Launch an AI Marketing Startup?

Are you investigating investing in new business startup opportunities? The economy is roaring and many investors have the financial resources to jump into a new line of business — services, products, software, and advice.

Progressive minded investors would be wise to explore AI-powered marketing services in particular. Why invest in an AI marketing startup? What is the value proposition and potential ROI?

AI marketing systems are evolving and promising to make marketing strategists even better. It’s all about the data, and AI does more with your website and sales data. It finds patterns humans can’t and can deliver personalized content to each visitor or customer. This is very powerful.

Many CEOs and business owners want to outsource because they don’t have the skills in house nor can manage that staff well over years or decades. They’re looking for agencies that can be their marketing department. However, they need someone who will become expert in their industry, someone they can trust and rely on to provide leadership in content, promotion, analytics and strategy. With their product experts and sales people, that expertise can be realized.  Expertise is very saleable. It’s the difference between the best agency aided by AI, and old school marketing companies whose time has passed.

Business Insight Creates Success

An agency needs a good services, talent, and connections.  But most importantly, we need important insights into what works in our target industries, from product/service design to marketing strategy, to sales and business development. Marketing peers into the soul and operations and learns what customers want and what works.

Having good analytics tools helps, and knowing what the customer wants next is powerful insight for producing higher sales numbers.

Google, Amazon and Facebook’s AI predictive/prescriptive analytics systems are effective because they help keep one step ahead of the customer. The customer thinks they’re reading their minds.

That knowledge is golden. And a marketing agency built on analytics capabilities of AI software can learn more, deliver more effective services, and establish a more powerful, unique value proposition — so there are no real competitors.

That doesn’t mean creative, sales and management staff aren’t needed.  In fact, your staff’s creativity and sales skills are amplified, so we can focus in on acquiring industry-relevant skills and clients who are desperate for our services.

The AI software simply gives all marketing staff better guidance so they’re even better at what they do and more confident. However, using AI marketing software does allow you to hire more uniquely skilled people.  Today, with remote work capabilities, you can hire the very best anywhere on the planet — those highly motivated and focused and with complementary skills. These workers appreciate higher pay, lower cost of living, and not having to do the exhausting commute. They’ll be loyal.

Whatever is missing in the mix, the gaps, can be understood and resolved online too. The point then is to shape the business with staff who can use and exploit AI tools better. You can pinpoint specific skills and experience too in defined sectors of industries to build further competitive advantage.

It’s these advantages that win big contracts, and position us so uniquely, that you have we have no competitors.  That frees us to focus solely on investing in our value proposition.  You start with one client, perfect the process and streamline it, to take on additional high revenue clients. Less is more.

Agencies often hire generalized staff to service a lot of clients. Depth and quality have to take a back seat because it’s too expensive to pursue. AI marketing tools allow us to specialize to produce more value in one specific industry. In fact, some of your staff may become legitimate experts in the industries you target.

Leveraging an expert is a fast track to success, since relevance, trust, and respect evolve from mastery of a subject. Take influencers for instance and their rise to power online.  That’s the value of expertise and influence.

AI helps us build expertise in our client’s industry but also to make a bigger splash in the right sized pond.

Right now, marketers are struggling to compete in noisy marketplaces. It’s mostly due to excessive global competition, big money competitors, and the fact that audiences are much harder to reach and convince. The Internet allows customers to investigate company’s value proposition more closely, and lets face it, they can always find a product/service that’s better online.

Those companies that gain big visibility online and prove their UVP tend to win it all, and become market leaders.

Marketing Needs Martech Automation

The demands of modern business and marketing are so great that most can’t keep up. Some are moving into marketing technology (the Martech stack) which is a group of apps that help them access all marketing and advertising channels. Yet trying to squeeze traffic, leads and sales via all channels is missing the point that you must be the best in each of those channels.

Mediocrity times 5 channels is still mediocrity. The point of automation isn’t efficient delivery, it’s insight.  Automation makes analytics better. Knowledge is the holy grail for a marketing startup. You can deliver till the cows come home, and still come up empty in profitability.

There are a million marketing startups, most suffering insufficient funding so they won’t survive. Those with funding may avoid putting funding where it really needs to go. Those which survive find the right Martech software, have versatile, talents, and high production staff, are focused on the obtaining the exact right clients, and who are mercilessly efficient. That’s how you win.

Artificial intelligence marketing tools offer a big advantage:

  • content can be segmented for audiences and unique content and value propositions can be presented to each individual visitor/customer
  • the content pathway can be better monitored for engagement and sales cues
  • the visitors next topic or need can be foreseen and delivered to them right away (no gaps or missing information) and the visitor is not lost
  • allows marketers to concentrate on strategy instead of execution because AI is executing publishing and responses
  • content strategists can test content fast to discover which works best
  • AI platforms offer near all in one functionality
  • AI systems help deliver emails, text messages, blogs and videos at the specific time each individual user wants them
  • AI systems can assess whether performance KPIs are being achieved and discovering what’s wrong

Finding out what’s wrong with a campaign is at times, more important than with what’s right. For instance, not using AI marketing tools is what’s wrong. The power, insight, and management capabilities can help marketers make their companies market leaders. With that out of the way, they can pursue true market leadership.

AI is Very New Technology

The technology is still young and new solutions keep arriving. All the better to jump into a leadership position.

Marketers need to hop on the adoption train and begin learning how to use it. These new AI marketing software tools give marketers tremendous power and efficiency. Financial resources and time are more focused where they will create the best gains.

Typically, it requires good sized marketing budgets to adopt, but that price point is coming down. If you look at these AI marketing platforms and these others AI marketing software apps, you’ll see they are pricey. This actually helps keep the market primed for solid returns for an AI Marketing Agency.

Deliver the best results in lucrative sectors and earnings potential is limitless.

The point of an AI marketing venture is to begin with a few clients and master the technology, discover the perfect unique value proposition, and build case studies that prove AI marketing is powerful. As we build success,

You can read the case studies from some of the AI software providers. They’re creating wins in areas that manual marketing can’t do — such as real time delivery and prescriptive analytics. Regular agencies can’t do these things.

Building and providing expertise in this field can create a substantial market advantage in marketing services. Delivering services via AI makes the agency invaluable, a must have contributor which they can’t do without.

Better Agency Analytics Too

The AI analytics tools also help us discover how well we’re doing in growing agency profits. Since proving value delivered is more clear, we’re able to tie agency fees to client revenue gains.

AI marketing tools help us advise on anything that can improve the client’s business. And clients will become dependent on our solutions and services, thus less likely to be disloyal.

Strategy Outperforms Plans

Many investors focus on companies with plans, and there’s nothing wrong with a 2 pager that outlines the framework as a rough guide. A plan doesn’t create the path to success, the strategy does. The strategy gets everyone focused and on the same page. A plan creates stagnation and inflexibility which are deadly to successful businesses today.

Successful companies and investors focus on strategy — the path to success. Plans ask the world to conform whereas strategy finds the best path and makes it happen.

Success is what happens while on your way to goals


Please do explore Martech and AI marketing platforms more thoroughly.

AI marketing isn’t about marketing. It’s about discovering what makes businesses successful and how to shape business for continuous success. I don’t have all the answers, just a desire to learn more.

When you’re ready to be a market leader, I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

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