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What plagues SEOs, content marketers, and small business owners in 2022?  It has to be shrinking online audience reach and content distribution.

It’s painful for most small businesses now, and that’s why there is an upstream movement to specialist PR firms to reach audiences, build credibility, significance, engagement and excitement, and perhaps capture backlinks for higher Google rankings.

The pressing issue: Internet traffic is going to increasingly fewer end points. This means the opportunity to get seen in organic websites and social media pages is (and has been) disappearing.


Digital PR to the Rescue

This squeeze on visibility online is systematic. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, Instagram and Fox garner most of the online traffic. Their content algorithms increasingly discourage their own loss of visitors. More of the content that appears on their channels benefit themselves only. This reduces organic exposure for the rest of us.

And when the Titans justify their actions as the need to compete with other big tech titans, we know there are going to be small business casualties. SMBs need to take the threat seriously and utilized PR well.

Demand for innovative and macro-level reach and visibility solutions is on the rise. Combine them with your own content and SEO programs and you may enjoy significant results. This isn’t an exhaustive review of Digital PR, but rather a nudge to get you thinking big, to reach bigger goals.

You’ll find 15 key benefits from your digital pr agency — more than attracting backlinks. The price tag might be high, but when your business and marketing campaign are ready, this can deliver significant benefits.

“Digital PR is all about taking action and controlling your own (online) destiny” — from Greenflag Digital.


The Rise of Digital PR Services

Digital public relations providers create enriched content, and establish publishing connections with publishers which you don’t have access to. These publishing partners might include major trafficked websites and new media sites which also have strong domain authority and keyword relevance. Links from these sites are powerful.

If you can develop cool content ideas that readers can relate to, and you have an expert SEO strategist optimizing your content assets, the addition of digital PR services is a perfect match. You could be looking at some spectacular successes, if you do it right.

“Digital PR lies at the intersection of traditional public relations, content marketing, social media, and SEO” —


Digital PR Placements.
Digital PR Placements. Screenshot courtesy of

17 Top Digital Public Relations Service Benefits:

  1. communicate your brand clearly and concisely in a way the target audience can relate to (e.g., influencers/journalists)
  2. organizing and crafting an effective press release or media release
  3. provide journalists with an interesting story idea and angle, and promise support for them
  4. creating innovative, quality content ideas, storylines and assets that influencers/journalists love to talk about
  5. generate credibility by describing specific, relevant accomplishments
  6. proving industry significance – people, successes, financing, connections, partnerships
  7. developing a publicity UVP and building an appropriate significant value offer for the appropriate audience
  8. giving you a variety of sources of visibility online including search, social media and news websites and sponsorships on other relevant web properties
  9. connect with top bloggers, influencers and journalists in your niche/sector/industry
  10. achieve good relations with specific high profile influencers who really like your brand/product/services/content
  11. manage ongoing campaigns with their publishing connections
  12. reach major media publishers for placement on prestigious high authority domains
  13. provide analytics, KPIs, and engagement stats on your campaigns
  14. discover ways to put the spotlight on your company, get you into the news stream, and build brand significance to your audience
  15. advertising campaigns which may create actual customers
  16. increasing brand mentions and backlinks to your website
  17. arrange online events, webinars, contests and more to build real life impact

Rich Placement for Rich Content

These digital PR companies could assist you with valuable content placements and relevant streams of traffic. It’s important when assembling your dream marketing team that you have specialists who stick to their niche. As providers try to branch out to add value for themselves, the end value for the client slides downward. That means your money is sliding away and you’re not getting the results you need.

You know how to manage your marketing budget. Just a reminder that when you help your team focus on what it does best, you’re doing yourself a favor.

The downside to digital PR is going to be the price of the service. The true value of that expense comes down to whether you’re ready to use them as part of your digital marketing campaign. These media sources, influencers and journalists aren’t affected easily.

Money is the lubricant since campaign specific content is expensive to create and connections to journalists and content directors and advertisers must be maintained. Still, they may end up created some nice content pieces you’ll be happy with. And your people will learn from it.

Do it Yourself PR?

The task of digital PR is sufficiently difficult that success in this field on your own is unlikely. If you have an exceptional product, and your UVP is presented professionally, you could reach journalists and some influencers directly.

The Digital PR pros have techniques and connections that get them past the gatekeepers to create serious engagement with important influencers, media site publishers and big volume websites. Intense specialization is required to create the expertise, familiarity, reputation with influencers, and promotional impact. Expertise has value. They’re providing what big tech is preventing you from accessing — organic visibility.

Getting Ready for Digital PR

When you hire a digital PR firm to give you a helping hand with your reach building objectives, ensure their efforts are going to generate lasting results. Otherwise, you’re just spending more on advertising. Advertising isn’t enough to build strong Google rankings through backlinks, engaging social media users, and to fill your lead funnel continuously.
With a big investment, a lot is on the line so being thorough and cautious is wise.

Do they have the right staff to do the work professionally and do they have experience in your industry. Do they offer graphic design and video services? Have they enjoyed success placing content?

Before these firms can do anything for you, you should have worked through your value proposition, understand your significance to customers, and developed content that incoming visitors and influencers will lock onto. If your site and blog are devoid of engaging impactful content pieces (case studies, blogs, downloadables, stories), you won’t be able to keep visitors long enough to relate to you. They’ll leave without spreading the word. Spreading the word and sharing is a key objective for continuous lasting performance.

This means you must prepare for utilizing their service with an existing, powerful SEO strategy and content strategy. They’re not going to do that for you.

There’s additional value too. You’ll learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t, then you might perform your own advertising campaigns on Facebook and Linkedin for much better results. Education through analytics is vital.

A few digital PR providers to consider:

Relevance –
Shift –
Moxie Group PR –
Walker Sands –
Media Kitched –
Gree Flag Digital –
Agility PR Digital Software Tools –

Enjoy your search for the right digital PR firm. Hopefully, this is the launch of something good this year.

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