The Most Important SEO Services from an SEO Company

Like many business owners, CEOs and marketing managers, you’re considering making a more serious investment in search engine optimization.

That’s a wise decision, but what services should you be prioritizing and focusing on? Are you thinking an SEO company would automatically possess and prioritize the appropriate services?  Optimizers of all ilk’s, may be selling you solutions that don’t aren’t focused on the most important matters.

Some SEO tasks are difficult and require significant perfection even in non-competitive sectors. A marketing agency may not have that skill at all. Some tasks are mission critical and they have to be done well. By prioritizing the top ones, you’re focusing on the real challenges ahead and not languishing in wishful expectations. There are no easy wins in SEO now.

Ranking the SEO Service Mix

Some SEO services carry a lot of weight, and advanced SEO as a practice prioritizes them. Get the top 5 priorities in motion and well supported, and you won’t have sweat the SEO tactics that every amateur is peddling.

So let’s take a look at which search engine optimization services are most important to your business:

  1. Copywriting: the copy in your marketing landing pages, blogs, case studies, and social posts has immense impact on Google rankings and on conversion rates. Advanced copywriting for SEO involves some very sophisticated wording and content structure to appeal to Google’s algorithm. Google is looking for content that is well organized, rich in focus and depth, is on topic (relevance), and also uses the right word mix (advanced SEO). Google is a machine algorithm that reviews your copywriting to determine its quality. Quality assessment is complicated, but for sure if you’re copywriting is well optimized, you’ll have to work really hard on other factors to overcome that weakness.
  2. Outreach Promotion: if you have built rich, engaging content that people want to share and link to, then all you have to do is get that content to them. That’s the roll of outreach. People won’t share or link to your excellent content unless they can view it and read it. The biggest issue with most websites, particularly small business websites is lack of visibility and reach. You can pay for reach to audiences via site or event sponsorships, ppc advertising on Google or Facebook, hire specialist firms to leverage their channels, or hire a PR agency to reach influential people and journalists. And you can do this yourself via organic channels such as email or social media posts.
  3. SEO Strategy – if you’re going to rank well, your content, links and copywriting must resonate to the keyword themes and semantics you’re targeting. A cluster of topical pages isn’t a strategy. A strategy is an experience designed for both search engine robots and people. The strategy is a psychological technique to be the most significant resources on “the keyword topic” and one that journalists, bloggers and consumers will support. It’s mostly a strategy to ensure a topic is expertly covered, well presented, answers questions logically, entertains, and gives everyone the confidence that your site is the one they should refer to. SEO Strategy goal is to become the number one significant website, resource, or company to them.
  4. Search Engine Optimization – Surprise! Understanding and manipulating elements of Google’s ranking algorithm is how you implement the SEO strategy. This is because without good copywriting and strong outreach, your site won’t be able to compete regardless of what you do on the site. SEO techniques include keyword topics in title tags, anchor text, copy, headings, page names, etc. Advanced techniques involve wording and positioning very cleverly to match what Google believes is optimal.
  5. Rich Content Design: slick branded content does convey credibility so good design does make an impact. This can extend from photographs and videos to illustrations and information charts, animations, and research studies. A brand is a powerful thing and can help carry you past weak copywriting and present your company and products as trustworthy.
  6. Search Analytics:  Knowing what’s working and why is the goal of analytics. With good analytics insights, you’ll better understand which content is performing, learn from competitors successes, understand Google algorithm changes, and know how to do your content strategy. Without spending on the SEO analytics or Content analytics solutions, you’re flying blind.

To Summarize:

You need to create sophisticated keyword/topic focused content, often in great depth, with the best signals for Google, infused with rich content enhancements, and then doing a strong marketing campaign to get them seen by your target audience.

People out there on the web can talk about and link to any company they want to. It’s nice to say “we’re the market leader, we’re the best” but if no one believes it, you might not get the rankings and traffic you want.

It’s important not to rely too heavily on the SEO copywriter to convey your brand supremacy. Readers can tell instinctively whether you’re really the top dog based on your offer, branding, and product mix presented. Therefore, work on your unique value proposition and refine it until it’s the most significant one in your sector.

Then SEO services will really pay off.

One of my clients, an upscale business hotel needed much more traffic. I doubled that traffic from 1.2 million per year to 2.5 million visits by growing exposure. Increased exposure to hotel room renters lead to a multiplier effect and that’s you need. They had a great brand, although many visitors couldn’t afford their rates which were about double average.

A lot of people search online and those top rankings are very valuable. Combine that with top placed ads and you’re dominating the first page. It will be difficult for competitors to keep their marketshare, and their customers will keep seeing your brand when they’re online. Omnipresence is powerful and does erode competitors brand power.

So let’s get started with your advanced SEO service package.

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