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Looking for a unique and powerful marketing solution in San Diego?  There’s plenty of cookie cutter agencies in SD pushing automated solutions, yet SEO, content quality, trust, engagement, credibility, authority and industry expertise isn’t part of marketing automation.

The real content deliverable for customers is engaging information that helps them discover the right solution for them. Your prospects choose based on emotions, and it’s unique, brand building content that persuades them.

Serving San Diego area Companies

AI Marketers has extensive experience with companies in San Diego, Oceanside, La Jolla, and San Marcos.  22 years of SEO experience with agencies and big brands, and developed expertise means you’re getting real guidance for sustained brand building and sales results.  We do not outsource to India or the Philippines.


See the Digital Marketing Performance Audit and Recommendations report.


Our So Cal clients have enjoyed combined value in affordability and SEO/Content development expertise. The end result is market leadership and big traffic gains.

Saving While Getting Much Better Results!

Cost of doing business in San Diego has gone through the roof and you’re feeling the pinch.  Intense competition, with new AI enabled competitors is pushing the matter to your desk.  Your new perspective is about leveraging the best marketers with the right specialist skills.

Enter a crafty SEO/content strategist, combine this person with content development and funnel optimization and you have an ideal mix to help you execute, learn, convert leads better, and make your marketing much more effective.

AI Marketer’s San Diego clients focused on generating website traffic and leads. That’s understandable, because AI marketing needs real visitors and customers to be profitable. Real data from real visitor engagement and sales conversion processes can feed your chosen AI marketing solution if you decide to venture into AI.

If not, you will be heading for that kind of success with our contribution.

Powerful, Clever Content with Expert SEO

Our San Diego County clients want good content that generates traffic and brand engagement. Gord Collins is a long time veteran of intense SEO competition for small and mid sized clients in San Diego, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Napa. Whether it’s real estate marketing or sports ecommerce, the battle for Google rankings is won via many avenues.

Sure there’s technical things too, yet he knows well the 200 various factors Google takes into account (including high quality content). And Google’s core updates are something he’s constantly staying up on.

Leverage Gord’s experience in endless industries from publishing to real estate to entertainment to manufacturing.  Call now to build the best possible foundation for sustained marketing success.


Let’s Get Started

Consult with Gord now about your business goals. Call 416 998 6246.

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