Most Important Questions your Digital Marketing Audit Answers

Not even the best marketers really know what their next move should be until they’ve done their research. And research is simply a process of finding the right questions to ask yourself and your marketing team.

If you’ve never enjoyed the insights from a digital marketing audit then you’re missing out. It’s not often you’ll enjoy having someone digging in to help you find out what’s good and bad about your website and digital marketing efforts.

The scope of the audit of your digital marketing strategy, content assets, and its performance is wide and deep. It’s excellent value and good foundational insight to help you ask the right questions about your target market and business. Rather than repeat the sections of the audit document itself here, why don’t we look at the questions/challenges it can help you resolve? It’s what you’re really after.

From UVPs, to advanced SEO to conversions, here’s 50 of the Most Insight Building Questions your digital marketing audit may answer:

Traffic Source Questions

  1. which traffic sources are generating the best traffic for us, and how do we improve that?
  2. which sources of traffic should we be investing our digital marketing budget in?
  3. is our PPC campaign working and what is the cost per lead?
  4. is our social media program making any kind of difference?
  5. are visitors bookmarking our site and is our direct traffic growth improving and are more people searching for our company name?

Website Questions

  1. is our site easy to understand with navigational cues that users appreciate?
  2. what is lacking in our website layout and the visitor experience?
  3. does our website get our unique value proposition across or is there something wrong with it?
  4. do we need to create Google amp pages to speed our delivery to mobile users?
  5. what are our website technical performance stats and technical issues?

Content Questions

  1. does the website communicate our value proposition/brand clearly?
  2. which pages on our website create the best overall results for my business?
  3. what is the visitor dwell time, average number of pages viewed by serious visitors, key goals reached, and are visitors engaging with our best content?
  4. does our content have the authority and depth (EAT) to rank well?
  5. how can we improve our content to rank higher and capture much more traffic and leads?
  6. other than the unqualified traffic we receive, how is our content performing with visitors who really are interested?
  7. do we have content gaps, and which type of content should we be creating more of?
  8. are there other content areas we could explore that would aid our overall objectives?
  9. what is our competitors best content and how are we comparing against them for content coverage and quality
  10. how can we improve our copywriting to improve rankings, increase engagement, persuasiveness, and grow sales conversions?
  11. how often should we blog and which older posts should we update or ensure are evergreen?
  12. how can we personalize our content and increase relevancy?

SEO Questions

  1. which landing pages are effective in Google and are they generating real leads?
  2. why can’t we rank higher for our top phrases than 2nd or 3rd page on Google?
  3. what exactly is wrong with our on-page and off-page SEO?
  4. what mistakes have we made and are there hidden technical issues on our site?
  5. do we have any kind of Google penalties or something stopping us from ranking well?
  6. how are we doing vs our most important competitors?
  7. what new content types and topics will help us improve our SEO results?
  8. which blog posts/pages created the most inbound links?
  9. do we have duplicate content issues and how do we solve them?
  10. are we getting the most overall value from our Youtube videos?

Social Media Questions

  1. do we have contacts with the right people and how do grow high quality, qualified connections?
  2. what is our most shared content on social media and is it giving us benefits?
  3. are our social posts and shared material working to create leads?
  4. what type of content could really help us with social media channels?
  5. what’s wrong with how we’re engaging on social and how can we build relations with customers on these channels?

Conversion Rate and Analytics Questions

  1. why is our bounce rate so high and what can we do to reduce it?
  2. what should our key performance indicators be and are we measuring the wrong things?
  3. is our content choices and channels working for us?
  4. what is missing from our UVP that visitors don’t want to become our customers?
  5. is our content funnel creating a smooth customer experience?
  6. are we missing some of the leads generated via website but which show up as phone, email, or other inquiries?
  7. regardless of how people enter our website, are they getting to our key content?
  8. to increase our conversion rate, how do we set up testing manually or via automation?
  9. what aren’t we tracking that’s vitally important?
  10. what part of the buyer journey are we failing at – awareness, attention, impact, interest, consideration, trial, purchase, pre post purchase anxiety, etc.

PPC Questions

  1. is our pay per click and remarketing ad spend working for us?
  2. is our PPC keyword targeting working?
  3. what is wrong with our PPC landing pages and lead conversion process?

That’s 50 compelling questions that raise a lot more issues and goals that demand exploration. The key point to the performance audit is to uncover the content, tactics, and promotional effort you need to create to excel.

Everything you read about your content and results and the information about competitors are just guides to help you find perfection. Your goal is the perfect digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business and the preferences of your most prized customer prospects.

It’s just the start of a rewarding process, but a very important foundation for market leader performance. I’m positive I can help you.

Visit the digital marketing audit page for a quick look and let’s get started on this project.

Important Notes

Some of the data needed for a full performance audit depends on the quality of your analytics. If you lack informative analytics reports then it’s something we’ll need to set up. It’s impossible to gauge performance of a website or app if data isn’t being collected and processed.

Are you evaluating whether to hire a digital marketing agency, or if you coordinate a team of talented virtual specialists. There’s a lot to consider. Agencies are more convenient allowing to you dismiss the challenge to someone else, yet specialists offer significant advanced level skills that push you to market leadership.  See the marketing agency evaluation checklist.

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