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23 years ago, I began offering my SEO services to San Diego, CA area businesses.  It was a great decision. I’m following up with a big push to represent San Diego area companies with better SEO service, better marketing strategies with packages that leverage the best authoritative content, and creative social media strategies.

My clients in SD and North County were excellent and their relaxed attitude made a big impression on me.

What makes Southern Californians unique is their confidence in business. That’s California’s magic. This state which draws so many people from everywhere, has a faith, confidence and calm approach that others must experience to understand. San Diego companies are the most visionary and optimistic.

Build Your Market Leadership

What your company may lack is team members who are experts, determined, and incredibly diligent.  That’s what makes the matchup with me so good.

A new level of SEO Mastery includes:


    • better keyword research means better leads
    • more in-depth and authoritative content that bloggers love to link to
    • engaging, informative content that visitors love to linger on
    • proven, sophisticated techniques for keyword rankings
    • competing and winning against big corporate competitors


My SD clients included tennis ecommerce entrepreneurs, real estate moguls, IT pros and surfers, and they chose me because they could see the ingenuity, drive, heart and determination I possessed.  Of course, success is about passion and a driving desire to be the best.

Researching and authoring two books on SEO strategy is helpful, and applied strategy is critical to achieve top traffic and rankings. The key to powering up SEO results for San Diego business is to celebrate how wonderful your company is.  It’s that attitude that really powers up your unique value proposition. It makes it more relevant and personalized to your customers.

Beyond that, it takes skilled search engine optimization, social media visibility, advertising and very high quality content to win the top.  The matter of the best content, and winning content strategy is important too.

San Diego’s Best Companies

Is your firm looking to become a market leader in the medical field, a real estate broker, sports retailer, travel company, restaurant, car rental company, IT service provider, health supplements, alternative energy, electronic devices or other industries San Diego is strong in.

Since many San Diego web design and web development companies need an edge to win new customers, they suggest they offer SEO services. However, SEO can’t be done as a sideline by part time novices. Competition in search results in San Diego is intense. Companies in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and other places compete for San Diego clients too.

I take your business seriously, and I do offer a thorough digital marketing audit that can help you understand your company and opportunities at a deeper level. If you’re not sure why you’re not doing better online or how your brand is ailing, then it’s a good way to start.

Please review the SEO service packages and start visualizing a big turnaround for you online.  The recovery of 2021 will bring huge rewards for some So Cal companies. I hope your company is one of them.


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