General and Advanced SEO Topics You Need to Know

Before you can apply or buy advanced SEO services with a professional you know will give you a decisive advantage, you might want to brush up on advanced SEO topics.

High level SEO is usually thought of in terms of tactics, techniques and strategies, however it also describes a range of topics related to search engine lead generation and search engine optimization.

Before you can apply advanced level SEO, you have to know what your potential ranking issues actually are and what the challenges you’re really facing. Topics then would be the focus of your initial research and that’s what we explore in this post. These are topics and issues that will affect your success.

Which ones will take top priority? That all depends on what your website is all about, what problems exist, and what ranking strengths your site possesses. The best strategy for you is highlighted in either an SEO audit or in-depth digital marketing audit.

Let’s organize SEO topics in a hierarchy:

  • content strategy
  • copywriting
  • value proposition presentation
  • link acquisition
  • advanced link building strategy
  • ranking algorithm features
  • international Search engine optimization
  • internal linking
  • title tags and headings
  • anchor text
  • core metrics
  • site speed and AMP
  • SEO companies
  • SEO consultants
  • novice vs advanced SEO
  • Schema markup or structured data
  • rich snippets and Google featured sections
  • PageRank shaping
  • keyword semantics
  • searcher intent
  • content impact
  • evergreen content
  • refreshing content and enriching content
  • SEO salaries
  • SEO pricing
  • Google quality guidelines
  • role of the blog and blogging
  • SEO software
  • AI SEO
  • local SEO
  • hotel SEO, Winery SEO, ecommerce SEO
  • relevance, credibility and significance
  • off site SEO
  • technical SEO
  • site migration and URL redirection
  • SEO friendly web design
  • Digital PR
  • SEO budget management
  • content relevance: storytelling, personalization, and case studies
  • conversion rate optimization
  • content funnel optimization
  • blitz marketing strategy
  • marketing agencies
  • outsourcing
  • branding
  • SEO training and courses

Suffice to say, the breadth and depth that advanced level SEO must touch upon is vast. If you’re interested in a particular topic, you can drill down into a website, such as this blog by searching using Google. Cut and paste this code into the Google search box . (It’s referred to as the site search operator) . You add your favorite topic to the end of that in the search box and Google will give you the most relevant results.

The Most Important SEO Topics

In other posts, I cover the premium SEO topics which relate to mission critical tasks. Start with your unique value proposition. If you have a strong value proposition, then visitors and supporters will like your website. You’ll enjoy higher content engagement and attract more links to your site because they believe it’s worth it.

A great UVP then acts as the driving focus of your content strategy and your SEO strategy. It determines what content you can create, what benefits it offers, and makes your offer easy to understand.

When your UVP is confused or weak, visitors leave, which Google notices. No one will link to your website if your UVP sucks. The UVP affects your search engine rankings deeply so it’s wise to get that figured out via a professional quality digital marketing audit.

Deciding on an SEO Service Provider

With that out of the way, you must determine who is best to strategize and conduct your SEO campaigns. Will it be a general digital marketing agency or a talented SEO consultant? What is your SEO budget?

Agencies want a lot of money for an extended period whereas an advanced SEO consultant might work with you to the extent you can afford.

Creating a budget is important. You can’t do well in business without money. The funds pay for SEO software tools, labor, expertise, research, outreach, PR, advertising, sponsorships, and content creation. Doing SEO doesn’t preclude other essential promotional activities. Why do big companies dominate Google rankings? Because Google prefers big companies and these companies have spent more to create the credibility/trustworthiness Google is looking for. Ensure you have your SEO budget ready or you will waste whatever you put into it.

Research and content. Using a variety of research and analytics tools, the SEO expert will draw up a strategy that will organize your website content. Keyword and topic selection, competitor analysis, market analysis, advanced copywriting, graphics, photos, video scripts, and more becomes your currency in the online arena.

Production and publishing schedules. Content has to be consistently produced to build your keyword and topic presence, credibility, internal linking and PageRank distribution, and more.  SEO and content analytics. Establishing KPIs and ensuring your SEO effort is well supported ensures continuous, unending performance in rankings, traffic and leads.

Now you’ve covered all the relevant and mission critical components of an advanced SEO strategy.

What makes an SEO Pro a cut above the rest is in how we strategize, build immense support, and focus to create more power to rank. We leverage the best to give you the winning edge.

Awareness of all the topic themes is good to cover, if even once. The one thing you forget might be the one thing tripping you up. Yet, success comes from big picture excellence.  In the end, your advanced SEO strategy will hinge on:

  1. an unparalleled unique value proposition that makes your company the most significant one in the market
  2. strong content and SEO expertise to leverage and focus all ranking assets
  3. elite, high quality content creation that makes an impact and keeps visitors engaged
  4. strong promotion to gain visibility and retain customer loyalty

Contact me now if you’re looking for a professional level approach to winning in the ranking wars, and ensuring your content strategy covers all the right priorities.

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