Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is an amazing lead generating channel for Realtors. And the future is digital.

With expertly crafted, high ranking content for clients, achieving wide and persistent visibility, making an impact, building intense engagement, you’re able to persuade clients that you’re the only agent they want.

Strategy beats a Plan

Your Realtor business plan is great.  Your banker/investor will love a plan. But success is actually all about strategy — how you get the plan to work. In fact, strategy might surpass any of the components and assets that you’re using now.

You actually need to build a big funnel and nurture leads over time.  You can definitely make an impact, but there’s no free lunches. So why not build a proper and powerful foundation, one you own completely and will keep generating leads continuously, for free?  Market leaders do this.

Better, free, sustainable, and something you can control. Yes, you can build this for a great 2021 sales year and build toward true market leadership. It is worth it.  In a hurry, see the best Real Estate Marketing Packages available now.

Isn’t Real Estate Marketing Dead?

Has real estate marketing replaced by PPC advertising and landing pages? Facebook and Google PPC programs, and outdoor advertising are the media of choice for many Realtors, but those are short term tactics. It’s not a market leading strategy.

The problem is obvious. Everyone’s doing ads, and what those media actually accomplish is ruining your brand image. Once you appear to the market as “fast eddy” the instant miracle worker, they won’t take you seriously. As Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message.”

You’ve found me through Google search result or a Linkedin or Facebook share. That’s a much nicer way to meet. It’s organic, not pressured, and you’re more likely to follow up later when you have more time.

The slowed experience you’re having now lets you dive more deeply into the matter of having me perform your reach and lead generation activities.

PPC text advertisements don’t differentiate, make an impact, or get your agent UVP across well. That kind of advertising has become more of the digital noise consumers (and home sellers) are tuning out.

Being The Only Agent for Them

Real lasting success in any business arises from making a deep connection, where they believe you’re the only agent for them. I’m sure you’re trying now, but you need to beef up your communications channels to reach them and keep them engaged.

Let’s respect the website. It is still king in capturing and converting leads. A Facebook page has no depth and the appearance is horrible, much the same as every other Facebook page. That’s not the way to differentiate and make you the only agent for them.

Prospects are buying something very important to them and the website is the most familiar, stable, and informative place they can learn about you. A website offers infinite flexibility and projects the “promise” they’re looking for. Since real estate is digital, the website is most suited to creating a digital experience of satisfaction.

Many times, it’s not in delivering data and possibilities, it’s how you deliver them. For that, a great sales conversion process will infuse the right messages, images, and calls to action.

After they arrive from Google, Bing, Facebook or other lead generation site, the initial experience with your website should:


    • introduce you as a warm, compelling and talented professional (homepage and about page)
    • reveal you’re a compassionate, caring and good listener who understands what they need (why me page)
    • convince them quickly you can get the results they want (services and about page)
    • offer plenty of MLS listings for them to sample after letting them specify quickly what they want in a home (mls listings database section)
    • help them easily progress through your sales conversion funnel
    • establish a solid, trusting relationship between you and them

Trust and like are important in this sphere and we’ll build it for you. Trust often comes from relevance. If they feel a strong compatibility with you, they assume you are trustworthy (just like them).

Because this trust isn’t built quickly on websites, a lot of prospects might look at your photo. If they’re concerned about your face or looks, it means you’ve failed to achieve trust and relevance. By considering your face, they’re trying to give a second chance!

Digital Marketing is Alive and Thriving

In a nutshell, online marketing via website isn’t dead. It’s the best channel for visibility and creating seller leads.  It’s actually the core of a digital customer experience needed to nurture a lead.

And leads rarely turn to sales right away. 90% of Realtors fail because they’re not taking the effort to establish a trusting relationship. And that makes a big statement to all incoming prospects.

By taking the effort to create a compelling experience for them online, you’re demonstrating the kind of real estate agent they want to work with.

All you need now is traffic and leads from the right sources with a powerful real estate marketing package.  And that’s where I come in!

If you’re serious about success, consult with Gord Collins about your business goals. Reach me at 416 998 6246.


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