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The Boston area economy has grown tremendously the past 10 years. And as market competition within the US has increased, costs have risen.   

AI Marketer’s cost advantage and leading edge strategy to utilize AI marketing to help you executve, learn, convert leads better, and make marketing less stressful.

Our many Boston clients have focused on generating website traffic and leads.  Whether for Boston marketing agencies, real estate brokers, manufacturers, major sporting goods brands, designers, moving companies, laser eye surgeons, or financial firms, our traffic building services were no small value.

AI marketing needs real visitors and customers to generate real data from real visitor engagement and sales conversion.  Our SEO and Content development service is what makes your chosen AI marketing solution effective.

A Process You Can Begin Right Now

Let’s get you started on a plan/strategy leveraging high quality content to capture big traffic via Google. Then get your SEO needs fortified with social media reach and engagement.  At the same time, we can begin the search for right AI software to power your campaign.

Clients From Across the Country

Our Boston marketing clients demanded good content and wide reach, wherever their target customers resided. And the battle for Google rankings is won via many avenues.  There’s actual content impact, engagement, return visits, social sharing, and the power to convert leads that we focus on.

Gord Collins is a long time veteran of intense SEO competition for small and mid sized clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. For 15 years the focus has been with Boston and California clients. We hope you’re next.

We’ve got experience in endless industries from branding to real estate to high tech services in Boston.  Call us now to begin your venture into AI marketing.


Cost Savings + Better Targeting + Better Customer Engagement = Rising Sales Revenue


Let’s Get Started

Consult with Gord now about your business goals.

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