Targeted Precision Marketing Campaigns

Given how competitive markets are today, advertising campaigns must contain a multiplex of characteristics to win the sale.

It’s not enough to broadcast to all audiences anymore. Instead, a variety of assets, messages, segmentation and timing happen to win today’s customers. The competition is more intense and customers expect more. In this post, we explore the value of precision-targeted marketing.

Great creativity is a must, but the core value proposition, benefits, timing, placement, style, and promotional message to beat the competition are also needed. And that brings us to targeting and precision in marketing and ad campaigns. Fortunately, you can do it yourself with a process and some affordable software tools.

Targeted-Precision Marketing is all about the right value proposition at the right place and right time, with the right incentive.

The Right Place with a Compelling, Relevant Offer

Consider if you were visiting your coffee shop buying your favorite coffee. How many times do you see all the tasty desserts under the glass counter? Do you pass on them, or did something magnetically pull you in?

Too sweet, too expensive, wrong kind of treat, or just didn’t want it enough. Perhaps the display wasn’t engaging enough. From innovative glass displays, to creative dessert names, to small discounts for a coffee purchase, they can build much more interest in those desserts and obviously it works on their target customer.

To ensure the sale, the deserts must be visible in the right display, have an appetizing appearance and name, be the color and texture patrons prefer, be the right price, be fresh with tasty ingredients/flavors, and perhaps be front and center in the display, with a message that it’s a perfect match for let’s say a dark roast coffee.  And should the coffee shop waiter be there ready to answer questions, that’s even better.

And those treats will be waiting for them when they come back.

When advertisers speak of the confluence of marketing, advertisers may tend to get too caught up in the timing aspect. When marketers speak of the confluence, they may tend to get too caught up in the product and the offer. Both are required.

Confluence Marketing

With confluence marketing, it’s the integrated timing of all elements that makes the campaign viable. As one marketing guru said, this confluence has many parts, and that to compete today, you have to get them all perfectly aligned.

He calls it compound marketing and he focuses on the message, media, targeting and timing of advertising.

He’s right of course. Because when you’re spending your budget and competing against other companies that have that all figured out, how competitive and successful will your ads be?

Not only would your campaigns cost more, the emotional impact on viewers would be weaker, and they’d produce fewer leads.

“you need the best possible creative against each audience segment, with that message serving the consumer (or business prospect) at the best possible time.”

Building Your Precision Targeted Marketing Campaign

The point of all this precision-targeted marketing is to both avoid waste and to increase success in terms of KPIs and sales results. The term that many may use to describe an ad campaign that aligns the message for the right target prospects at the right place and time is “Targeted Marketing” or “Precision Marketing.”

This approach involves crafting advertising campaigns via a deep understanding of the specific audience’s demographics, behaviors, interests, and needs. Targeted marketing aims to deliver the right message to the right people in the right context, at the ideal time.  That improves the cost-effectiveness of the campaign and maximizes the return on spend (ROS).

The Task then is to Discover:

  1. the right value proposition (the most, significant, powerful pain points responded to)
  2. the right visual creatives and personalized messaging (slogan, tagline, benefits, promise)
  3. the right target audience segment (specific and exclusive to them)
  4. the right time to advertise/promote to reach the exact audience using data (key day of the week and key hours of the day)
  5. the right advertising channels and platforms channel (website, social media posts, email, banner ads, text ads, videos, industry websites) and the right context (e.g. real estate or travel section)
  6. the right sales incentive to beat competitors in the moment (one inducement to make it irresistible in that moment and you have their attention)

Of course, after your campaign, you must learn what didn’t work and improve each one. That old phrase “fail fast” and improve is appropriate here.

Ongoing Value and Performance too!

And if you do get it right, you’ll be further excited about some research by an effectiveness research firm called System1. They segmented over 50,000 video ads within their database based on the gap between the date it tested the ad’s potential to drive long and short-term effectiveness, and the ad’s original airdate.

They found the ad’s effectiveness didn’t decline much over time. This means you can run ads continuously in remarketing campaigns, basically on autopilot until they fail to work.

What’s important about a focused, precision campaign is that makes a stronger impact over time, thus building more intent, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.  Those ads that contained a fluent device such as repeated characters and slogans maintained an improved performance over time.

Affordable Solutions for Small Business

If you manage a small to mid-sized company with a limited budget, then using a targeted precision ad campaign can produce a consistent, long-term impact on customer prospects and influencers. So it’s beyond an immediate lead or sale.

Given the massive, frequent reach of FB and Google ads, getting this right can generate exponential results.

For a small business or mid-sized company, acquiring marketing software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, WordStream, MediaTool, Iterable, Iterable, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Asana.

For small businesses with limited budgets, and who want to focus their spend on content creation, SEO, and social media, Funnelytics, and Clickfunnels.

Software features that are important are:

  • content management
  • content publishing
  • ppc and social ad campaign management
  • audience and campaign analytics

Without these integrative campaign management software tools, segmenting, targeting, and performance analytics is difficult. They can manage campaigns in each channel, allow you to customize content and messaging for each channel, and help focus on what is actually working for you.

With some software, the cost is prohibitive however some such as offer an interesting solution starting at $39 per month.

These campaigns guide and optimize your content and social media strategy. You may want to begin with a marketing or SEO Content audit to gain clarity about what you’re bringing to market and how it might be done best via content and advertising.

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