Real Estate Startup?

Real estate pros often dream of building a real estate startup, but don’t believe they have the leadership, vision, resources or knowledge required. Truth is, no one has all of that.

Your Content is Your Conversion Funnel

Even seasoned Realtors need help maintaining and building their business, and attracting more home sellers.  They are constantly on the lookout for real estate agent marketing packages.  You’ll be competing with them and trying to catch them.

It comes down to finding the creative marketing people you need and launch your startup.  AI consultants/specialists can fill in those blanks.  If you need some financing, that’s available too, although as you know, you’d be giving up valuable equity.

Adopting AI powered real estate software is another helper. There are solutions out there, but you have to dig to find them.  They can help you with many tough facets of your business such as via data mining to find potential deal opportunities (buyers, sellers, circumstances). Even in market downturn these tools might help your business do well.

See the 6 Step process outlined below so you know this can be done. It’s the beginning of big personal and professional success, if you approach it right and put your heart into it.

You Can Disrupt Your Industry Too

Your startup could be in real estate lead generation, ppc advertising, or build an online brokerage.  It can be in an endless number of digital real estate niches. Others are doing it, and so can you.

Consider that when a tech wave comes rolling in, it disrupts the market and creates market gaps.  There are new rules, opportunities, and relationships.  It shakes up industries. Find some good gaps that have potential and let them power your business success.

Entrepreneurs, This is the Time.

You have to admire the courage of those who would launch a startup of any kind, including a real estate startup (Realtech, Proptech, or Fintech). Their bold audacity is amazing. I’m in awe of these people.

That desire to build a new small business startup signifies someone operating a high level of personal and professional functioning. Only the believers actually do it. They have foresight, some sort of strategy, a willingness to build a plan, find partners and workers, plus financing to get this venture into gear.

Failure Happens – So Speed up your Failures

It’s tougher to launch a startup today. The complexity, competition, and startup time frame has stretched too and it creates perils. Most fail within a year.  The key is to learn from mistakes, failures and trends, and ensure you’re creating value for customers.

AI software can help you learn faster.  Test, fail fast, learn faster. You’re likely smart enough to make the right decisions, as long as you have reliable, detailed, actionable data.

Real Estate Related Startups have Big Money Potential

Real estate is big money. It’s where most rich people make their fortunes.  That should make it the number on target for tech startup entrepreneurs.  They could be eyeing opportunities in lead generation, property sales, coworking, co-living, vacation rentals, sales, data services, security, administration, blockchain, online transactions and payments, lease admin, tenant screening, mortgage applications, listings, virtual showings, and in marketing services.

Yes, it is frighteningly competitive, which means you need to shoot for the leader position and arm yourself with the people and tools to make it happen.

For most, it’s tough to stay focused, not feel overwhelmed, and keep going in the face of big doubts and continuous hurdles. I mean it’s not easy in this era for a small business to organize, crystalize and thrive. Big business has owned the market 100% but as globalism fails, new small to medium size US business startups have a golden opportunity.

Business Formation is up 100,000 each year since President Trump was elected

Big interfering corporations are losing their ability to leverage technology against small businesses. They may not be able to buy out those who enter their kill zone any longer. SMB entrepreneurs hope that big biz won’t be able to control tech rules, ecosystems, and development opportunities, nor own all the data (Anti-trust and data privacy abuses). And this is creating a lot of optimism, if President Trump should survive.

Here’s the Simple 6 Step AI Real Estate Startup Process:

    1. assess your needs – what does your current analytics say your problem is: poor brand, weak value proposition, low traffic, low content engagement, poorly targeted traffic, poor sales conversion, lack of insight?
    2. talk to a consultant – speaking to someone doesn’t mean you have to hire them. Someone such as myself can help identify your marketing needs or weaknesses, and then narrow down the list of solutions that might work.
    3. assess your budget – you need funds to make this happen. If you’re a startup, you’ll want to find someone who can wear a lot of hats. Hiring a bunch of top ranked specialists full time is expensive, and part-timers may not be able to put in the time and effort to get the job done with enough impact.
    4. do a trial of the best marketing AI software – From the demo to a trial run, the software company may force you to commit to a certain trial period, if they’re giving you a good price deal.
    5. establish how you can make use of it —   no AI marketing product will be perfect (or affordable) for your company. That’s where versatility and flexbility in your staff come in. The software is just a tool. You and your marketing team will make it successful.
    6. delve into your customer analytics – learn who your customers are, assess what the software can do to fulfill each other them, understand the buyer journey and the events that cause them to leave, and determine which content paths best create a new customer.

You’ve taken the 6 initial steps of AI marketing mastery and you’ve got a good idea of what’s wrong, and what’s right. And you’re likely getting an idea of where this software solves your problems. You can drop that AI marketing platform and move onto one better suited to your needs.

Your Unique, Personalized Value Prop

What the AI marketing software is likely going to tell you is that your brand, value proposition and marketing content suck. But it will help you fix it.  Among the fantastic benefits are: customer insight, personalization, predictive analytics, and marketing efficiency.

Armed with data and understanding of your market, you’re able to build a market leading value proposition.

AI marketing software can’t help a bad value proposition. In fact, your analytics reports will tell you. Work with AI Marketers regarding your value proposition, and how the content needs to created, laid out, and delivered to customers.

The best Artificial Intelligence Marketing software includes all of this in their process. They’ve thought through this stuff deeply and they know what needs to be presented and tested. The AI marketing platform vendor’s customer service team will help you prepare and deal with these business issues.

AI marketing is a tech wave you need to surf on. Get this started now. The end result is beyond what you can imagine.


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