San Diego Businesses Outsourcing for Success

The outlook for San Diego businesses and new venture capital flowing into So Cal is creating a lot of excitement.  However small to mid sized business owners here face tough business conditions heading into 2022.

The biggest problem you face is rising costs (inflation) and shortages of dedicated and highly skilled talent. And since marketing is so critical to sustainable business success, you’ll be looking for the best marketing talent available to work exclusively with you. The local scene offers limited providers and many of them are maxxed out with low paying clientele. And bringing someone inhouse would likely fail.

This challenge makes agencies unavailable to help you excel in your local market in So Cal and to open up possibilities to reach other markets. As the recovery picks up pace in 2022, there are going to be excellent business and sales opportunities. To achieve big success, perhaps market leader status, you need to hire a dedicated marketer to maximize reach, get your value proposition across laser clear, and optimize your sales conversion channel.

Success in San Diego

I’ve enjoyed serving many clients in San Diego County and they are wonderful clients. Whether in real estate, retail, or IT, they have a wonderful optimism. Connecting with SD businesses is a good thing.

San Diego business people are natural leaders because the So Cal business environment, climate and risk taking mindset here encourage actions that succeed.  This mindset doesn’t exist elsewhere. San Diego is unique.

Venture Funding in SD County

Venture financing is flowing into San Diego, yet the friction, barriers, and costs of doing business here must still be reckoned with.

Tech firms saw a flood of venture capital funding with more than $766 million in October alone — found the SD county raised close to $6.5 billion in Venture Capital Funding between Q1 and Q3 of this year. So far, Q4 has continued this trend as companies in the San Diego region raked in more than $1.3 billion during October. A great new company called Clickup is just one of the new exciting entrants into the realm of digital marketing software.

San Diego startup financing.
San Diego startup financing. Screenshot courtesy of and San Diego Regional EDC

Championing Business Growth in San Diego

Many entrepreneurs are looking to move their businesses or launch new startups. Amazingly, they do consider San Diego as a desirably location.  They just need to find a way to make it work financially. SD is a physical hub, yet the lack of local talent is prohibitive.  They’re turning to hire them remotely. The entrepreneurial mindset in SD is what they’re actually after, but costs and worker shortages weigh that vision down.

All the frictional issues such as high real estate costs, regulation, inflation, taxes, etc. that put a drag on business in San Diego will continue unfortunately. They’re a cost of doing business in this beautiful region.

And the last two years have shaken the status quo. SD businesses need to adapt to bring a return to their traditional strengths and open up new avenues of success. Many wonder what they should be doing (see digital marketing performance audit) specifically. Solving those questions should be your priority this winter before the recovery starts rolling during 2022.

The business challenges are many in 2022 and they won’t be going away. Let’s summarize a few of them here, and then hone in on the right solution for San Diego businesses:

  1. rising taxes in California
  2. increasing regulation discourages investment, growth and profitability
  3. staffing shortages
  4. lack of highly skilled workers
  5. population is decreasing
  6. sky high housing costs continue rising
  7. workers conflicted about wearing masks and the fear of at work infection
  8. more companies leaving San Diego for Texas, Colorado, and Arizona
  9. San Diego city government hard pressed to deliver quality services
  10. more goods and services are being purchased online
  11. digital business is more complex requiring more outsourcing to specialists

The scene then is of increasing difficulty costs and limited staffing to keep business improving and profitable. The out-migration of companies shows that despite an obvious loyalty to the state, business owners can’t take it any longer. But rather than outright displacement of a business to low tax Texas (e.g., Musk and Tesla), businesses could outsource services.

The outsourcing of digital marketing for instance does more than cut costs and reduce liabilities in San Diego, but also can be key to increasing marketing performance.

The challenge for San Diego business is similar to Los Angeles, San Francisco and to Boston, New York and Miami for that matter. Business is changing, costs are rising, and outsourcing to remote providers fits the new paradigm.

Every business needs to plan for the move to digital business. And the advantages of outsourcing business is much higher for San Diego companies. Outsourcing SEO, content development, and marketing helps companies cut costs.
When you cut costs, you have more funds to focus on key performance building activities.

If San Diego business owners want to innovate, grow brand visibility and increase sales, then it’s vital to improve digital marketing processes. Having eyes, ears and creative ideas outside San Diego County is wise. We all get too provincial in our thinking and we lose touch with the new economy.

If you’re looking for a San Diego focused digital marketing agency, then AI Marketers might be right. For efficiency sake, there are key services that stand out as mission critical. Focus on them for sure right now, then later you can gradually optimize your entire marketing processes as you need to.

Your next San Diego Marketing Services provider is likely going to be virtual. Review the services and see how AI Marketers is in tune with where business is headed in 2022 and beyond.

Find out more about AI Marketers digital marketing services.

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