Why California Pursues the Vintage Brand so Hard

In the most epic European wine regions of Switzerland, France and Germany, little thought is given to harvesting low grade grapes fast and pumping out a mediocre consumer wine product for quick results.

They’ve learned well what works to provide lasting returns and an experience that satisfies travelers and upscale wine connoisseurs.  And wine is one of those products that improve with age.

Screenshot courtesy of wineinternationalassociation.org/membership/

Instead, European wineries focus on presenting exquisite, unique flavors and lasting values of high quality.  Their wine products are produced then stored to create a vintage quality product.  If the brand doesn’t speak of epic level taste and texture, they don’t want to be associated with it.

The word vintage doesn’t lament of the past, it speaks of the quality that time creates. The culture of aged wine is the most saleable product and brands want to get all wrapped in that.

From Venice to Rome to Berlin, European wine is marketed as a cultural, festive experience. The Europeans are more advanced in cuisine. Some top restaurants and wineries in California are adopting the values of the finest European wineries and restaurants to produce food and wine experiences that easily separates them from common competitors.

Elite Swiss, German and French restaurants have the poise/confidence to commit to products that are a cut above — and wines that are aged and ready for their preferred clientele.

San Diego businesses also cater to sophisticated customers.

George’s at the Cove, in La Jolla CA, is one popular modern California themed restaurant that pays attention to quality, and focuses on an unbeatable dining experience that includes fine wine.  A more unique wine taste will win with the best San Diego County restaurants with their discriminating sommeliers. Yes, they often have their own sommeliers. They count on it to be a key part of a California travel experience which they can market internationally.

What I’ve learned about California wines, whether from NAPA, Sonoma, Central Valley, or Temecula is the quality. The best California wines are distinctly better. Although more expensive (above $50), they are clearly a premium North American wine. Compare them to the “vinegar wines” produced everywhere and the difference is easy to understand.

Distinctive Winery Experiences

And to deliver the premium wine UVP, a physical winery location delivers an experience that is not only significant and compelling to travelers, it comes across as the quintessential vacation destination. That benefit is well beyond selling a bottle of wine. Today, much online wine business marketing revolves around the presentation of this premium experience and be a significant content element to boost the digital wine consumers experience. Wine marketing is more competitive than in years past as the industry is large and lucrative now.

A Taste of California was an epic 5 cd set that celebrated the wine industry of the state.

California Wineries Take it a New Level

Castelo di Amorosa is a brilliant vision of Europe brought to Calistoga, California for your enjoyment. It may be the ultimate wine experience in North America. So beautiful!  The owners spared no expense to create a vintage experience for everyone. It creates the best narratives and storylines, spawning so many activities and events which touch on the broader emotional reasons that consumers partake in wine culture and travel.

Castelo di Amorosa
California Wine Marketing – Screenshot courtesy of Castelo di Amorosa
Castelo di Amorosa
California Winery Castle – Screenshot courtesy of Castelo di Amorosa
Castelo di Amorosa Winery and Castle
California Winery Castle History – Screenshot courtesy of Castelo di Amorosa

California wines must represent quality, although there are companies producing wines that are awful. This definitely ruins the California brand, and the California brand is a special thing. It’s a shame when these low grade products hit the shelves. And CA producers may not realize how much harm this creates.

Whatever your political bent, you have to agree that the California brand is something special and it should be protected. Trashing that image of the US most beautiful state is truly sad.


“The word vintage doesn’t refer to the past, it speaks of the quality that time creates” — Gord Collins


To me, California wines have a flavorful weight to them that lingers and creates a worthy taste experience.  The best wines I’ve tasted were produced in California.  An experience is more than a one second sugar boost. These wines linger longer than other wines which is why North American restaurants learn to offer them.  They add to whatever experience offered.

Dummies.com offers their perspective on California Wines:

“California wines are very fruity (that is, they have aromas and flavors that suggest fruits) and very flavorful (those fruity flavors are intense and easy to notice when you taste the wine), and these tastes appeal to the typical American palate.”

Savoring Expert Level and Lasting Experiences

Well, there you go, the North American palate seems to decide much about what should be honored and purchased. The point is that some wineries, big and small take great expense to create a truly epic brand and this can drive significantly better marketing results. Of course, with creativity and imagination, any winery can use content to weave a great storyline. And the stories make the wine that much better to customers.

Some US CEO’s and marketing managers do know their stuff, and they typically go the quality route in choosing marketing services.

Honestly, I’m not a wine connoisseur, however, for my own palate California wines are the tastiest available. And their wine bottles (marketing and labeling) are compelling too. Their labeling conveys a rich flavorful taste along with a unique Californiaesque motif. All together, it’s almost impossible to resist.

Combine this with California’s beaches, mountains, sunny skies, and laid back culture and you have a travel destination that is a life event for most people. San Diego offers its own unique experience to the California mix

Seeking Instant Results

The promise of instant high rankings and cheap solutions might have worked 10 years ago, but not anymore. That lingering image is a like a cancer on the digital marketing world. Just mention SEO, and some people visualize cheap tactics and spam.  Vintage SEO is something to be appreciated and savored like a fine California wine.

It should never be like that. Fortunately, Google is downgrading this material and it brings us back to digital marketing that is more genuine, satisfying, and valuable to real customers. And Google hasn’t fully bought into the flavorful, California lifestyle experience, even though it’s located in this state. But it will. It’s so ironic that the real, genuine, vintage culture of California has become the last thing big tech wants, yet in the years ahead will be begging for.

What is Premium Vintage SEO?

  • deeper research into your industry and how wine businesses are positioning their UVP
  • deeper research into topics wine consumers are interested in
  • improved content related to tastes, travel, adventure, wine events, and improving lifestyle
  • vastly improved content for placement on wine industry websites
  • sophisticated SEO to rank higher for more phrases to dominate the wine keyword sector
  • sustainable approaches with evergreen content and ongoing relationships with wine industry businesses and associations
  • sponsorships of specific wine events to raise your brand premium
  • connection and engagement with wine industry influencers and enthusiasts on social media to build a reputation of being a significant player in the industry (in your state at least)

Epic, Vintage, Significant, Compelling Always Wins

California is special in the minds of so many people across the world. We need to protect that image and celebrate it. It’s an important North American and significant icon that represents an ideal to many.

It’s the same in marketing. It’s about using and celebrating vintage quality approaches in web design, ecommerce systems, content, advertising and SEO. This is the quality theme that pulses through all channels. Don’t do marketing until this theme lights up your marketing mix.

Of course, I advocate advanced SEO as the fine wine of organic marketing. It marries perfectly with rich content, and natural promotional campaigns. It’s infused with authenticity which then in turn supports attempts at establishing authority.

This is why SEO and content strategy must be fused. To separate them for cheap, quicky gains is unwise. And for California companies that buck the Hollywood trend, the rewards can be epic.

Discover a better approach to sustainable California SEO and content marketing.

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