Digital Agency Guides: Your Guide to a Modern Digital Marketing Audit

The path to success is paved with insight.

As a business, AI Marketers focuses on insight and strategy to help our clients win and dominate their markets. And to accomplish this, a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of what’s happening is needed.

Insight rids us of delusion which is likely your biggest hurdle right now. The most important assets are honesty and clarity. The audit helps you begin a journey to authenticity, clarity and effectiveness.  It also helps us identify exactly what is going to work in your marketing strategy.

There’s lots to look for in a comprehensive digital marketing performance audit.

This is one of the most important investments you can make to find and build your audience, impact them and move them through the conversion funnel. It provides deep insights and a strategy/techniques/tactics to build your unique edge.

Learn more about the Digital Marketing Audit and the questions it will help you answer.

Why Do You Need an Audit?

This strategy and performance review helps you take stock of where you are, what you have and where you’re headed. It helps you see things you don’t and to correct your course to become a market leader.

In the absence of an audit, businesses don’t usually ask themselves the pointed questions that are crucial to refine a strategy and ensure efforts and dollars are getting invested in the right direction” — Michael Georgiou, CMO and Co-founder of Imaginovation.

An audit provides answers and insights, but also spawns the correct questions. Questions aren’t just about budget, but rather about how to position your UVP well against competitors weaknesses. Success happens when you finally ask the right questions. It’s not magic, it’s the result of persistent investigation and learning.

From this audit, you will proceed to plan your strategy for improvement, innovation and growth.

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

The audit is a written document of 20 to 40 pages that describes the client’s digital marketing performance. It normally details the results revealed in the data analyzed, but always relates back to the marketing strategy.

From content, to SEO to digital marketing channels, the audit inspects what may be wrong and what’s needed so the client can take corrective action and strategize their future.

What’s in the Audit?

The audit is composed of a series of studies of each major element of your marketing campaign. Of course, there may be a cross over of each but the auditor will keep the issues clarified. In this AI Marketers audit, there are 9 components which is much more thorough than most.

The Branding/UVP audit is very important and is usually not a part of digital marketing audits you may see online. The company/product UVP is essential because it affects the performance of all other areas of a company’s marketing. Without the UVP analysis, nothing else makes sense.

In the executive summary, it isn’t entertaining stories, but instead a clear overall description of the issues and the resolution. An audit without recommendations has very little value. Clients need clear guidance and recommendations on what to do next.

The findings will be analytical based on discovered data and indicators, and will be expressed according to a theory the auditing marketing analyst believes in.

Please keep in mind, the data sometimes doesn’t tell all, and you may not have much data collected yet. It’s up to the auditing marketing specialist to fill in the blanks and bring all the information together so that something powerful comes of this performance review.

The audit itself is not presented as a Powerpoint slide. It is a pdf which the business owner or entrepreneur must read. This is about their business, something they’ve invested heavily in and care deeply about. Often, the client only wants insight and perhaps a validation of what they already know.

What Does it Cost?

AI Marketer’s cost is $995 (free if you’re a client) however, most agencies charge $5000 to $10,000 for enterprise clients. Entrepreneurs investing in a startup might pay much more for what is a pivotal document. No matter how good you believe your product/service is, it will matter little unless you reach and impact your audience.

How is an Audit Conducted?

The audit requires data such as website usage data, search engine ranking data, social media posting data, and sales data. From the analysis of data, reviews of the website and competitors, along with conversations with you, I systematically study all in conjunction with the 9 major audit areas.

Comprehensive Means Studying all 9 Areas

Thin investigations don’t give managers the insight they need to understand what might be wrong. What is wrong and what could be right is a matter of opinion. The marketing auditor offers his in-depth view and opinions and the client takes it from there.

Let’s Get to the Point: 9 Audits in One

Almost no one offers an examination of all 9 critical components. We begin with an investigation of your market, competitors, and UVP to understand your challenge. The beginning is the study of your UVP, but not your full brand (A brand review should be conducted by a branding consultant).

Once your value proposition to customers is understood, we can see everything else your marketing must do, and how it should be done. Each of the audits stands upon the foundation of your UVP.

Is it Automated?

Software tools haven’t evolved where they can automatically conduct this level of research and problem solving. There are tools used in your audit, but they’re shallow. The final audit is a manual study that’s deep and specific to your situation within your own industry.

You might be surprised to see the results and discover where the problem really is. And of course, there’s more discovery as you begin your new digital marketing strategy and adopt some new solutions to help.

Your goal isn’t an audit. It’s learning and insight that leads to finding new ways to build success. I hope I’m with you on that journey, but if not, that’s fine. We’ll identify the specific talents, requirements, assets and effort you must have to become a market leader and meet your sales goals.

This document will be essential as you plan your budget and develop your marketing strategy. 2022 will be a great year.

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