Maximize Your Chance to Create a Customer

Free organic traffic whether from Google, Bing or social media platforms is a nice addition to any digital marketing effort. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s poor quality or that we should take it for granted. It’s a valuable asset as I’ll explain.

It’s commonly believed that free organic is a thing unto itself and if we get few immediate sales conversions from it, it has minimal purpose. However, sales in B2B channels rarely happen right away. Instead, prospects need time to become aware, develop trust and confidence and the willingness to purchase.

A number one ranking is a good place to appear because prospects will be more impressed if your site is ranked highly. It makes you more visible to prospects who are considering a purchase and gives you an extra chance to engage them and move them further down the sales funnel.  Some things take time.

Omnipresence describes the appearance of your site no matter which keywords the prospect types in, or what digital channel (youtube, facebook, twitter, Bing, Instagram, etc) they use in their journey. They find you and it seems all roads lead to you site.

Free traffic supports your paid advertising strategy, helps build awareness to assist your sales and promotional goals.  And remember, all those visitors are real human beings.

Customer prospects need more time to absorb your message and like your brand. And within that period of time, we can enrich their experience with us. If we only drive traffic with paid advertising, it is costly, and we’re not really a genuine part of their natural online experience.

The organic traffic fills in a lot of blanks. It provides prospects further opportunities to come back to your site, enjoy some new content, be informed and begin to really enjoy your brand. And organic traffic exposes a wide variety of your content — products, services, solutions, ideas, and assistance.

PPC Ads: Expensive One Time Benefit

It’s well known that PPC ads are a one time benefit. The ad space is very noisy with consumers being bombarded with ads on their laptops or smartphones, via Facebook, websites or search engines. It’s relentless and they tune them out.

We know it’s important to generate persistent exposure to register an impact with consumers. Achieving that impact with branding and getting the value proposition etched in their minds via advertising is expensive. The cost of pay per click advertising keep climbing.

We Don’t Know Which Visit Actually Launched the Sale

We don’t know which click and engagement is most important on the path to purchase.  We do know that for most of my clients past and present, organic traffic is 50 to 5000 times paid PPC clicks. After prospects click an ad and become aware of the company, they will continue to see my clients frequently in Google search results and in social media posts. Instead of buying that familiarity, we can achieve it for free.

I like to call it Omnipresence. No matter what prospects do, they’re receiving continuous exposure to my client’s brand name and website. It doesn’t matter if it’s software, sports equipment, mountain bikes, ski holidays, mortgage loans, hotel rooms, laser eye surgery, building supplies, etc., or whatever they’re interested in.  My client’s message is omnipresent.

And yes, keyword spaces can be dominated if you’re clever, strategic, and determined.

It’s All About Maximizing Your Chance to Create a Customer

If they are going to become a customer, I know I’m doing all I can to make it happen for my clients. If it doesn’t happen, then something is either wrong with the brand or value proposition, the timing, or we aren’t trying hard enough to sway that prospect. Conversion strategy is still needed.

And the prospects may be firmly loyal to your top competitor. You won’t win them right away, because right now, they think your competitor is far better, more likeable and is ideal for them. You’ll need continuous exposure to build interest in your product and brand. So Omnipresence doesn’t convert sales. You must present your relevant, personalized, unique value proposition and win that prospect over.

If they see many of your blog posts on Google or Bing, it’s more points of meaningful contact with them. Each time they see your social posts or search engine listings, you can present something fresh, new and exciting. You must know how to excite your customers.

It’s not that company’s don’t have enough free traffic, it’s just that they’re unable to do much with it.

It’s not easy to create a customer, but consider that you can create a constant presence and a path to purchase in your website. It’s the best thing you’ve got going online.

Take a deeper look at a digital marketing audit, and SEO audit, and review AI Marketers marketing services.  There’s so many ways to innovate and dominate.

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