A Better Alternative to Agencies

Google and Facebook have crushed free organic reach to audiences. Monopolies can do this. It’s disgraceful but without government intervention, businesses will keep getting squeezed hard and forced to pay ever increasing ad prices.

Facing that, business managers are getting more serious about finding a long term solution to this squeeze play. Because the “tax business model” is what drives a lot of businesses now.  They don’t provide anything original but instead ride on top of service that do.  There are some agencies making money hand over fist with this model, but how long will it last?

Paying for access and mediocrity isn’t just a pain, it’s a threat to the viability of your company. It’s time for a creative alternative to this problem.

The Duopoly Will Take Your Money and Undifferentiate Your Brand

These companies want to kill marketing and replace it with ads and landing pages. But that’s not a natural, credible or engaging experience for customers. These ad systems make you look ordinary so you have to compete like a commodity.  This ruins your hard work with content and customer experience.

Despite political rhetoric, it’s likely not going to be rectified. The monopoly situation is forcing the market into a type of structure which will erode your budget and survival.  This trap is ruining a lot of businesses.

Even well managed companies are threatened by the duopoly.  And while you can reach prospects directly quickly, the ad channel threatens to drain away your profits. Their profits are still growing into the billions. You have to escape this trap now even if you are converting leads now.

Not only will you be paying the mandatory advertising fees, but you may have to pay the middlemen fee too — digital marketing agencies. The issue here is that although agencies push a convenient, all in one service, they’re not solving the issue with Google or Facebook. They just feed into the problem. It’s a big increasing tax on your budget.

You’re the Best Person To Know What’s Right

Is there any way out of this mess? Perhaps, but it will be with you at the helm. Creating your own virtual digital marketing team is the route really smart managers are going. My client’s do this. They’re smart.  It’s sort of bringing marketing in house to power it up. Hire geniuses and how can you not win? You get the control and the marketing expertise if you can acquire them.

Yes, it does takes good judgement and management skills. But if you want to survive in the next 10 years, you have to command the best people and optimize everything. This is not about getting cheap. It’s about getting the best people and executing a powerful, competitive strategy.

Assemble your own great marketing team, and there is no intermediary fee. You have eliminated that cash grab. And that portion of the marketing spend is sizable. Pour that money directly into short term and long term projects and you’re getting the maximum benefit regardless of changes to your business revenue model.

Here’s how you could get Control:

  • hire a branding consultant – to study your target customers and establish your market opportunity – professional branding consultant will help you from the ground up and help you avoid self-deceit. In 2022, you need to be sure of your business model and how to create and position your unique value proposition
  • hire a digital marketing expert – to audit your complete digital marketing effort and assess the opportunity for your new approach and recommend the correct content to deliver your UVP
  • hire an outstanding content creator – outstanding, engaging content is a big challenge, and researching and staying ahead of trends isn’t easy. It’s the imagination and creativity that creates an advantage these days
  • hire a great SEO specialist – free organic exposure to your audience is the big traffic, long term driver of business success which makes this person key. The SEO master’s expertise and sophistication will be needed to compete in the hotly competitive search engine rankings.
  • hire a good ppc advertising specialist – capturing immediate, short term leads takes more than automated ads. This expert needs to know how make the top 3 ad slots work for you
  • hire a good digital PR specialist – a PR company can help reach key industry people and build credibility at a corporate level – something your content strategist and SEO specialist will struggle with
  • a good financing and business development manager – if this is you, you need to capture sufficient funding to be competitive, and create corporate level partnerships that help feed every level of your business and marketing strategy.  These partnerships grease the wheels at the big picture level and the benefits cascade down into everything else.

Do you Need a truly Transformative Business Model?

Given all the change today, how could the answer be no? It could be the reason you’re reading this now is because your current model has run out of gas.  Most companies have adopted a digital based model, so this push to being flexible, with a focus on expertise is how to win.  Hopefully these people will help you gain deeper insight into your customer base and be able to create a better and more significant value proposition than your competition. After a short period of competitive battle, you’ll be the only company remaining in your space — making competitors vanish.

A new business model might only mean minor changes. What you’re missing is excellence as described in the skilled virtual marketing team above. So your new business model is about excellence and people who can sniff out market leadership and make it come true.

Will a virtual team solve all your business and marketing problems? Of course not, but you’re reducing costs and acquiring the best service providers available. If your competitors hire local, they will see their market share diminish.  The market is there for the company that takes this modern, virtual path.

Take a closer look at a digital marketing audit, if only to help you adjust mentally and reorient to a new, better approach. You’ll save on digital marketing agency fees and be able to reinvest those funds where they’re really needed.

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