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Can you receive advanced level SEO services and corresponding results via a subscription-based account?

You might say no, that SEO is too complex, creative and challenging to serve up on a subscription basis. And what agency in their right mind would offer something so wonderful for clients?

The tech and marketing sphere is ever-evolving and some interesting new options are arriving for SEO and marketing service buyers.

Subscriptions are revolutionizing SaaS, and business owners are increasingly wanting to “plug into” just those services needed. SEO pros and agencies will have to respond. They’re looking at it, and a few are trying to make it work. For instance, Trinity3P uses the Exclusive Agency Subscription Model.

To some, the trend might seem an unnecessary complication, but it does address issues for companies.  Traditional marketing and SEO agency models currently demand to take over client’s marketing budgets preventing acquisition of advanced level providers. These current solutions could ruin their businesses.

Up against intense competition, companies can choose new plug in providers who can save the day. And for providers, subscriptions can help stop scope creep which is plaguing the marketing scene.

The purpose of a subscription service is to eliminate barriers to purchase, and to encourage a perfect relationship with other solution providers, while allowing clients to scale up to a more powerful solution when needed.

Flexible, Specific Services but Human Engineered

Advanced and effective SEO isn’t an automated, computerized service per se. In fact, Google is penalizing sites that use AI-based content automation and content that lacks E.A.T and unique flavor.  Instead, it’s human and natural expression expertly designed that appeals to human visitors resulting in that content being valued, shared, and promoted.

Some models offer automated, computerized assistance with keyword usage, analytics, grammar checks, and competitive research, and even templated web hosting. Yet these are low level benefits, when business owners are really demanding elite level SEO strategy, beyond what AI systems can comprehend.

Let’s take a look at how subscription-based models might affect advanced level SEO services and explore the advantages.  Because, no matter how you pay for high level results, you can acquire the service level you need.

Subscription Based B2B is Booming

Everyday you’re online you’re asked to subscribe to social media, news, financial services, apps, and more. The word subscribe is on almost every website.  There’s value in subscription services, but we may entering into a period where even more is offered.

 Subscription Economy Index to 2020.
Graphic courtesy of Zuaro. Subscription Economy Index to 2020.

The subscription-based marketing service model has grown strongly and B2B managers see subscription services in terms of convenience and as a good, flexible match for their needs.

“Subscription SaaS for example, usually entails almost instant set-up, simple scalability and easy cancelation. This allows businesses to adjust the type or level of service to meet changing needs or adapt to new demands on a more agile basis, which is increasingly important for staying one step ahead in a fast-moving environment” — from TechRadar article.

Looking at SEO Services Differently

For small to mid-sized businesses faced with building strengths in marketing, accessing specific talent without big cash outlays is particularly attractive, and saves them from finding talent and hiring in-house. And if they can avoid having to hire a marketing agency, then all the better.

Subscription services already exist in terms of technical SEO audits, consulting retainers, and SEO software.  So what’s different now?  Businesses need a broader array of services, focused around SEO and content marketing, yet they need soft marketing skills and greater skill in strategy, and expertise in their industries.  If these are infused into subscription packages, an advanced level service becomes irresistible.

Screenshot courtesy of SalesForce. Survey on Digital Trends.

But How Can You Get Expert Level Services?

We’ve all assumed expertise, creativity, and industry mastery can’t possibly be delivered by anyone, fully, if not dedicated 40 hours per week, 12 months of the year, for our company only.  Such ownership of advanced SEO talent and resources is rarely possible anymore.

My clients in the Proptech sector use the SaaS subscription model. And Slack, Google, Robinhood, Hubspot, ahrefs, Intuit, Adobe, Shopify, and Salesforce, Audi, Porsche are other name brand subscription-based services. It’s clear, B2B companies like this model, in all areas of business.

However, the question of real service depth and expertise is always a question mark. Companies have big expectations in marketing. Subscriptions generally apply to commoditized and automated services.   So marketing managers wonder if can they hire advanced search engine optimization when it requires creativity, techniques, and expertise.

Easing Cost and Risk for B2B Clients

Risk is an issue now as markets tighten, revenue streams shrink and cost rise. Long term commitments and big initial layouts aren’t attractive.

Managers have learned that laying out big money and throwing everything at Google may not necessarily work.  Rankings are intensely competitive and there’s telling if Google’s core algorithm updates will sink their ship.

AI Marketers helps subscribers avoid setup and big initial commitments, as well as being able to terminate services for whatever reason.

However, those who commit to a strategic and persistent effort to build presence and ranking power are rewarded with consistently good traffic levels and quality leads. However, if a company is unable to produce high quality content, conduct PR and promotion well, or build a great brand, they can cut their SEO service subscription and move onto other avenues to capture leads and stay in business.

What to Look for in a SEO Subscription Service Package:

  1. complete SEO audits (technical, content, off site, branding)
  2. detailed research of your customers, their SEO positioning, success factors and strengths
  3. technical troubleshooting (server performance, core metrics, and errors)
  4. digital marketing audits (thorough complete studies of value proposition being presented)
  5. keyword research: related, core and long tail keywords to pursue
  6. SEO copywriting, blogging, marketing page creation
  7. epic, pillar content creation and expert linking strategies and Pagerank shaping
  8. some graphic design and web design assistance
  9. ranking monitoring, analytics and Google search console management
  10. social media posting services and link building (promotion)
  11. let’s you host at your current server with your own tech staff
  12. offers variety in services selection at different price points

Premium quality SEO requires time, resources, tools, expertise, energy, passion, commitment and effort. This means you can select an SEO subscription package price levels to capture the extra services you need to achieve your goals.

AI Marketers provides digital marketing services (content, SEO, social media, PPC) for software companies, manufacturers, hotels, recruiters, moving companies, publishers, sports equipment retailers, building supplies companies, window and door companies, Realtors, investment companies, clean energy, consumer products, branding consultants and many more. Clients in New York, Boston, Toronto, San Diego, Vancouver, Calgary, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, London UK, and other cities have enjoyed expert level consulting and impressive traffic levels.

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