Building Your Powerful Linkedin Marketing Campaign

Linkedin is a much-neglected marketing channel for businesses and consultants.

This platform is not like Twitter or Facebook. It’s a professional channel and what you post and say becomes part of your professional reputation or brand.

Facebook gets all the ink but in fact, Linkedin offers a much better user base.  Wealthy, well-educated, ambitious, and often with high employment credential, makes Linkedin much better than Facebook.  And when you combine advanced SEO with Linkedin ads, it’s the ultimate B2B lead generation system.

It’s not what you know, or who you know. It’s Who Knows You and what they think!


Linkedin Offers Greater Credibility and Trust

Linkedin can be effective for B2B, where credibility, trust and competence are key matters for any business owner or B2B buyer. And it’s the senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and thought leaders you might reach and impact that makes it truly exciting.

This channel offers a way/reason to connect to them directly or via millions of employees, managers and independents who are active on Linkedin. The demographics are simply excellent. When this crowd shares your posts, content or announcements, it can be big business generator.

While one goal is to establish your credibility and authority in your industry, there are other objectives to your campaign too, such as being likable, respected for your hard work and innovation, as well as establishing a good fit for you, your services/products with prospective customers. Of course, there is collateral required to make an impact and gain the status of a significant connection.

400 Million Active Users

Linkedin says they have 800 million users, half of which are active participants. Given users can hold only possess one Linkedin account it represents a credible, solid lead source for B2B marketers. People use this channel for employment, networking, and professional-related communications purposes. Stats suggest users share great content and make a real impact with other professionals. The seriousness of this network means less of your time in prospecting and engaging will be wasted.

Even for Realtors who typically draw from local connections and Facebook ads, Linkedin can draw leads from a different group of wealthy home buyers (and sellers) and upwardly progressive Millennials. Too often, real estate marketing packages focus on Google and FB ads for impulse buyers and sellers. Linkedin is an explored channel for many businesses and professionals and you must establish yourself.

Linkedin drives traffic and leads.
Linkedin drives traffic and leads. Screenshot courtesy of Linkedin.
Best Lead Generation Social Media Channel.
Best Lead Generation Social Media Channel. Screenshot courtesy of Linkedin.

21 Basic Steps of Your Linkedin Campaign

  1. Define your goals for your Linkedin campaign
  2. define and target/connect with the right audience
  3. define customer pain points, relevance considerations to achieve, and build helpful content
  4. craft your personal or business value proposition for this channel
  5. choose and craft your key message and call to action via testing
  6. define the theme of the campaign which will get heard and make an impression
  7. research and prepare special content for Linkedin campaign (posts, images, surveys, articles, sponsored content, company/industry events, live Zoomcasts)
  8. establish and prioritize your key content pages and downloadables (case studies, research, performance proof, credentials, audio/video interviews, ebooks, guides)
  9. determine one key report/topic per quarter, and which evergreen content to promote
  10. strategize how your supporting content will feed/substantiate the impact of your key content piece (prospect engagement will tell you which piece is the one that creates leads)
  11. build your company page with product pages and showcase pages
  12. build and optimize your personal profile page (CEO, marketing manager, salespeople)
  13. build your Showcase Pages: Demonstrate thought leadership with a specific audience in mind
  14. create your calendar of scheduled posts
  15. engage with your audience and share their content
  16. prepare interesting twice weekly posts that impact, interest, and engage your connections
  17. establish your campaign goal — leads via phone or contact form
  18. add tracking code to your website to help measure performance (use Linkedin’s tags on all content)
  19. amplify your visibility through Linkedin ad programs – sponsored content, sponsored updates, sponsored InMail, Dynamic ads, and text ads
  20. create landing pages on Linkedin or on your website for paid ad campaigns
  21. research, follow, and find clever ways to engage with high-quality prospects

After you’ve prepared your Linkedin strategy, you can investigate Linkedin’s paid advertising and promotional services. This really helps with precision targeting of your best audience.  Opening an account will give you access to better analytics within the Linkedin platform.

Pivot on Your Brand/UVP

The complete campaign via Linkedin is built on your brand/UVP as this is what customers are buying. Your campaign needs that laser focus to build impact/significance over time. This will help ensure you don’t introduce material and messages that distract and cause you to lose impact. Focus is essential.

Linkedin prefers content and links that keep visitors on their site, and by adhering to that, you may see higher reach on their platform. However, for the audience you’ve already captured and engaged with, making continuous significance against the prospect’s pain points and hopes is essential.

Since Linkedin’s content and engagement process is so focused and fused within a rich environment of professional business people, it may make sense to funnel more traffic directly to your Linkedin page via your web content, and other social media accounts.

Your Linkedin page will present your value proposition precisely and it’s on a platform that is highly respected. Besides leading prospects to engage with you professionally, it is a rich business-focused environment, that encourages directly contact with you or a sales team member.

Let’s Develop Your Profile and Your Company’s Profile

I can play a key role in developing your personal account and your company account to help you build a sizable following and reach many key purchase influencers. And your well-targeted, relevant, high-volume Google traffic can be funneled into your Linkedin lead machine too.  Whatever creates and converts leads best is what you’ll use.

You will have to participate, but I realize you need me to handle the lion’s share of Linkedin work. It is a lot of work and requires concentration.

Linkedin is a content and engagement platform, and it requires some genius and innovation to present content and messages to engage with intelligent and successful professionals.  We’ve got the steps to build your powerhouse, and with my innovation and ability to help you create meaningful professional conversations and connections, the sky is the limit.

Learn more about Gord Collins, author, researcher, and SEO specialist for big brands.

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