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Great content is the essence of successful marketing. Since visibility, impact, engagement, and brand differentiation are difficult to achieve, excellent content is tasked to make campaigns successful.

Without great content, marketing campaigns do suffer. Yet creating great content is costly and time consuming, and it has a variety of objectives it must achieve.

It’s too much which is why businesses are showing keen interest in something called generative AI. Let’s delve into that opportunity now.

There’s big pressure on human content generators, to access top notch market research and topic research, develop edgy, creative ideas for marketing pieces, and yet, there is limited time to develop blogs, pdfs, videos and graphics. Serious journalists as well are under pressure to conduct research and assemble an award winning news article to meet tight deadlines.

Content generators face:

  • insufficient expertise about market demand
  • insufficient skills, funds, resources and collaboration
  • insufficient time, inspiration and energy to create high volumes of content
  • insufficient time to update and manage large content collections
  • lacking budget, many companies won’t even try to develop quality content
  • content lacks brand differentiation
  • SEO applied to content and websites is mediocre
  • poor analytics to know what worked and what didn’t
  • stiff competition from large corporations (market leaders)

The key challenge then for creators is topic-selection, quality, and quantity. Of course, today, the accent is on content quality since high performing content is usually the most rewarding for users. Can generative AI deliver what’s needed?

The reward, if it can, is much more traffic, better engagement, and more sales (market leadership).

AI Computing Can Do it Faster

Competing in a crowded content marketplace up against big corporations and robot writers is daunting.  SMBs are avoiding it in a kind of a desperation mode, by paying Google/Facebook whatever they ad costs they charge. Increasingly, only the market leader gains visibility and Google/Facebook move money away from organic content and into their ad programs.

And if a company/brand is not the market leader, it’s likely struggling for visibility and credibility with consumers.  Yet, even advertising requires great content to succeed.  Marketers are back to the same problem whatever promotional route they take — the content conveys the brand value and launches engagement.

The fact is, your content represents your brand, fulfills Google ranking algorithms, communicates messages, makes impact, engages customers, and helps move them through the bottom of the funnel to make purchases. It has to be done well and fast. Perhaps AI can help?

And your competitor’s content has brainwashed the audience. Your content must overcome that too.

AI Marketing Software

Artificial Intelligence Writing SoftwareThere’s quite a stir now about AI marketing software tools including AI writing tools, AI sales tools, and AI SEO tools, but they’re not quite at the stellar level where they can make a real difference, especially in B2B, where topic expertise is vital.

For the most part they can do mundane, basic tasks such as writing email, product descriptions, articles titles, keyword advice etc. along with placing ads.

AI Generated Content

A growing number of AI-enhanced content generation tools are gaining popularity. Yet, with respect to Google which owns 95% of the search marketplace, it is considered spam.

Consider this passage from Google’s chief anti-spam engineer:

For us these would, essentially, still fall into the category of automatically generated content which is something we’ve had in the Webmaster Guidelines since almost the beginning.

People have been automatically generating content in lots of different ways. And for us, if you’re using machine learning tools to generate your content, it’s essentially the same as if you’re just shuffling words around, or looking up synonyms, or doing the translation tricks that people used to do. Those kind of things.

My suspicion is maybe the quality of content is a little bit better than the really old school tools, but for us it’s still automatically generated content, and that means for us it’s still against the Webmaster Guidelines. So we would consider that to be spam.”

The mass application of AI content generation tools increasingly means content is not being created by humans, and it might be referred as spam which is not quality assured by a human.  AI content generators simply scrape existing content and rework it to be a reasonable facsimile. And it’s done to avoid all the time consuming research and validation process.

Obviously, that’s not good for all of us and our reliance on the public information base.  It’s likely private information bases (free of AI spam) could become more popular.

OpenAI Chat GPT Content Generation Tool

The OpenAI product ChatGPT is one tool of recent that’s drawing attention. It’s so popular now, it’s at capacity, and you may not be able to try it out. Microsoft is in talks with OpenAI to buy it for $10 Billion. They may look to use it to enhance Bing search to compete with Google.

This AI tool if developed further, could be trained to produce content which then could be reshaped and edited to be be successful.

With AI content generative Chat GPT, you are able to ask a question with instructions which leads to the software searching its database for related content and then produce an article on the topic you are inquiring about. In the near future (with huge database) it will educate, present findings, and identify key documents which will be shared by millions of users. That’s fairly powerful.

On the dark side, are millions of marketeers using it to create vast quantities of low quality content to draw visitors (clickbait and ad clicks on their sites). It could spawn a mountain of spammy content on the web.

Generative AI Taking Over Digital Marketing?

Generative AI can be much more than just writing articles.

The bigger picture matter with generative AI is its potential capacity to combine with automation technology to manage all of your marketing campaign tasks too — from advertisement ad writing, product marketing pages, landing pages, blogs, social media posts, graphic ad generation, along with campaign management on media channels.

That’s a game changer for smaller companies, brands, and marketing teams. In your case, you move funds from staffing to a solution that utilizes a content expert and marketing manager. Marketing is then done by the software and overviewed by a marketer. Creative inputs will be required, but you could see big improvements in performance along with staff labor costs reduction.

Generative AI and marketing AI tools then could manage the entire marketing campaign itself. Generative AI could be integrated into Adobe Marketing Cloud for a fuller campaign coverage, thus making management a lot simpler for SMB firms.

Competing Like a Market Leader

Market leaders are usually described in terms of a focused, well-managed brand, superb content, strong online visibility, high rankings, and big amplification or reach. We’re not far from small companies having the same capabilities. This will present problems for market leaders to maintain leadership through spend only.

A small business could then produce a marketing campaign similar to top leading brands. That would level out the playing field significantly. Imagine a small business that might generate one high quality blog post per day instead of every week. Or which can generate text ads on Facebook, Google and Linkedin similar to the leading brands.

Generative AI Creates New Content

Generative AI is not just a copy cat though. It is capable of creating new content. Content spiders can collect or be given huge quantities of content. Although a good amount of content still resides behind firewalls and paywalls, what is freely available is a great resource.

The point of generative AI is not that it will cut marketing marketing staff costs considerably, it’s that it will guide expert content producers to create more effective content. Expertise plus powerful processing plus unlimited production power takes it to a new level.

Generative AI will eventually help make content much better and make content marketers much more successful.

There’s a lot that goes into creative great content from market research and pertinent data, to content engagement techniques, to funnel progress, to search engine optimization to generating a user action. Content and creators are under big expectations but little resources or support are available.

Generative AI Content Production

Generative AI can collect vast quantities of content, including those that rank highest on Google, get the most traffic and likes and shares on social media. It also accepts new data (user input) to extend its capabilities.
It can analyze to synthesize the best topics and then write content pieces that match the marketer’s communications criteria.

Obviously, Generative AI systems can take a lot more data into account, organize it more efficiently, and produce output more consistently, and never get tired or uninspired. But you might be thinking, “still, it doesn’t have the creativity, insight and skill of talented human.” And you’d be right which is why it has to be an assistive technology.

Human Expertise Enters the Picture

Of course, Generative AI doesn’t know your customer or brand that well. It’s not capable of understanding those things. It simply collects, organizes and produces. It’s basically an electronic puppet. And it will speak confidently about items that simply aren’t real or true.

Generative AI needs the help of a content topic expert with marketing skills/mastery who can train the system to produce the best content (in brand voice) which then can be edited and re-produced by a person.  Your content, vocabulary, and instructions can help it out.

That puts Generative AI into the assistive AI category, where the robots are helping talented writers and marketers achieve their goals.

Analytics AI then comes in as well, to assess success feedback for the next iteration of outstanding content.

Can AI Content Software Do the Trick?

Are AI content software apps such as ChatGPT, Jasper, GetGenie for WordPress, suffice for serious content production?

These tools might waste your time at present, however, for some content writers, they may help to create useful content ideas, write it better (grammarly), and improve search engine optimization.

There are hopes that the software will understand brands, brand values, UVPs, selling propositions and master this perfectly for individual brands with the right brand voice.  That’s a big ask.

Yet, competitors could easily replicate your entire brand and online content, only doing it better.

For experienced content writers and journalists who must convey high level ideas to a sophisticated reader audience, these applications could prove embarrassing if used alone.

The generative AI software can find common ideas in content it collects online (scrapers), understand them and produce passages that seem to explain a solution. Yet, they’ll be doing the very same thing for other content marketers. That means a lot of duplicated content, which Google is very concerned about.

Google will seek to filter out this content and punish websites that use generative ai content scrapers.  There are some copyright issues that will battled out in the courts.

Google is calling AI Chatbots a code red threat to their search engine since it could bypass Google’s search engine with an alternative and different sets of results that they’re not comfortable delivering to users.

Creating a Google search alternative might be one of the greatest gifts to the small to medium-sized business community.

Please do bookmark this post, as I’ll update it with new views and solutions as they are announced.

Get up to date on the best Marketing AI software today, and use them in concert with topic expertise to build unparalleled leadership in rankings, engagement and conversions.

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