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A revolution is going on in the world of marketing and sales and it’s impacting small business owners like you.  And with prospects ignoring marketing, phone calls, and sales pitches, Sales AI as some call it, is just in time.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

I’ve introduced some of the best new AI marketing software solutions, along with software dedicated to SEO and Copywriting. AI sales solutions for small business is next.

Small business people wear many hats and don’t have the staff or resources of big firms. The net value of Sales AI for SMBs is much higher. And for digital marketing agencies, the boost in range and performance is even greater.

After you’ve read the posts here, you may get much more serious about using AI to grow leads and sales using an AI marketing consultant or specialist in one key area.

A $3 Trillion Dollar Boost to the Economy

AI sales software could contribute up to $2 trillion to the economy, a stat that should peak your interest in how it could help your company’s sales results. It’s doing some things that humans can’t do, and it’s helping in endless ways.

Salesforce found in the recent report that high-performing sales teams are 5 times more likely to be using AI sales solutions. Which at least indicates that successful companies use successful systems.

If you’re a seasoned salesperson, you’re likely looking for more sophisticated insights and trends and it’s wise to check out some of the better marketing and sales platforms to see what their upper end is. For SMB owners not familiar with internet sales software, this post is a good introduction.

More Time Selling to The Best Prospects

CRM Magazine reported that sales reps generally spend 80% of their time qualifying leads and only 20% closing deals. AI promises to reverse that. With more dynamic prospect information and multifaceted analysis available, it will create a more complete, real-time picture of a lead and assist with closing.

In the AI real estate realm, Keller Williams is the leader. They’ve announced partnerships with Kungfu ai, CognitiveScale, as well creating their own custom apps.

Keller Williams has teamed up with AI software firms to analyze its huge sales database, to discover trends, KPIs, and find future sales trends. KW hired AI firm And this year they announced they are building a comprehensive set of AI-powered applications for real estate agents and home buyers, that build on top of each other. —

Sales AI
Graphic courtesy of Inside Sales State of Marketing Report.

What Could AI Sales Software Do For You?

Small businesses have a wide variety of expertise, tools and sophistication when it comes to selling.  Soon, most will become more savvy about sales because of what AI is offering.   For sometime now, salespeople have been drowning in sales data and interpretations, which only results in confusion, discouragement, and wasted energy pursuing the wrong leads.

Better data processing, better insight, and automated techniques via AI Sales solutions means it’s becoming manageable and effective in growing revenue.  Less confusion, less risk, less failure, and more conversions translates to really good value.

Good AI marketing software with sales components can map the entire customer journey for you giving you clarity, confidence and the ability to plan and execute sales plans better.

Specifically, What could AI Sales Solutions actually do for You?

Each sales teams has unique needs, tasks, and weaknesses, but here’s some to know:

  1. help identify real prospects and which of those are most likely to convert
  2. help you avoid failure and to learn faster from failure
  3. no real need for personas because you get actions for each specific real customer based on their actual behavior, which helps reduce guessing
  4. help score the leads and more accurately
  5. tell you your real KPIs through analyzing real customer behavior
  6. help pinpoint where they are in their buying cycle
  7. analyze your data and offer a sales forecast
  8. sales bots can automate customer conversations for common inquiries and pass through inquiries that show real buying intent
  9. recommend the next best action for the salespeople to take
  10. provide real time engagement and content delivery to keep more prospects coming through the sales funnel
  11. continuously learn more about your market and customers
AI Sales Benefits
Graphic courtesy of Inside Sales State of Marketing Report.

It’s Really About Focusing on the Best Leads

B2B and B2C sales people alike are interested in advanced features such as AI predictive analytics, audience segmentation, real time engagement, better lead scoring which helps reach the highest quality prospects quickly. They’ll hand that lead off to you nicely.

AI sales technology products can ignore time wasting, poor scoring leads or provide them with top of funnel content that’s suitable for their curiosity.

The key is to allow the sales team to find and focus on the highest quality prospects. That fact right there is why AI sales software is so highly sought now. And there’s hundreds of AI startup companies developing better features and performance than the last.

Salesforce Sales Report
Graphic courtesy of Inside Sales State of Marketing Report.

A Turbo Boost for Hot Leads

Sales AI software automates typical sales processes, optimizes them, and improves conversions.

Basically, as a process, AI Sales solutions help to identify the best prospects clearly, determine what it takes to lead them through sales funnel, predict and present the right content and communications, to create a sale.

Sales AI software creates deep insights into sales conversations, what went wrong and what to do about that in future. It’s like a sales coach, and a very good one.

But it doesn’t mean the end of sales people. AI just makes them smarter, and it’s going to get more competitive, so a good sales pro is always needed.  In B2B, it’s a human which closes the sale.

http://Screen Capture courtesy of Salesforce State of Sales Report


Advanced Lead Processing is Good for Prospects Too

All of the lead qualification process is done fast and that means less wear and tear on the prospect. Customers want fast solutions that match their enthusiasm!

And when the lead is presented to the sales person, the AI analytics tools can help nurture them along in your drip email campaigns and follow ups. Some of these tools can tell the salesperson a lot about the prospect, what they need now, will need, and about their specific pain points.

The system’s creators designed them to collect and process volumes of sales and behavioral data. Rather than doing the analysis, it’s done for you — automation. The point of you using this software is that it is a very sophisticated sales too with power and time saving simplicity you can’t get anywhere else.

sales expertise
http://Screen Capture courtesy of Salesforce State of Sales Report

From the Prospect’s Point of View

Who can resist a salesperson who has all the right answers? The comfort level is so high, you trust them.

Most times when I speak with a sales rep, I’m resistant to being sold something that doesn’t suit me. I’m picky and want the exact right thing. And when those reps seem to know what I need and pave my path to possible fulfillment, I’m willing to listen and am very likely to buy. That’s happened many times.

You lose the sale because you couldn’t present the solution properly, most because you lack data. AI digs in and does its homework.  But if the system sets the lead up and gives you real time coaching, wow, the prospect will sense in your voice and conversation that you’re in tune with their needs.

sales skills

Most B2B buyers want to buy. But the solution wasn’t presented right and the buyer withdrew. And this is the value of AI marketing in that it’s able to test and learn to determine the right solution, then present content / messaging in the correct order, and set up a successful sales conversion for you.

All the friction, mental work, and doubt seems to be removed for the buyer. So when a human salesperson is inevitably involved, that lead has almost decided to buy. Who wouldn’t want perfectly qualified leads with all you need to know about them?

The purpose of your website and the AI sales solution is to gather info fast, and create and nurture that ideal lead.
Take some time to review some of these AI sales platforms, apps and solutions for small business:


Infer promises to give you a 360° view of your customer and their buying journey.  Infer helps optimize the sales funnel with its lead scoring model, smart funnel, and predictive lead generation suites of apps.

Infer AI

Pipedrive Sales Assistant

The popular Pipedrive CRM suite of apps helps you manage leads, track communications, and dive into customized metrics for your business. It’s their sales assistant which uses AI.

Pipedrive AI Assistant


Conversica Sales AI Assistants work together with real people to personalize your lead conversion process. They promise to align your sales and marketing efforts to save more leads.

Conversica AI predictive analytics

Predictive Sales AI

Predictive Sales AI uses the power of AI predictive analytics to optimize the sales funnel from the moment a lead enters your system to the final sale. They specialize in home service contracting companies.

predictive sales AI


SalesChoice is an affordable solution that really focuses on predictive analytics to help you convert your best leads and identify new ones.  There dashboards offer deeper insight including intent to purchase scores.

People AI uses AI to increase your sales team’s productivity, unlock hidden coaching opportunities, and gain actionable deal level visibility into the sales pipeline. It coaches your sales team to uncover opportunities, offers insights into deals, increases sales productivity and delivers reliable reports and forecasts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these introductory posts on artificial intelligence solutions for sales, marketing, SEO and copywriting.  It’s a tough topic to immerse yourself in and get to the point where you can select a solution and commit to it.

Try not to procrastinate, while the economy is doing well. These take time to learn and to transform your marketing and sales efforts, not to mention grow your team.

The real value might come in how your B2B sales team grows its expertise and become much better sales pros.

Don’t forget to inquire about how my digital marketing services might fit into your new AI driven business.


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