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Massive amounts of content are being produced today including that produced by generative AI systems such as ChatGPT.

The fact is, content is critical to business success. It not only delivers your product/service messages, its composition determines whether it will get seen. Quality control algorithms are built into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and of course, free organic search engines (Google Search).

You’re looking for quality, affordable content solutions. You’re definitely on the right track.  And what I’m offering maximizes affordability, so you have more funds available for advertising, content creation, software subscriptions and more. Getting control of content costs is the smartest decision you’ll make. Focus your budget where it will generate impact.

Many are unaffordable often sold to increase billings not really because they’re effective. To be effective content must get reach, get attention, make impact, establish significance, and move the prospect to decision. It represents your brand too.

Not Glitz but instead Authenticity and Value

And today, customers are practical, and they’ve seen all the flashy gimmicks and inflated promises. They’re looking for more authentic content that creates transparency, trust, and confidence in your product. Whether you develop property management software, or travel management software, a luxury hotel, or promoting a financial/stock consulting business, the depth or authoritativeness is just as important as the flavor of your content.

Affordable content solutions will focus on creating positive experiences with your product/service/brand.

That will include:

  • stimulating, enlivening marketing pages that make your offer transparent and trustworthy
  • informative blogs with striking images, headlines, and storytelling
  • information-rich blogs that support the value of your product/service
  • YouTube videos that bring your business to life
  • value delivering email campaigns that build urgency

Affordable content is your earned media.

SEO and Great Content is a Powerful Lead Generator

Gord Collins SEO Book: Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

On Google, your blog will always be the core driver of traffic, leads and engagement. Google searchers search in their own unique way for their purpose, so building a content path that matches their intent is vital.

Sophisticated advanced SEO strategy can generate many pieces of content that work together to resonate with all user intents. That increases the relevancy of your content which is created with those user intents in mind.

Engaging YouTube Videos: work very well with SEO and blogs. These two high traffic sources actually support one another. The videos not only bring you closer to prospects, but also lend social proof to your offer. Blogs and videos help to create a direct dialogue with commenters, supporting added signals to Google’s algorithm that your content is interesting and high quality.

Unignored email, using engaging, professional-themed email templates that deliver useful info and not wasting prospects’ time is vital. Interesting headlines and descriptions help improve open rates.

Stunning Visuals: visual presentation with photos and charts patiently developed really grab customers’ imagination and emotions. First-hand photography makes content more relevant and significant is much more engaging than text-only content.

Impactful Ad Copy and Ad Design: Some creative imagination helps to create eye catching visuals and write compelling ad copy to stand out from so much noise in the advertising space.

Engaging Social Media Posts and Visuals:  Creating relevant, exciting visuals helps posts get read and enjoyed and it’s the kind of content experience social media users want.

A Fuller Content Experience Builds Significance

Consumers and B2B customers expect a great content experience so delivering that is just part of your personalized, significant, unique value proposition.

Being unique isn’t enough. It has to be the most significant offer available to them personally. When your content gives them tremendous value in a credible way, they build the belief that your offer/brand is the only one they want.

That’s the goal of great content strategy, and where the competition disappears.

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