8 Conversion Rate Improvement Tips

When visitors to your website don’t become customers or don’t intend to become customers in future, your website and entire funnel path isn’t working.

All the money you’re pouring into online marketing and paid advertising will go to waste if you don’t raise your sales conversion rate. You need real customers.

Yet, there are a lot of reasons why visitors don’t stick to your site nor become your customer.  Some are simple (they have no money) so they don’t understand your value offer. A lot of this trouble can be unearthed in a comprehensive digital marketing audit. It’s wise to dig in to discover what the real issues are.

Sales Funnel Optimization is Hot Today

Conversion rate optimization is about improving your digital assets and taking specific actions to improve the rate at which site visitors become customers.  The process for B2B and B2C companies might be a little different from each other, yet what’s important is how the visitor experience is designed to take them from initial awareness (on Google or Facebook) to making a committed and important action (buying or contacting you).

The points below help to assist them in their mission to find a spot for you in their comfort zone. They’ll build interest, trust and conviction.

If you haven’t already find out more about how to improve conversion rate optimization and content funnel optimization.  For this post, let’s take a direct view of the 8 key things you can do to raise your conversion rate.

Consider how each of them happens on your website and how you might improve.

  1. Grab Attention – Make your product visuals and topics more interesting and approachable. Hook them with something spectacular that very relevant to what they’re looking for.
  2. Present a clear, relevant, personalized value proposition – you don’t spell it out unless you have to, but rather present and demonstrate to your audience the clear relevant benefits they will receive. Just telling them what you do isn’t enough to help them understand the value. Leave nothing to chance but show each segment of your audience the specific benefits they will enjoy.
  3. Build Trust – No one buys until trust has been established.  Visitors build trust based on the voice of your content and how you’ve shown authority, honesty, transparency, and generosity. Definitely illuminate those typical areas of darkness about what you do and what it achieves. And trust evolves from relevance too.  So by discussing their key pain points, and their immediate concerns and what you’ve accomplished for customers/clients, you move into their comfort zone.
  4. Solve their Immediate Pain – Sure customers/clients have big issues, but often only certain pains are foremost in their mind. Capitalize on their short term memory focus by responding to the specific problem that’s pressuring them most (e.g., no website traffic, shopping cart abandonment, low Google rankings).
  5. Encourage Contact –  Visitors want to be welcomed. Do so with friendly talk and imagery/photos which are warming, and portray you and your business as approachable and engaging. Encourage them to ask questions, ask for product info, all in a no risk/obligation fashion.
  6. Show your current clients/shoppers –  Show your client’s logos and get customers to contribute a review/comment together with their photo. These provide proof of relevancy and satisfaction.  Just the presence of name brand logos suggests you’ve been entrusted by top companies to work with them. Customer testimonials can help if they look natural and uncoached.  If these look relevant to visitors, it makes them feel your services/products might be relevant to them.
  7. Make Your Page Headings very relevant  – use them in a way that suggests you have the solution for their pain.  The first paragraph should continue on with that issue and lets them explore your relevant solution.
  8. Make Your Copywriting Relatable and Appropriate to Your Target Audience – Copywriting, even on your blog must resonate to their frame of mind and beliefs.  The voice of your brand is in that copywriting where they hear the real you — your brand.  It’s not what you say but how you say it.  It has to sound like you wrote it, not from a professional copywriter.  If they believe it is you, you build trust and reduce risk. The copy must be engaging, and welcomes them into the issue as an active participant where they get to express “yes, that’s how I feel and believe.”  With that sympatico established, they feel fully safe in contacting you.

The whole topic and process of conversion rate improvement is deep. The point with these 8 tactics is that superficial tactics that don’t really make an emotional impact likely won’t work. And pushing an aggressive call to action or offering freebies or a lower price is not the way to make them understand and respect your offer.

These 8 conversion rate improvement tactics build interest, engagement, hope, and comfort with visitors. It falls in with their natural, organic process of learning about you and your company at their speed.

B2B sales is much more high involvement so the idea of converting visitors to sales quickly is overstated. People want to stay in their comfort zone. With these 8 tactics built into your conversion process, they’ll relax and begin sinking in more deeply into buying from you.

Buyers need justification for hiring you or buying your product/service. Consider how each of these 8 tactics increases their comfort level and connects all the dots leading to a sale.


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