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14 years ago, I began offering my SEO services in San Diego, CA.  It was a great decision.  My clients in SD and North County were excellent and had a nice, relaxed attitude.  Very refreshing for those outside California.

They recognized my passion and insight into search engine optimization, but more than this, they recognized a hard worker.  They knew I was from the north, had the habit of working hard, and I absolutely love San Diego. If I’m not writing about AI marketing, I am often writing about San Diego.

There were a very limited number of credible companies with SEO expertise at the time. I felt the market in SD would respond to a provider with experience and someone who applied strategy and science to the task. That brand positioning worked well.

There’s More Value to High Powered SEO Than You Expect

My new clients in greater San Diego wanted someone who could plan and execute the content strategy in a way that would benefit SEO results. They believed a high volume of traffic was the foundation of a successful online marketing strategy. Yet, other benefits appeared such as them moving products they had never been able to sell before.

Certainly, large traffic from search engines (and social media) is vital, however there are many other benefits with SEO:

  • high visibility on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • prestige from being seen on Google
  • credibility from being ranked at the top by Google
  • high quality leads that are converted to actual sales
  • return visitors and knowing why they return
  • engaged visitors who share content on social media channels
  • deep analytics insights from users visiting pages and choosing content paths
  • feedback on the company’s content, valuable proposition, and customer service


In Any of San Diego’s Industries

Your firm might be a startup in the medical field, a real estate broker, sports retailer, travel company, restaurant, car rental company, IT service provider, health supplements, alternative energy, electronic devices or other industries San Diego is strong in.

Since many San Diego web design and web development companies need an edge to win new customers, they suggest they offer SEO services. However, SEO can’t be done as a sideline by part time novices. Competition in search results in San Diego is intense. Companies in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and other places compete for San Diego clients.

Full Service SEO: But Prioritized

Check out our full SEO services for San Diego companies. You’ll be relieved you found AI Marketers. And consider buying a copy of my book on SEO and copywriting. It’s all about building an unbeatable advantage.

Sourcing from the best, strategic and experienced SEO’s means San Diego companies can become market leaders.

SEO is a key part of your online marketing effort, which by the way may soon involve AI marketing software. If an SEO professional company offers a specialized creative, strategic and creative edge, they must be a better choice for San Diego firms.

We hope you’ll see quickly that AI Marketers offers an unbeatable value proposition for companies in San Diego County. Our mix of SEO, social media and content strategy will help power up every area of your marketing effort. Successful SEO feeds into everything from company visibility to return visits to brand image. It bears repeating that our brand promise is stellar.


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