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AI and SEO Success

Algorithm hackers and advanced SEOs have been trying to reverse engineer Google’s search ranking algorithm for 20 years without a lot of success.

Advanced SEO Strategy

And what an amazing and very profitable discover that would be.  AI’s incredible advanced data processing ability means it could conceivably test millions of variations against Google’s core ranking factors to stay tune to Google’s algorithm updates.

It could potentially advise us of how to shape our content and attract inbound links from other publishers who love our content.

And out of that concern, Google has tried to keep one step ahead of AI driven advanced SEO techniques by focusing on human factors which couldn’t be manipulated technically. Yet with AI SEO experts working hard to make their programs think and learn like humans, Google will always be on the defensive about AI rank hacking.

Artificial intelligence definitely has a role, when it’s able, to help deliver Advanced search engine optimization services.  It can help understand:

  • which ranking signals Google is using and varying inside its core algorithm
  • it can help guide development of content and test for engagement by users
  • can aid in increasing conversion rates and proving user satisfaction (Search Quality Guidelines)
  • help amateurs understand how and where to use keywords and related words in the copy

AI Can Definitely Increase SEO Knowledge

AI can help identify important parts of Google’s ranking system, and identify the content that might be raising those rankings and what other influencers and websites contributed to the higher ranking.  However, the real cause of high rankings is human values and emotion.

Unfortunately, at this point the AI solutions for SEO available aren’t that evolved. They offer to help you rewrite your content, plug in keywords and find ideal backlinks. Regular SEO software such as ahrefs might actually perform much better at this.

For AI SEO solutions to be effective, they need to conduct advanced level tasks such as analyzing Google’s ranking algorithm and helping you automatically understand which content you need to develop and how you might compose the text. Some AI copywriting software solutions do some of this but in the end, you realize that you still have to write for real human beings. They have to be impacted, engaged and persuaded to move along with conversion path.

When you realize how simple the AI SEO software is, you get a new appreciation for what content strategists must contend with. Creating high ranking, engaging, and high converting copy is a task only advanced marketers can manage.

Creativity, Content Expertise and Promotional Savvy

Creative, content/topic expertise and promotional power is what creates high rankings today. The end value and goal is the impact it has on your audience. In other words, do they share your content with conviction and do they link to it? Do visitors dwell on your pages?

These behavioral cues are what Google pays attention to.

AI SEO Will Undermine Google’s Control

Yes, AI will help match everyone’s content to Google’s algorithm which will cause Google great pain. They’ll have to resort to new techniques to identify the real valuable content.

Again, Google will not appreciate robot-generated content and computer aided optimization by publishers. The AI robots will help Advanced level SEOs learn faster which content, copywriting and keywords, linking sites, and social distribution works best. That in turn will help copywriters, content strategists and SEOs (and social media engagers too) perfect what they do — win rankings and get customers.

Competition for top rankings will become ever more competitive as everyone’s content network adjusts automatically to changes in Google’s algorithm. But the dream of AI SEO will never materialize.  The advantage will go to those who create high quality content and value that human readers like. AI can help with content strategy and keyword usage.

Where to Spend Your Budget

You’ll want to put more time into high quality research, clever copywriting, and more effective distribution. Create better more valuable and personalized content and reach more people.

Your social channels will be vital. Having 5,000 to 15,000 direct fans can really help promote your website and distribute your content. Having a plan to leverage friends of friends will expand your reach.

Check out some advanced SEO services that can help you compete in a crowded ranking space.


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