Top Features of High Ranking Websites

A lot of business owners dream of high Google rankings, yet only a relatively few websites enjoy such status.

Are you wondering why your company website’s rankings are lagging and why your competitors are doing well? Is it content quality, keyword usage, site speed, or something unknown? Is it simply because you don’t have an expert level SEO optimizing your site?

Utilizing an advanced SEO strategy managing your organic visibility and lead generation is definitely the number one factor. However, it’s worth it to understand why some sites do so well on Google.

Top ranking websites often have some shared characteristics. These days, top ranking website owners are spending a lot to generate those rankings and they’re spending on a wide variety of elements. These elements discussed below help to give Google the signals it’s looking for.

So yes, money to spend is a common element in top ranking sites. But it’s what that money buys that actually makes the difference. Making a successful website and strong digital presence is expensive. Content is expensive, SEO is expensive, analytics tools will cost you, advertising and marketing partnerships are expensive, web design is costly, and creating a strong brand is also expensive. But they’re all needed to win. These are your rank building assets. To compete well, you’ll need to leverage these and other assets.

You may not be anything wrong right now. You’re likely not spending enough on these critical elements. Yet spending without the guidance of an SEO expert is risky business (ineffective and lost opportunity).  Lets’ get some clarity.

“Top 200 Ranking Factors”

There are some low grade, hyped up studies on ranking factors such as “top 200 ranking factors” but few were able to definitively determine how much ranking effect each has. The truth is, you can do specific things in your search engine optimization well, and you may beat other web pages that everything going for them. If a few clustered signals are very strong, Google will pick that up.

That’s how an advanced SEO pro competes well. Techniques and Strategy.  Build advantages where you can. Amateurs rely on Pagerank or ranking power, whereas the pros focus ranking power to dominate critically important topics. The quality signals for that are higher than a large, general, high Pagerank web page. Unfortunately, you could also dilute ranking signals and see your ranking disappear.

An SEO has full capable to utilize all of these ranking drivers below to grow important keyword rankings.

The Top 15 Ranking Drivers:

  1. backlinks to the page from quality, keyword relevant domains (good content and strong promotion reaches people who like your brand and product/service)
  2. anchor text and keywords used other websites that link to the page (you determine what others say about your site)
  3. number of relevant backlinks from other websites (popularity still important)
  4. links from corporate subsidiaries or business partners (domain authority from industry networks)
  5. keywords and related words in title tags
  6. keywords and related words in headings
  7. keywords and related words in main page copy especially in first 3 paragraphs
  8. keywords in anchor text on the site – establishing keyword topics and themes
  9. rich, engaging content that keeps visitors immersed and spending more time on the full website
  10. length of page in words and depth of content – richer content offering more value to user
  11. content enrichment – images, lists, quotes, video, charts, links to other relevant content
  12. lack of poor core metrics and slow loading speed – poor web design and developer coding
  13. freshness/updated content – content pieces keep their relevance and value
  14. keyword in directory or page name
  15. unique content well constructed, organized according to a topic and presented well without redundancy

Eventually, Excellent Content Will Win

There are many additional minor web page or site signals Google looks at. However, these are not significant and many sites that have technical and others issues still rank at the top. If you have the content everyone wants to view, then your page will rank well. Google always looks for the recognized authority on topics and users do too.

Promotional spend and effort are very important. You can literally push and sell bad content and gain some benefit. Much of the highest ranking material on search engine optimization in Google’s results is misleading, shallow, full of hype and lacking in real value. It’s empty calories that gives you no real insight or direction. It often has strong promotional support.  Most of it is designed to confuse and distract from what really matters — because the SEO company can’t deliver that value organically.

Promotion and PR are good, they help significantly. However, over the long haul, it is the presence of something really valuable on your site that makes web users take notice and link to. Sometimes it’s just the idea that it should be important that causes people to link to it and share it. We’ve all seen junk and spam get shared. It’s because it tapped into the spirit of something (and nothing better was seemingly available) so web users referred that junk content.

If you research, design and promote useful, credible, trustworthy, and helpful content that fits in with people’s beliefs, they will link to your content. You must have authoritative websites, bloggers, industry people and influencers linking to your content.

So all you have to do is build the content, promote it strongly and get it in front of all of these people. So if a website isn’t ranking highly , it may be due to a lack of strong outreach, PR and promotion. No one has seen it yet, so no links to it. But if they did find that content, they may rave about it, share it on Twitter and Facebook, and link to it from their own website.

Promotion — marketing your marketing is the number one factor for ranking success


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