What Should You Prioritize in Digital Marketing for 2022?

2022 offers a brand new opportunity to win bigger market share or carve out our niche. And many startup entrepreneurs and marketing managers are wondering how to use their marketing budgets this year.

What changes should you be making and should you be changing anything in 2022? The economy is reawakening so it will be better and it is the time to get things rolling.

If you’re a startup entrepreneur, don’t keep pouring money into product development. Marketing needs more investment and may produce better results than new product additions.  It will help you build clientele while you become more competitive. It can help optimize your product/service mix because marketing provides feedback for product development.

Focus in on Best Sales Channels for Short Term

My thought about prioritizing your 2022 budget is to focus more on the best sales lead mediums and improve your conversion strategy. The thing about the conversion strategy is that while trying to perfect it, you’ll be forced to perfect all those activities and assets that feed into it.

The failures of the lead conversion funnel pathway tells you where your problem is. Are you afraid to know? Will 2022 be the year you forget about fear and commit to success?

Of course, what’s really going to drive your sales is difficult to pinpoint. It could be everything, or it might be just search and social media visibility (paid or organic) plus video, case studies and branded content. Think of the best exposure to good prospects and the most engaging content and you have two good assets.

Use your analytics solution to discover where the problem likely is, and then improve those parts.

Making Priorities Improves Results

But first, let’s step back a bit, and see the big picture. Consider these 8 key elements to prioritize for 2022:

  1. Lead Conversion Funnel: this is the weakest part of most marketing campaigns. There are big gaps in the customer journey, wrong content presented, and often not making the most of the key customer touchpoints. You need to study that funnel path and make sure you’ve got their key motivations covered.
  2. PPC Campaigns Ultra Optimized: Although Facebook and Google like to see you waste your dollars with poor targeting, you must find the right topics and keywords to get the very best audience. PPC campaigns help you find what works with lead generation, so testing everything from ad text to landing pages is wise. The best sources of leads won’t jump out at you. You must feel around until you find the motherload.
  3. Video: Most business are deathly afraid of video but there are ways to leverage this medium to make an impact. Yes, you need an engaging style and have a clear value proposition to lay out for viewers. You’ll need good visuals and you’ll want to be down to earth, helpful, and informative. Avoid the cheesy, loud and obnoxious video work you see on Youtube. That could damage your brand. Prepare for video but don’t do it until you’re ready.
  4. SEO: People search on Google and Bing because they need a solution. So visibility in Google’s search results puts your company in the limelight. Being there makes your company relevant. It could be Google sees more about your content and and visitor engagement than you believe. Making the effort to build impactful, engaging, informative, and sharable content will pay off. Add great content and expert SEO to your PPC and Social Media campaigns and you’ll build omnipresence where prospects can’t avoid seeing you. SEO provides most of your website traffic so don’t neglect this channel.
  5. Social Media Engagement: Another time consuming activity that requires good social skills. Much of the interaction on social media is frivolous, fun and in the moment. Social is important because it is current, right now, at the beginning of a topic. Take the time to find interesting topics/insights to build connections and then draw people in to comment and respond. This makes your company relevant and exciting. That creates attention and gives you an opportunity to present your value proposition. If your target customer doesn’t use social media, (senior executives are prim and proper in their accounts, except Elon Musk) then target their employees, friends, and associates. The message will trickle through to them.
  6. Case Studies: Client/customer case studies present your actual winning experience with a client, especially a brand name client. More importantly, it also reveals your method. It’s your method/process/capability that is most evident to the prospect. They won’t take you at your word. Clients don’t think you’re the ultimate magic man or solution. You’ll have to prove that. The case study invites them into your mastery and results, helping them to identify with you as a provider. Once they visual that, it’s hard for them to turn away.
  7. Digital Marketing Analytics Tools. The information you seek is likely in your data, which is why Google/Facebook/Amazon are trying to dominate it — from cloud to smartphone traffic. Your Google analytics dashboard doesn’t cut it. Good analytics requires an analytics expert to set up the complex datapoints you need to examine. After you’ve mastered this, you may want to move your assets to an AI marketing platform which may offer deep insights. You can segment your audience and then delivery personalized content and propositions to each visitors or customer. This is where everyone is going.
  8. Your Unique Value Proposition. Here’s the top priority. Your UVP is what customers want, so if it’s not good and you’re not communicating very clearly what it is you can do for them, they will move on. Visitors immerse in your content to get a feel whether it is right for them. They can tell fairly quickly whether your product/service is meant for them. That’s why choosing a specific target is so important. One product for all doesn’t work.

You may provide services for companies outside of San Diego or the Bay Area, but it’s still better to key on those regions that most need your service/product. Focus on all points of relevance and create content and a content pathway just for them. A deep review of your UVP is included in the digital marketing audit and performance recommendations report.

These keys to great marketing will lead you to outperform competitors if you follow through with them. Don’t make plans or set goals. We’re not smart enough. Create a powerful digital marketing process and let it calmly lead you to success.

Success is achieved slowly by building strengths in content, execution and insight, yet you will need to do blitzes to ensure you make an impact. Most advertising might be persistent but it’s easy to ignore. Create a digital marketing strategy that presents your laser clear UVP via a big traffic channel using a well designed sales conversion funnel.

If you commit to this, 2022 is going to be your year, because your competitors keep doing the same old boring things. Build preference. Make a change, step it up, and show customers your company is the only one they should work with.

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