuable topic expertise will help them generate unfair advantages over competitors and create a more powerful, unique brand.  From online visibility to engagement building expertise to powerful sales conversion strategies, an AI enabled marketing consultant brings an amazing value proposition to the table.

This is because the new AI systems generate data we’ve never had access to before — to test. learn and perform at a much higher level. Consultants will thrive with the powerful new Artificial intelligence tools.  This is far beyond automation. We’ll be better able to research, ask good questions, and test out more reliable strategies.

AI software + competent digital marketing specialist means testing, learning and improving results fast.


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In fact, AI tools allow all of us to ask better questions to get more useful answers. AI just gives us reports, feedback, and lets us test faster. Now we can fail fast, and learn faster without judgement or losses. We can succeed faster with AI marketing.

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Big Picture Thinking with Poor Data?

Marketing consultants are hired for their big picture creativity and focus which bolster their strategic skills. With poor quality data, or no data, many consultants have been asked to perform mental gymnastics each and every day. Disruption will be certainly be good for consultants — we can get at what we need to know.

Whether you’re a sales consultant, content consultant, or SEO consultant, better data makes a huge difference. Yes, even a marketing graduate out of college can perform much better with AI feedback. They’ll be asked to because the work doesn’t go away, there’s just more of it.

False Assumptions about AI Marketing Platforms

Pundits believe low level in-house marketers will sit back and watch the AI software platform manage everything successfully. They believe experience is not relevant anymore.  This is because the software actually figures out what works right now in real time and delivers what’s desired or needed beforehand. Yet AI is dependent on us.

Does the AI system understand customer intent know the right questions to ask, or how to train the AI system to beat a competitor’s AI system?

The hype about AI software being omniscient and understanding context is one of the myths being debunked now in 2020. Even the corporate buzzword vocabulary will disappear as everyone comes back down to earth.

Before we get carried away, let’s remember that AI systems:

  • don’t understand human emotions and buyer intent
  • don’t understand context
  • don’t know what comes next or what questions to ask
  • make mistakes without expert overview
  • are actually testing-automation machines


Without us, AI Bots are Crazy

I had a “live chat” with a CRM AI chatbot the other day. I didn’t know it was an AI bot at first. I just thought the rep was retarded because the conversation was so weird and scripted. It pretended to respond like a person, but it couldn’t understand what I really meant with my responses and questions.  It misinterpreted what I wanted and delayed my connection with a real person. The way it seems to ignore or neglect the emotional intent of visitors is a troubling issue for companies relying on chat CRM.

It made me feel like I was wasting my own time, not theirs. But customers need to be first, always. AI makes the same mistakes with everything because it isn’t human.  It only works with a human guide.  And it’s more than a natural language issue. It’s that each unknown prospect is unique and it requires human intelligence to respond appropriately.

We Can Ask Questions for the Right Answers

Consultants only have to get the AI platform to test and then generate answers to their questions. The answers then are fed to the sales, marketing, content copywriters, and SEO consultants. One happy team of consultants working supportively together to get the ideal results.

By the way, the sales team, copywriters, and SEO experts won’t be deleted either. They just get tougher assignments without the drudgery.

As long as the trained digital marketing specialist can operate the software well, it leaves each professional consultant with much more time.  And that’s important time to strategize and test everything from content attention and engagement items to Google algorithm trends to which sales incentives will work for each customer.

Insight Generates Power

AI software systems must produce insight.  Yet real conclusions are still assessed by marketing consultants, who create the game plan for a new iteration of tactics and strategy. With AI marketing software, I can reach the highest levels of insight — at least in fields I have experience in.

Do you need genius to work with these AI marketing platforms? It could be that’s all the system lacks. So we’re needed.

Why is the CEO and marketing manager the most powerful workers in the company? Because they have the data and the overview of everything happening. And they can ask any question and get answers. That top of mountain view is why CEOs get paid millions.

What are some examples of important questions an AI consultant could ask?

    • how many unique sales incentives do we need to create?
    • if Google is ignoring keywords what do they want?
    • what is most engaging in our content for women?
    • which content pieces, topics, photos, people, and stats will make us more relevant to our California Bay Area customers?
    • how do we distinguish a mid funnel prospect by their content choices and move each visitor to the next consideration point quickly?
    • how can we personalize our content without incurring Google penalties or losing our high rankings?
    • how should we personalize our brand or uvp for each visitor?
    • what is killing our sales?

AI Powered Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants may lack confidence not because they don’t have training, skills or experience. It’s the lack of data and processing power that holds them back from many contracts, projects and career challenges. These platforms change everything.

AI marketing platforms have the power to present an accurate picture of marketing success. Whether it’s copywriting, conversion funnel fails, abandoned sales carts, unique value proposition weakness, target customer purchase triggers, they can answer the consultant’s question about what’s missing that customers and prospects want.

I like this quote from the people at

Innovation in marketing will come from humans, not tech. As increasing numbers of marketers adopt autonomous AI, they will discover that the road to digital transformation is paved with questions. In the face of consistent positive results, marketers will become more comfortable with machine colleagues pulling the levers of execution and will let go of concerns about why the machine did one thing and not another. — Albert AI blog

Okay, there will be unknowns, but we have faith that the system is producing the best potential.  I would suggest that AI marketing consultants will have more insight due to larger variety of client experiences (no tunnel vision) and thus offer broader understanding and insights. And of course the AI marketing tools even things up against the inhouse staff’s insider position.

For creative marketing consultants then, it’s all about using the AI generated data to find the right questions. We’ll be able to ask deeper questions about our target customers, site visitor tastes, and conversion funnel effectiveness. From content engagement to calls to action, we’ll get back detailed info about each visitor.

This will feed into more impactful, engaging and high ranking content to fill the top end of our funnels.

That will require even more right-brained imagination and problem solving — the kind that consultants love to use.


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