Google SEO for 2022

Are you planning for better sales results from your digital marketing efforts for 2022? Excellent! It’s time then to prioritize your marketing budget to ensure you build a marketing powerhouse.

Through experience, we all discover that the free, organic exposure achieved via Google (and Facebook) and great content generates the best, sustainable results. High searching engine rankings is a challenge, but let’s explore why this should be your top priority right now.

2022 is the Beginning of the Real Recovery

There’s little doubt that this year is going to be a grand one. The Omicron virus will be a short plague because stats show vaccines, pharma drugs, and herd immunity are winning.

The bullish stock market is enjoying a nice year end rally which means investors expect excellent earnings ahead. Very optimistic looking economic forecast with US GDP expected to rise 4.3%. That’s a conservative estimate. Consumers have a lot of savings and they were spending big in 2021. The growing number of US job openings is astounding so the potential is obviously positive.

Low interest rates, stimulus and the relaunch all point to a profitable year.  And startups might be seeing this as one of those key launch years for real success.

However, most companies aren’t ready.

Endless Opportunities for the Courageous

We’ll be able to move ahead with our businesses during this amazing year of 2022.  Many companies are expecting big sales numbers. Travel, entertainment, sports, and restaurants are hoping for a strong rebound. Yet if they haven’t done their digital marketing well, it may not happen.

The marketplace has changed, consumers have changed. New brand competitors have entered with exciting new value propositions with their own big marketing campaigns. These companies believe they have the edge and they’re spending big to power up their presence and messages to compete with the market leaders.

If we want to stay visible, we’ll need to be more mindful of investments and actions that get our message across strongly, persistently, and with a story line delivered via great content.  Perhaps the top priority is big visibility on Google and Facebook with an engaging brand storyline?  What if you could do both simultaneously?  In the end, it’s your Google rankings that feed real success.

Screenshot courtesy of Hubspot’s “Not another state of the marketing report”

Big Money Ad Budgets Boost Google’s Profits

Have you seen Google’s stock price. It’s up 70% this year, a horrible year! Wonder how they’re doing it?

Since Google SEO has become increasingly difficult, a lot of companies have backed off the organic lead generation trail, preferring to advertise on Google and Facebook instead. They simply aren’t getting results because Google has squeezed out SMBs while FB has scrunched organic reach. Not nice, but monopolies can do that.

Advertising is the short term backup plan when the high performing organic river dries up.  Ads are part of the package, but can’t be all of it.  Competitors can beat you via advertising by spending more, making you look like a chintzy, small time player.

Yes, if you bid very high, optimize ad quality, and get on the very top of Google’s search results pages, that is incredibly valuable real estate. It’s always recommended to so some PPC to ensure you gain omnipresence. Omnipresence online helps to generate impact and to reassure your customers that you are a key provider in your industry.

With big ad budgets, they can generate more visibility, impact and skew prospect’s focus off of quality and onto false promises and solutions that are profitable for them, but not so much the customer. Consider what Tesla can do, and how difficult the challenge is for small EV manufacturers. That brand of theirs is so powerful and omnipresent, that small challengers need to be thorough in capturing a niche. Without visibility online, and the help of automotive journalists and bloggers, their fate doesn’t look good. (Be careful if you’re investing in them).

First, Foremost and Always

Top Marketing Priorities 2022
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Respect the awesome power of visibility and omnipresence. It may take time to capture your audience, but they’re just waiting for you to adjust your value proposition and hit them with the inimitable offer they long for. In the meantime, you can at least build awareness, trust, relevance, and get your most important benefit across.

They want an offer commensurate with the company you’ve told them you are. Once you get the two aligned, it will create considerable sales success.

And being the first company or brand which prospects see is important. First awareness can seriously outweigh the advantages of the top brands in your sector. Big brands may rely on “first awareness” much more than you realize. Being ranked at the top of Google search results carries surprise, credibility, relevance, and creates a customer experience.

What you need to do is load up on the big top end of the funnel and make your brand/company super visible.

First to Be Served

Whatever customers see and read first, and the messages, imagery and value propositions they experience first, will impact their intent and ultimate choice. If you’re visible, you’ve got a chance.

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Of course to avoid customer acquisition costs of $500 to $1000 per lead, you must have your content and lead funnel conversion pathway optimized. You must be good, because you don’t want to warm up that lead, and then lose them. Right from the get go, they need to know your brand and UVP are the epitome of excellence, that further research is pointless. They’ve found number one.

Let’s say you aren’t plastered on the top of the Google ad space though. Can you still convert prospects to your way of thinking?

You can, but you need visibility to reach them, and if you’ve built omnipresence, you’ll have a good shot to pull these prospects away from the market leader. I’ve represented underdogs so many times and have won. It can be done. At first, it seems ludicrous, but through research and a good strategy, you discover the opportunities. Be positive, this is doable.

Always keep in mind that big companies don’t pursue excellence in content or strategy because they don’t have to. They leverage huge ad budgets like it was Thor’s Hammer, and easily dominate through the power of money. That is their strength!

Search Visibility is A Top Priority

Visibility on Google and Bing are very important because all consumers search. They always have some questions, some problem or issue, or they just need education before committing to a purchase. Trillions of search engine visits online attests to that fact.

Top rankings are challenging, and you will likely have to do more in 2022. Remember that you’re likely up against companies who have been around for 10 to 20 years and built up sizable equity in ranking power and brand power. Coasting on a small budget won’t work.

Not hiring an SEO expert is a mistake. They’re your best ally in competing and generating keyword niches and big overall traffic on relevant keyword phrases. Go with an SEO pro and you’ve got a chance.

However, SEO experts still struggle to compete against behemoth corporations with their infinite budgets and huge staff of writers, designers, public relations consultants, and business development people. Increasingly, SEO campaigns take a lot of research and time to develop the correct content and building links. These are very difficult tasks, requiring energy, patience, strategy, research, communications and even social schmoozing.

Epic content is a key to success, but it’s time consuming to research and generate:

Effect of Content Length on Shares and Backlinks
Screenshot courtesy of SemRush SEO Software. See more at

Reaching out in 2022

Key relationships have to be identified and then nurtured. Again, loads of time is needed.

As part of your brand communication strategy, reaching influencers, bloggers, and journalists in your industry is vital. Google has given a big boost to big media of recent, and they are beginning to take up more of the search traffic. That will increase in 2022.

You need these people because they share your message. They present your content to the web and social media sphere. You can’t do that on your own. You must have others distribute, promote and care about your content.

To reach big media journalists, bloggers and social influencers you’ll need:

  • hire outreach specialists who can focus on this difficult off-site publishing and link acquisition task
  • create the highest quality, epic content you can to generate surprise, excitement and impact because great content has much power unto itself
  • ensure your content contains all your vital keywords and topics which will then be seen on others websites and will be linked to your site (you share your own keyword future)
  • quality SEO software (ahrefs or SemRush SEO software) to help you understand how your competition is achieving their rankings
  • advertise on Google and Bing to discover the most high converting, profitable keyword phrases and the best way for your content funnel pathway to convert to sales
  • invest the time to build social media connections and engage with them in a personal one to one fashion to encourage Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin to let your posts be seen on their channels
  • optimize your website to make it as fast as possible (adopt Google Amp)
  • don’t hire mediocre beginners for anything
  • research your customer’s intent: what are they seeking via Google and what’s their end goal in satisfaction?
  • show you care in your copy and why you do what your company does — why they should care


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